Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Monday - 1-1-2013

Well, after spilling water all over my Macbook Pro I am probably not going to be able to do much video editing for a while.  That was the 2nd crappy thing that happened on the first day of the new year (so not off to a good start).  The first crappy thing that happened was falling to pieces while trying to climb Potash Mountain with Kevin Tilton in the a.m.

I met Kevin at the Downes Brook / Mt. Potash / UNH trailhead off the Kanc at 8am. Our plan was to go up the Downes Brook Trail all the way up to the Kate Sleeper Trail and then turn and head back down.  It was my idea for a redline but not a good one as it turns out that it wasn't packed out at all.  Just the beginning part up to the XC ski trail had had foot traffic.  The rest of it was deep, untouched  snow and we 'ran' on it for only a couple of minutes before both deciding it would take probably 4 hours to do 5 miles at that rate....we turned and headed back down and decided to go up Potash instead.  It would be way shorter so we could add on a little on the XC ski trails if we needed to.  We hooked over and headed up the Mt. Potash trail, which was nicely tracked out by previous snowshoers (including one guy that we saw on his way down as we started the climbing).

Needless to say, back to where this sucked... I really struggled on the climbing. I'm not sure if it is because of my sleepless nights recently...but I'm hoping it is.  Since the baby, I've gotten zero solid sleep.  I guess it caught up to me after a week +.  I walked / power hiked a lot of the climb and just felt lousy.  The conditions were good but it's still pretty tough to climb up a mountain on snowshoes, so maybe I just was expecting something a little different.  Most of the snowshoeing I've done so far doesn't have that much climb.  In any case, Kevin had to keep waiting for me and I was toast by the first spot with a view (and still had a good climb from there).

We hit the summit, took some pics and video, and then headed back down.  I wasn't in the mood to spend any time.  Just a real blow to my confidence.  The good news is that my foot felt fine.  The bad news is that my fitness is in the toilet.  I'm debating whether to actually race any snowshoe this winter or to just wait until Spring and try to get fit.  I bailed on the xc ski trail add-on, got in my car, and sulked as I headed back home early.  Total up and down for Potash: 52:35.

In the p.m. Kevin and I ran from his palatial beach condo on the edge of the mighty Saco.  Headlamp run east on NH rt. 302 then up Stritch Rd. for an out and back (the road is a dirt road that was nothing but packed snow and ice).  Not one car passed us which was awesome.  Slow going a bit because of the slippery conditions, but a nice pm run to get me to 10 for the day.  Snowy road run: 40:23.

Totals: 1:32:58 for 10 in the snow and mountains.


  1. Jim,

    Congrats on your daughter! For what it's worth, I too am horribly out of shape and I've been racing BU Mini Meets where I consistently find myself in the slowest heats battling for times well off my pr's from years ago. Racing is fun. Do what you love! You don't have to justify your fitness to anybody. The majority of the running community will love you and support you no matter where you finish. Racing can be about personal records and winning, and it can also be about celebrating another day where you are able to do what you love. Just my 2 cents. Enjoy 2013!
    Glenn Hammett (the slowest Hammett brother)

  2. Thanks Glenn! And thanks for the words. I hear you...I just have to find the will and courage to get out there and work my way back up while mixing it up somewhere in the pack in races... Hopefully we both can get back there!