Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday - 1-4-2013

Friday, KT met me at my house for a repeat of yesterday's loop of road/snowmobile trail here in East Madison.  We headed out just after 6pm and there were a few flakes in the air but it was around 30 degrees, which feels quite nice considering the last week of temps we've had.  We ran nice and easy up to where the snowmobile trail cuts across E.Madison Rd (the first time) which is one mile from my house. Immediately we noticed the condition of the trail was much deteriorated from yesterday.  It warmed up enough today where the snow got a little soft.  Even though it was nicely groomed, the snow was just soft enough to make the footing annoying and the effort more taxing.  About 5 minutes into the trail, I landed on my right foot on a downhill section and went flying.  Slid right down hard onto my tailbone and scraped up my right elbow as I went sliding down the hill on ragged icy snowmobile track.  I'm surprised I didn't bump the back of my head on that fall.  I had to stop for a moment to wipe the tears from my eyes and to give Kevin a chance to stop laughing before we continued on.  It was a slow slog but not as brutal as breaking tracks.  We got to the junction at Lead Mine Rd. about 7 minutes slower than I did yesterday.  Then headed back on a decently packed dirt road to E.Madison Rd. again and back.  1:06:38 total for the 8.

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