Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NH Age 36 Individual State Records

1988 Wilton 15k - Photo by Scott Mason

In my ever expanding search to try to find things to motivate me and my running and racing, I examine the NH individual age records for the NH roads this year, as I will turn 36.  Other top NH runners who will be 36 at some point this year, and in the hunt for records (whether they know it or not) are Justin Freeman and Greg Hammett.  Both of these guys are racing inspirations for me because they both seem to be getting faster w/ age.  I have some hope when I see these guys still moving towards PRs and running the same times they were 10 years ago for some races...

All this information taken from NHRunning.com (Look at NH State Records, click on distance, then scroll down to the bottom of the lists to see the links to the individual state records).

NH Age Records for Age 36 

'Officially' the NH State Age Records (NH residents in NH races) for my age this year (turning 36 in April) are:

4k - 17:29Judd Duclos (Manchester NH) - 4k on the Fourth - Concord, NH - 2010
5k - 14:57Craig Fram (Hampstead NH) - Healthsource Corporate Road Race - Manchester, NH - 1995
6k - 22:10 (tie) Nate Hawkins (Nashua NH) and Tyler Brannen (Nashua NH)  - Medical Center - Nashua, NH - 2007 / 2009
8k - 24:33Mike O'Brien (Durham NH) - Red's Shoe Barn - Dover, NH - 1997
10k - 31:47 - Chuck Moeser (Thornton NH) - Fred J. Hackett Autumn Run - Concord, NH - 1987
12k - 38:27 - Mike O'Brien (Durham NH) - Bedford 12K - Bedford, NH - 1997
15k - 55:45 - William Leghy  (S.Acworth NH) - Wilton 15k - Wilton, NH - 1990
10M - 55:54 - Michael Cooper (Freemont NH) - Chubb - 1992
20k - 1:19:07 - Erik Fey (New Boston NH) - Bedford 20K - 2002
1/2M - 1:11:58 - Scott Rowe (Dover NH) - Big Lake - Alton, NH - 2010
Mar - 2:30:28 - Chuck Moeser (Thornton) - Clarence Demar - 1987

I actually own the Age 33 record for 5k (believe it or not) - 15:08 at Cigna in Manchester in 2010.  The funny thing is that the age 19-32 are all sub 15:00 and 34-39 are also all under 15:00!  Then Fram ran 14:58 at age 41 in 2000.  So from 19-42, every time but 2 are under 15 and I'm one of those two!  Weak, but I'll take it :).  Justin Freeman must not have run any 5ks in 2010 :)...

I also own (for the past number of years) the 6k record for Age 31.  Since I believe there is only one  6k in the state (I could be wrong but I believe that to be the case), it's a shoe-in to get the state record if you are fit in and around the time the Medical Center 6k is run in Nashua.  I ran 19:06 in 2008 when I ran for MVS.  In 2011 I ran faster (18:59), but Justin Freeman is my age and killed it that year, so the 19:06 will have to be the only one (for now) that will show up in the record books.

Looking at some of the other times and distances, I will say that I believe there is only one 4k in NH (again, if anyone knows any different, please let me know)....That is the 4k on the Fourth in Concord, NH.  It is described on it's website as the only certified 4k course in NH.

The 8k/5M distance I'd say is out of reach. Mike O'Brien was a beast and his Age 36 record at Red's Shoe Barn (which isn't a very fast course) is pretty stout.  I'm looking clean past that, as I have never run that fast at any age.

The 10K is a stretch but may be possible at Rye or some other relatively flat/fast 10k if I am somehow able to get into the best shape of my life...not likely, but not completely out of the question.  31:47 is fast, but only a tad faster than I ran at Rye a couple years ago (6 seconds). I'd have to PR, but it's 'possible'.

The 12k....forget it.  I'm not sure if there are any other 12ks around other than Bedford Rotary and it's a pretty good time there.  5:09 pace for 12k. I'm not saying it's impossible, but probably close.  I've never run well there in 2 tries...not sure, but I'll say the 12k can stay w/ Mike O'Brien for the time being.

The 15k...There may only be one official 15k in the state now (Bow Lake in Strafford, NH) and it's not exactly fast from what I can see, but the Age 36 record is close to 6 minute pace, so I think I may be able to get this one...oh wait..it's the day after Mt. Washington.... ok nevermind :).. Years ago, the Wilton 15k would draw a good field (I believe it hosted the NEAC championships).  All of the open and all comers records are from Wilton.

The 10M.... This is doable.  55:54.  The trick is finding a 10M in NH  that doesn't run up mountains. Chubb was the 10M (not around any longer) that has all the records for the most part.  Millenium running hosts the NH 10 Miler in August.  That's a possibility. There's a 10 Miler in Hampton Falls in November...There's the Granite State 10 Miler in Concord in October which Greg Hammett won last year at age 35 (in 55:25)...the Age 35 record was 54:05.  There's the Moose on the Loose 10M in Nashua, but that is a trail race... The Belmont 10 Miler in Belmont NH in August is apparently slow and hilly as well.  And of course...there is Pack Monadnock... The course record is a 'soft' 58:35...by Eric Morse in 1999.  Ok, just kidding.  That 58:35 by Morse has got to equate to a sub 50 on a flat/fast course....I'm sorry, but that is insane.  If anyone knows of any other 10 Milers in the state, let me know.

The 20K....I am not sure about any 20K's in the state now... Every age record except a few were set at the Lions Sizzler in Bedford, which I believe only lasted until the early or mid 2000s (didn't do too much research on this).  A few were set at 'Applefest' in 1984 and 1985.  Other than that, I don't see any age records set after 2003 (at Bedford).

The 1/2 marathon...this is definitely doable if I can find the right race.  There are A LOT of half marathons in NH now...Steve Wolfe (who used to run and blog) was keeping track of Half Marathons in the state back a couple years ago here.  I believe there has got to be even more now.  Sub 1:12 is possible but I just need to find a course that isn't too hilly, and a time that fits my schedule....oh yeah, and some fitness.

The Marathon surprised me. 2:30.  I'm not sure how many sub 2:30s I have left if any.  There are a few marathons in the state to choose from, including Demar, which is where the record was set.  Not sure what to think about this one.  Manchester isn't fast, but it was won in 2:24 this past year. Patrick Moulton ran relatively easy in 2011 and broke 2:30 there. I ran hurt and ran just under 2:39.  It would be tough to do it there. I think another course would have to do, although I hear the Manchester course changed this past year...so it could be better suited to a faster time now than it was in 2011.  It's the USATF NE GP championship this coming year, so we'll see!


  1. My 2 pennies: The NH10m is a tough course and Clarence is not as tough as it used to be.

    BTW, the Medical Center Race no longer exists. So your record is safe for a while.

  2. Thanks Mike...this was the type of feedback I was looking for... How's your leg doing?

  3. Interesting stuff. Good luck with your quest. I won't be 36 until Aug. I'm chasing the 4x800 35+ w.r. this Sunday. Would have been fun having you on the team!

  4. I've run 5 of those 10 milers and to rank from fastest to slowest I'd go with:
    1)Moose on the Loose
    2)NH 10(but it's hot)
    3)Granite State 10 miler
    The nice thing about Granite State 10 miler is that the hills come fairly early so I bet you'd be able to bomb the home stretch to take it in...
    Hampton is always a good place to PR at the half or the full...
    Good luck!

  5. Dude, those uniforms in the picture are sweet! I've never seen those before. It'd be cool to have a Grand Prix circuit with throwback uni's one of these years. Yeah, it'll never happen but I like the thought of it.