Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year End. Looking Forward.

Well, 2013 is behind me and with that I leave the down year (running-wise) as it was, in the rearview and look forward now to 2014.  Back to basics and then some…  I honestly stopped keeping track of miles and runs from June onward. I never stopped running, but I didn't continue to train seriously, and I did stop racing for the most part.  I’ve gone back to just getting runs in and building back up to get some consistent miles and a base together.  I joined a ‘gym’ on Nov 1 after doing some decent runs w/ Darin Brown towards the end of Aug/Sept and into October when he was training for the WMM Half, but consistency just wasn’t there.  I wasn’t running even half my normal mileage and with the new family and house projects, etc. life just got in the way of doing any sort of serious training.  That, and the fact that running just was not comfortable for me with my feet issues…scratch that… it wasn’t just that it wasn’t comfortable, but rather it was downright painful most of the time.   I decided to bag the rest of the year’s racing after Cranmore and just focus on getting healthy and getting consistent again.  I hopped in the WMM Half just because it was here in town and I wanted to support the club.  I tweaked my back 2 days before the race and could barely walk or jog without pain, let alone run.  I still scraped together a 3rd place finish, so that was a bit of a boost… but the competitive racing was going to take a back seat until 2014. 

The ‘Mill’ at King Pine and Purity Springs Resort has been the scene of the crime since then.  There is a small (very small) room with 2 treadmills (one good one and one not so good one), 2 bike-type-thingies, and 2 other machines that I think are referred to as ‘ellipticals’ but I’m not sure.  I don’t touch ‘em.  I head down (actually up, then down) the 4 miles to the end of East Madison Rd. to the Mill after work and hop on the ‘mill’ for 60-75 minutes +.  I’ve then been lightly lifting and then hopping in the pool and hot tub after (if the time allows and if there is no one else there).  Typically I am the only one in the place during this time.  Occasionally near or on the weekend, there will be someone else in the pool, but most of the time I’m the only one around, which is a good thing.  I am a terrible swimmer, so I’d prefer it to just be me in there.  After the run, I usually do 10 lengths (or 5 laps I think) of the pool and then hop in the hot tub and stretch before showering and hitting the road.  It’s been a savior for me, especially in the bad weather.  I’d prefer to run on the treadmill (as much as I hate it) rather than in the dark with a headlamp, in the freezing cold, and on icy/dangerous roads around here.  I can run my miles in a t-shirt and shorts and it’s felt good getting back into the swing of things for sure.  For about $1 per day, you can’t beat it.  I’m getting quality runs in, in the winter months for a change.  Snowshoeing is good (and fun) but it really does not set me up for the racing season as much as road and treadmill running does.  I still plan on doing the occasional snowshoe and long snowshoe run on the weekends (and obviously racing) but during the week, I’ll be doing most of my miles on the ‘mill or even roads if time/daylight/weather allows.

The last couple of months looked like this…nothing crazy, but better than zeros… Towards the end of December I had some hamstring tendonitis flare up, but I’m taking care of it and backing off a little with some lighter/shorter runs the past few days...

December Miles: 246.4

Dec 31 – 5 miles (mill) easy – 40:00. Should be taking a week off…may just go very easy this week to calm down this tendonitis.  Good news was that for 4.5 miles it was completely fine.  Then started to bother me enough where I quit at 5 so I didn’t over do it. Ran next to Downtown Darin Brown as he banged repeat miles on the ‘good’ treadmill. I ran on the old man treadmill.
Dec 30 -  1.5 miles (snowshoes) - 18:30 – Madison, NH. Hamstring very sore so this was a day off for me.  Definitely tendonitis….not the end of the world.  Just a reaction to the miles out of nowhere this month.  I'm not very concerned about it and should hopefully be able to quickly get past it.
Dec 29 – 10 miles (snowmobile trails) – w/ Kahtoola Micro Spikes.  Conway, NH w/ Kirsch, Tilton, Bazanchuk, Holmes, and Callahan.  Hamstring very sore for first 6.6 and then added on last 3.4 with Baz and it loosened up a bit.  1:36:14.
Dec 28 -  8 miles (mill) – 60:00.  Hamstring very sore. Barely got through this one.  Went longer than I should have.
Dec 27 – 12 miles (mill) – 1:24:30
Dec 26 – 6 miles (snowshoes) up Stacey Mountain (1:14:30) in the snowstorm.
Dec 25 – off (6 hours of travel + 1 year old + family + getting home after midnight = 0)
Dec 24 -  12 miles (mill) easy 90:00.
Dec 23 – 12 miles (mill) 1:24:20.
Dec 22 – off (Tabby’s first birthday party...lots of planning and family hooplah. Run took a backseat).
Dec 21 – 12 miles (mill) easy 90:00.
Dec 20 – 8 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Dec 19 – 10 miles (mill) easy. 75:00.
Dec 18 – 10 miles (mill) 68:00 + pool.
Dec 17 – 10 miles (mill) easy. 75:00.
Dec 16 – 2 miles (snowshoe) – Madison. Cutting fresh tracks in the backyard.  35:00 (with headlamp).
Dec 15 – 13.8 miles (snowshoe) w/ Kevin Tilton.  Bear Notch Rd. 1200 + ft of climbing. 2:38:00
Dec 14 – 9 miles (mill) 60:00 + pool + hot tub / stretching.
Dec 13 – 8 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Dec 12 – 8.7 miles (mill) 60:00.
Dec 11 – 8 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Dec 10 – 10 miles (mill) 69:25 + pool + hot tub / stretching.
Dec 09 – 8.4 miles (mill) 60:00.
Dec 08 – 13.3 miles (Chocorua Lake Rd - Tamworth, NH) w/ Darin Brown, Nick, and Alex.
Dec 07 - 8 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting  + pool + hot tub /stretching.
Dec 06 – off.
Dec 05 – 8 miles (mill).
Dec 04 – 8.5 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Dec 03 – 5.1 miles (mountain/trail/road) – Madison. w/ Darin Brown. Bald Ledge.
Dec 02 – 10.5 miles (roads) w/ Darin Brown. Madison. Lake Bang.
Dec 01 – 8.6 miles (mill) 60:00 + pool.

November Miles: 186.5

Nov 30 – 8.5 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Nov 29 – 8 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Nov 28 – 5 miles (roads) w/ Dave Quintal – N.Andover, MA after Thanksgiving dinner.
Nov 27 – 8 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Nov 26 – 8 miles (Potter Rd.) w/ Darin Brown.
Nov 25 – 6 miles (trails) w/ Darin Brown.
Nov 24 – 0 - sick as hell.
Nov 23 – 0 - sick as hell.
Nov 22 – 0 - sick as hell.
Nov 21 – 8 miles (mill) 60:00) + pool.
Nov 20 – 10.5 miles (roads) w/ Darin Brown.  Lake Bang.  1:21:29.
Nov 19 – 8 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting + hot tub /stretching.
Nov 18 – 10.2 miles (trails) w/ Darin Brown – Madison/Freedom. 1:11:05. First 10 in 69:55. Muddy and slow in spots.
Nov 17 – 8 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Nov 16 – off.
Nov 15 – 8.1 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Nov 14 – 8 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting  + pool + hot tub /stretching.
Nov 13 – 7.6 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Nov 12 – 9.3 miles (trails) 1:28:30 w/ Ben Nephew, Amy Lane, Josh Katzman @ inov-8 conference in MA.
Nov 11 – 8.8 miles (mill) 60:00 + light lifting  + pool + hot tub /stretching.
Nov 10 – off (travel back from NY all day).
Nov 09 – 9 miles (mill in hotel – NY) 60:00.
Nov 08 – 16.8 miles (roads) – 1:58:30 – E. Fishkill, NY. 2549 feet of climbing.
Nov 07 – 8 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Nov 06 – 7.1 miles (trails/mountain) w/ Darin Brown – Madison, NH. B&M Ledge/Whitton Ledge.
Nov 05 - 8 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting.
Nov 04 – off.
Nov 03 - 7.6 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting  + pool + hot tub /stretching.
Nov 02 – off.
Nov 01 – 7.5 miles (mill) 60:00 + lifting  + pool + hot tub /stretching.

As far as goals for 2014… well I think the number one goal is to get healthy and stay healthy in conjunction with getting fit and staying fit. Those seem obvious and logical, but I haven’t been healthy and fit since 2011.  I think I had a small window in 2012 during the summer where I was in good shape for climbing, but that was about it.  I’d like to get back to basics and hit the snow, roads, trails, and mountains with a focus on some ‘goal’ races for a change.  I have never really set a ‘goal’ race before with maybe the exception of one time (Baystate in 2010).  That may have been my best race ever.  I actually ‘trained’ for that race.  I got a schedule from Dave Dunham and focused on that race.  I did training and workouts specifically for the marathon.  Instead of the usual racing/running all year with no real focus.  I usually just run, then race whatever, whenever and don’t do any specific work.  This year, I’d like to do what probably most people do, and set some specific goal races throughout the calendar year and do workouts and training specifically for those events, while shoehorning in the usual races in between.  What races those are, are still to be determined, but honestly I’d love to be able to run a quick 10K this year, do well if not PR at Mt. Washington in June, run one or two quick 5ks (either on the track or road), etc.  Getting 1 PR in a common distance (or at Mt. Wash) would be a huge win for me.  Other than those goal races, I want to help my team win races when I can and toe the line with my mates again.  I’d also like to run the Mountain Series again, maybe some Seacoast races, GPs, and whatever else I can fit into the schedule (depending on conflicts, etc).

One thing I’d like to also do is run AND FINISH another marathon that I train for.  I’ve trained for one  marathon and it paid off. I’ve run and finished 9 marathons (Boston x3 / Baystate x3 / Cape Cod / Manchester / Lithia Loop) + 4 Ultras (50ks, all 4 of which I’ve at least gotten to and past the marathon split), so technically have covered the distance 13 times in races.  I’ve dropped out of 2 marathons and 1 ultra (but the ultra I did so after the marathon split).  The two marathons I dropped from was one Boston, which I went through half in 1:11:04 and dropped at 15, and one trail marathon in August of this year, where I dropped at 20 with cramping).   My last actual marathon finish was Boston in 2012 where the weather was really hot and I ran 10 miles and jogged the last 16.  So I’d like to focus possibly on a fall marathon like Manchester.  Time is not as important to me as finishing a road marathon strong and feeling accomplished at the distance again.

That is the high level look at what I want to do this coming year as far as racing goes.  Happy New Year to everyone out there (if anyone still remembers this blog)...It's been a while since I posted on here, but I'd like to keep this updated now that I feel like a runner again... 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday - June 5th

Easy trail run with Kevin Tilton in Madison and Freedom.  From Black Brook Rd/Lead Mine we headed into the snowmobile trails and up around to Trout Pond and then down to the airstrip (end to end) and back.  I did 2 miles solo before meeting up w/ KT as he was caught in gridlock Conway traffic.  We got to 'redline' a couple of SOS snowmobile connectors that neither of us had been on.  Saw gigantic bear paw tracks in the sand on the airstrip (about as long as my own footprint).  Kevin thought they might have been Inov-8 'Bare X Grip' prints but agreed they were bear tracks after closer inspection.  The airstrip is a great place to not only see wildlife, but see the tracks left behind as they scurry back and forth, as essentially it is like a mile and a half long beach.

10 miles in 1:19:28 with 466 ft of elevation gain (which was basically all one hill going up to Trout Pond).  Nice and easy.  Not bad considering over a mile of it was in the loose sand of the airstrip.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday - June 4th

Another day, another non-run in the AM as the baby was up pretty dang early and I wasn't about to head out for a run while she was stirring and going through her normal morning routine.   I waited until after work and shot up to Whitaker Woods for the usual Tuesday night fun run (unofficial until next  week).  Warmed up 2 miles w/ Darin and Nick Brown, Peter Haine + some other Milers and then ripped into the fun run (5k) + another 3.2 or so cooldown with Peter and Kevin Tilton.  The fun run (pre-Summer Series) is usually just an easy 5k jaunt over the Whitaker course with a small group warmup and cooldown.  It's not official until the series gets underway and the clock and timers are there, chute is assembled, and start/finish are officially organized.  But sometimes someone will show up and want to make things interesting, which is what Nick Brown did.  As we all clicked our watches and headed out (laughing and talking, etc.) Nick shot out to the lead and took off hard, all by himself.  His father Darin looked over at me and said 'go get him, go get him!'.  So I did.  Because of the slow reaction and my reluctance to run fast just 2 days after running up and down a mountain hard, I decided to go after him but didn't catch him until probably a quarter mile or so into the run.  We ran together until about 3/4 of a mile and then he fell back a bit.  I rolled through the first mile (trails) in 5:51 (slow by summer series standards) and then hit the very hilly 2nd mile split in 6:17.  My last mile was 5:32 and then the last bit (GPS is always a bit off) for a total of 17:52.  Nick I believe was 18:55 or so.  Another 3.2 miles in Whitaker (trails), running the perimeter trails w/ KT and Peter Haine.  8.3 miles total in 1:06:59 with 528 ft. of elevation gain.  Foot was aggravated on the cooldown, but I managed.  Shot right out of there and gave Wild Nick Brown a ride home afterwards (stopping at Fire 21 for a couple milk shakes on the way).

Dates for the WMM Summer Series:

6/11, 6/18, 6/25, 7/2, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30, 8/13

If you are up in the Mt. Washington Valley this summer and are around on Tuesday night, looking for a free trail 5k with some great folks, pop on in!

(Skipped date in August is because of the Wellinghurst 5k in Madison on that Tuesday night as part of Madison Old Home Week)... If you are in the area, come by that one as well!  It runs right past my house and the course record is 'soft'. ;)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday - June 3rd

Couldn't drag myself out of bed for the morning run (as I think will be the case for most days).  Shot KT a text at 6:15 and told him I was putting the kibosh on the the morning run.  I figured I'd make it up either by piggy-backing the evening run with a few extra or just try to squeeze something in during lunch...

Rolled into the Walmart parking lot in North Conway at 5:00pm and had Don Fredrikson unexpectedly pull in right next to me only a couple minutes later.  Got a text from KT that he was running late and he said to just go without him, so Don and I started rolling through some snowmobile and single track for about 4.4 miles before heading back to the cars.  The original plan (by Don) was to go for an hour but after pushing the pace and trying to lose me on some uphills, he called it a day a little earlier than he wanted.  Don took me up an ungodly climb on single track that went up a small ridge with continuous switchbacks in the shadow of Rattlesnake Mt.  The climb was OK for me but the descents were just an exercise in trying to keep my big toe from smashing into the front of my shoe.  My left big toe is all black and blue and I will soon lose the big toenail again (which will actually be awesome if that can happen BEFORE this year's Pemi Loop).  Right before we got back, we ran into KT who had just started his run.  I turned and went back for another 5.7 or so with KT (out and back on snowmobile trails).  Right hamstring was tight and everything else was just a little sore from the day before.   Nice and easy 10.17 miles total in 1:27:44.  945 ft of elevation gain.

Training Week: 5-27 - 6-02

Chocorua Lake on a hot afternoon...

Training Week: 5-27 - 6-02

Good week of training in with a bum foot (a big step in the right direction).  Got some relatively flatter runs in and some doubles while avoiding a zero (barely) on Monday.  Great longer run on Saturday morning (longer for me nowadays) w/ KT around Rob Brook and Church Pond.  Saw a Moose on Saturday w/ Eric MacKnight on my road, and spent a good amount of time in some of the lakes and rivers around the valley this weekend.  It was a beautiful weekend weather-wise (hot, but I like it) and I am starting to remember why I love the summer here so much.   Fitness is starting to come around.  I really do have to work on getting my feet healed up so I can push off again and work some of these climbs in races.

71.8 miles

Running days: 7
Rest days: 0
Races: 0.5
Total running time: 9:52:39
Elevation Gain: 5727 ft

6-02 - Sunday: 8.7 miles - Carroll, NH.  2 mile warm up w/ KT and MacKnight + 6.7 miles of wandering around on Bretton Woods before taking a wrong turn and jumping in the river and doing another mile back to my car all in the water (which I think killed my Garmin).
6-01 - Saturday: 16.1 miles - 12.5 miles in the late AM w/ KT at Rob Brook (Albany, Bartlett, Livermore, NH).  HOT.  This was a bruiser.  Trails and dirt roads in near 95 degree weather.   Then another 3.6 in the PM w/ Eric MacKnight in Madison (small hilly loop from my house).
5-31 - Friday: 8.0 miles.   Tamworth, NH w/ KT. Out and back from Chocorua Lake.  Headed up towards the Liberty/Brook Trailheads and then back (dirt roads).  HOT.
5-30 - Thursday: 11.5 miles -  Conway, Albany. 3.5 in the AM with KT from Ranger Station on the Kanc. 8.0 miles in the PM with KT from Town Hall Rd. in Jackson / Chatham, NH.   Up and back on dirt roads.  Hot...
5-29 - Wednesday: - 12.1 miles - Conway, Albany. 3.5 in the AM with KT from Ranger Station on the Kanc. 8.6 miles in the PM with KT in Conway.  'River Trail' loop (out and back + power lines) w/ KT from his house.
5-28 - Tuesday: 12.2 miles - Conway, Albany. 3.5 in the AM with KT from Ranger Station on the Kanc.  Then 8.7 Whitaker Woods in the PM with select WMM's, KT, etc.
5-27 - Monday: 3.2 miles - Conway, Albany.  Albany Town Forest w/ KT from Ranger Station on the Kanc.  Late day run as to not take a zero on Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wachusett Mountain Race

This past weekend I headed down the 3 hour ride to the Wachusett Mountain Race (results) in Westminster/Princeton MA for the second race in the 2013 USATF New England Mountain Series.  I have been struggling with a bad foot since the week before the first race up in Sleepy Hollow, but truthfully I think I've held my own in the first two races all things considered, as guys like Eric MacKnight, Josh Ferenc, and Brandon Newbould have no business finishing behind me in anything at this point in my running career.   I knew the field for Wachusett would be missing Josh who was up crushing souls at Vermont City this weekend, but I also knew it would be deeper with the likes of the increasingly elusive Kevin Tilton and others who usually show up at the CMS event (which seems to be constantly changing shapes and this year is no exception).  The course this year was an up and down 10K (maybe even a tad longer) that would take me (for the first time ever) up to the actual summit of the mountain.  I have run this 4 times now and it has never gone to the top as long as I have been running it.  The last 3 years have featured some single track even.  This year, it was back to basics (almost) in that it headed up the auto road to the summit, and then came screaming down on the paved road and then gravel roads/ski trails to the base again.

It was an early morning as I had to be up at about 4:30 so I could hit the road by 5:00am or so.  After falling asleep continuously on the way down, I arrived nice and early and in plenty of time to register and take my time getting ready.  The weather was cold and wet.  Not an ideal start to the memorial day weekend.  It was so chilly in fact, that I was contemplating wearing a long sleeve and/or hat and gloves.

I warmed up (in long pants, jacket, hat and gloves) with my old college teammate and high school rival Brad Klinedinst (New Balance Boston) on the first 'mile hill' road and then back down the old single track from the past few years of the race.  It was great catching up with Brad though and he was looking fit.  It was just another lad out there I had to worry about.  The numbers of good runners I was catching a glimpse of on the warmup was increasing.  I was thinking top 10 at least, would be a good goal to shoot for.  I had already seen the Girlaway, I mean Whirlaway squad with MacKnight, Newbould,  Steve Dowsett, and even 'THE' Craig Fram milling around near the start.  Add those names to the list of CMS guys and some of the Hello Kitty AC team members, who for whatever reason decided to race under not only alias' but also incorrect age groups which completely screws up the results.  Don't get me started on how dumb that is...

I decided to go with the new Team Inov-8 uniform and the Trailroc 245s, but also a cap to keep the rain out of my eyes and some gloves and arm warmers, as the weather still was a bit on the chilly side.  I think having the weather that cold in a historically warmer month makes it seem even worse than it actually is.  I lined up right in the mix of all the younger studs and the race was underway.

Immediately the race pace felt pedestrian as there was a gigantic group of runners all bunched together for the first half mile or so.  It seemed like nobody wanted to take the lead.  Brandon and Eric seemed to be itching to go but everyone was holding back.  If this was 2 or 3 years ago I would have been gone.  I didn't mess around back then in these races.  But lately things have been horrible for me and the way my body feels, so I was in no rush to do anything dumb early.  Kevin Tilton seemed to wake up and soon I found him out front bossing people around and pushing the pace.   It looked like classic KT.  He's the best climber in the field but I wasn't sure if he was particularly in 'race shape' enough to go for it and hold off this pack...especially with 3 miles of downhill after the climb.  Had this been a 6 mile all-uphill race, he would have been my pick (even with some subpar training as of late).  But somewhere around the mile mark or so, everyone was waking up.  There was a good established top 5 of Newbould (Whirl), MacKnight (Whirl), Tilton (CMS/Dion/Inov-8/WMM/acidotic), one of the Hello Kitty runners whose name may or may not be 'Trudy' and Jacob Barnett (SRR).  I was hanging back a little and had lost a little ground.  I was having a quiet battle with Brendan Callahan (HKAC), Craig Fram, and a few others.  We were in a chase pack and I felt horrible to say the least.  I knew guys like Ross Krause, Tristan Williams, Todd Callaghan, Tivo, Tim Mahoney, DD, etc. were all lingering as well. My confidence was pretty much blown as my fitness was immediately giving me reason for concern.

The more the climb progressed, the more I lost touch with that lead pack.  Somewhere shortly after the race took a turn down off Mile Hill Rd. and dipped a little bit, Kevin all of the sudden seemed to come back a little bit.  I found myself only a hair ahead of Tristan Williams and not too far behind Kevin.  The group of 4 runners up front continued to pull away slowly.  For the next mile or so I broke a little away from Tristan and remained within shouting distance of Kevin, but he continued to push ahead and I couldn't make up any ground on him.  I started to feel around 2 miles or so, like I may be able to hold 6th if I could just survive the climb, not get passed on the way to the top, and then try to destroy the downhill.  I noticed Kevin continuously looking at his watch and he started to seem like he was no longer making a push to try to keep in contact with the lead group.  As we crested near the top of the climb I started to reel him in.  As we hit the turnaround at the top I had just about caught him. It came very fast.  I went from thinking he'll get me at the top by 20 seconds or so and then pull away on the downhill before I even get to him, to just about being even with him at the summit and thinking I'd have him on the down.

As we started the descent, I pulled up along side Kevin immediately and asked him quickly whether we were going down the same way we came up (because it looked like we were going to do that).  He quickly told me that we take another turn and head down the other side.  Right after that, I opened up my stride and started to push downhill (which seemingly doesn't bother my foot nearly as much as the climbing).  The first mile or so of the downhill is all on pavement and it is pretty steep down.  I stayed on the gas and tried not to think of the downhill as a recovery but rather a place where I needed to continue to accelerate and maybe make up some time on people in front of me (and lose some guys behind me if possible). I was shocked to see that during the first mile of descent I quickly came up on the Hello Kitty runner who was out front on the road climb for a while.  He looked to be running cautiously downhill but was flailing around like he was out of his element a little bit.  I came up next to him and he kindly gave me some encouragement and kudos for the downhill running I was doing.  He said 'I don't know how you are running so fast downhill'...  I looked over at him and told him to get back on the gas and come with me.  He gave a little up on me at first and dropped back but when the course leveled out a bit, he pulled up beside me again and I looked over at him and told him to get after it and go get those next couple guys.  I told him to just stay on the accelerator and actually race the downhill, not just coast or survive it.  He actually responded and took off on a little surge.  It was pretty cool to see, but I started to think that maybe I should have not said anything :).   Not too long after that though, once the course started to dip again, I found myself going back by him.  Then the course turned onto the dirt road and that was it.  I didn't see him again.  I quickly gained distance and knew that if he was not running as hard on the paved section because of the slope of the course, that the dirt section was probably going to slow him down even more.

The more the course descended on the dirt access road, I knew I was going to get 4th at the worst.  I couldn't really see anyone behind me for a long while.  Up ahead I started to see everyone.  I could see Eric, Brandon, and Jacob.  They were all close together but the distance seemed too much to make up. I was on the gas but I would have needed to run 20 seconds faster per mile on the way down to catch Eric and that wasn't going to happen. I was already in the 4:40s.  Near the end of the course, there is a small uphill section before the last bit of rough, rocky, uneven downhill and I mailed it in from there.  I knew that my few seconds of actually thinking of being able to catch Jacob and Brandon were just a pipe dream and I really lost them in the last half mile or so.  I dropped back and ended up rolling down in 4th place overall.  Not a bad finish considering my fitness (or lack thereof) and my foot problems.

I cooled down again with Brad down the road and around some off road areas on the way out of the ski area.  My legs were beginning to get sore and my calves were really tightening up due to all the downhill.  As I write this entry, I am still tight 5 days later.  On a positive note, no one older than me beat me.  I guess I have that going for me....which is nice.

Top 10 Overall:

Place Time Name Town, State Team
1 35:50 Eric MacKnight    Ballston Lake, NY  WRT 
2 36:09 Brandon Newbold   Nottingham, NH     WRT 
3 36:12 Jacob Barnett     Medford            SRR 
4 36:58 Jim Johnson       Madison, NH        BAA 
5 37:28 Trudy Delhagen    Brooklyn, NY       HKAC
6 37:40 Tristan Williams  Jackson, NH            
7 37:53 Todd Callaghan    Beverly            CGCS
8 38:06 Kevin Tilton      N Conway, NH       CMS 
9 38:29 Brian Keefe       Medford            SRR 
10 38:36 Ross Krause       East Thompson, MA  CMS 

297 Total Finishers

My history at Wachusett:

2010 - 4th (up and down on road and trails)
2011 - 1st (up and down on road and trails but more single track and more dangerous that 2010)
2012 - 3rd (up and down same as 2011)
2013 - 4th (up and down but longer and no single track...longer ascent on the road)

Maybe next year I'll get that 2nd I have been after... or 5th... This year's edition of the course is my favorite by far (so far).  Interestingly enough I have never run the original course but this was kind of close for the first part of the race...  I gathered my things after the awards (I was 2nd in my age group because Brandon Newbould is starting to get old, but not as old as I am) and I hit the bricks.  3 hours back up to God's country.  Hopefully I can continue to train around my foot issue and try to get back into shape while trying to figure out what is wrong.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Training Update and Trying to Catch Up

On top of Mt. Pierce (4,310 ft) in Beans Purchase, NH w/ Kristina and Ryan on MAY 26th...Yes, MAY 26th.

Training Week: 5-20 - 5-26

Had to make the tough decision to forego the Redhook 5k for the first time since I started running again back 6+ years ago. I have done that race every year since 2007. But with the foot bothering me, Wachusett on Saturday (the day before), and lackluster training that would not benefit me for a 5k, I decided to just run Wachusett, then spend some family time on Sunday w/ my girls (after the morning mountain run of course). Had some Garmin issues this week so things are a little off, but good to see my climbing up to over 6000 ft this week on 6 days. I was able to salvage data but it screwed up and shortchanged me on a couple runs this week including the Pierce run...  Still maintaining over an hour per day average of running so that's good... Will try to keep better track of things from now on....maybe back to a day by day...who knows...

50.7 miles

Running days: 6
Rest days: 1
Races: 1
Total running time: 6:59:10
Elevation Gain: 6100 ft

5-26 - Sunday: 7 miles - (mountain) Carroll, Beans Purchase, NH.  Garmin data got messed up.  Garmin has been screwed up all week.  Met Ryan and Kristina at the AMC Highland Center in Crawford Notch and up we went on the Crawford Path to Pierce and then down the cutoff to Mizpah Hut and then down to the Crawford Path again. Strange seeing the hut full of people when it was snowed in.  Half a foot or more of snow on the trail and in the woods with more falling as we were running up. Very cold and windy at the summit. Incredible for May 26th (Memorial Day weekend)!.
5-25 - Saturday: 12 miles - Westminster, Princeton, MA.  Wachusett Mountain Race (results) - 4th OA.  (race data).  Warmup + Race + cooldown.  Horrible climb, decent descent.  Not a bad effort all things considered.
5-24 - Friday: 8.1 miles.  (data) - North Conway, Albany, Hales Location - Thompson Falls loop with Don from Westside Rd.  Nice trails back in the Mineral Site area.  Good run.
5-23 - Thursday: 10.6 miles (data) - North Conway, Albany - Mineral Site run (solo).  Digestive distress late in the game, but good trail run. Set of 10 strides afterwards.
5-22 - Wednesday: Off (I think...can't remember and Garmin is messed up)
5-21 - Tuesday: 6.6 miles (data) - Madison, Conway, NH.  From Ward Parcel.  Wanted to check out some new short trails in Madison at one of the areas of town I've never been in.  KT met me over there near Tasker Hill and we explored the conservation land before wandering around some of the other trails near Eidelweiss and the surrounding areas.  Rainy and dreary day.
5-20 - Monday: 6.4 miles.  North Conway, NH (data) from Walmart. Messed up Garmin data.  Short by a mile or so.  Ran into a big black bear to the northwest of the High School.  First couple miles solo and then the rest w/ KT on single track mountain bike trail around the school.

Video from our Memorial Day run up to Pierce.  It definitely was a memorable run... I love the White Mountains.

Tabby hates Daddy's injured left foot!

Training Week: 5-13 - 5-19

Better.  I'm not a complete slob, but it's getting better than it was.  Even on my low weeks mileage-wise I'm still getting an hour or so a day in (because of varying terrain and climbing).  So that's not too bad.  Time on my feet I guess...I still did get over 5000 ft of climbing on 6 days of 'easy' running... Seems like if I stick to roads and flatter trails I'm ok.  Roads seem to be no problem.  Off camber running is killing my foot right now.  I've been running with some added cushion and inserts (and bulkier trainers even on trails).  Seems to be helping.  Also been icing, stretching, massage, all the usual stuff.  Starting to think about bailing on some racing and just getting healthy and making a push towards some stuff later in the year.  I may still hit up some usual stuff locally but will not go bat sh*t crazy and try to drive hours to races when I'm not 100%.  The great thing I have going right now is just about everything else.  Family, home, and work are really going along great.  I have got a lot of projects going around here, some things on the way, and life as a Dad is completely taken over my focus.  It's the best thing that's ever happened to me and it makes being hurt not even seem remotely important in the grand scheme.  If I didn't have her, I'm not sure how I'd handle being hurt, missing racing, etc.  Really the only things that I did in my time other than work...now it doesn't even matter...I run when I can and the rest of the time I'm not even thinking about it. For the Dads out there that can relate, you know what I'm talking about.  It's a wonderful thing and I'm just a little down sometimes that I didn't have kids earlier in life...but I try not to dwell on that.  I just can't wait until she is old enough to do some kid races!  Maybe by that time Mt. Washington will have a mini kids race up to like the 1/4 mile mark or something :).

50.4 miles

Running days: 6
Rest days: 1
Races: 0
Total running time: 6:26:46
Elevation Gain: 5369 ft

5-19 - Sunday: 8 miles - (data) - Madison, NH (solo) - Out and back up and down E.Madison Rd. towards Conway.  Squeezed this run in before Chris and Heather Searles-Mahoney dropped in for a day visit.
5-18 - Saturday: 8.6 miles - (data) - Madison, Freedom, NH (solo) - From King Pine at the end of E.Madison Rd.  Up nordic/snowmobile trails and up up up and around the snowmobile trails on the backside of Mary's Mountain and back up Goe Hill and down E.Madison again.  Foot was tolerable.
5-17 - Friday: 7 miles.  (data) - Madison, Freedom, NH (solo) - Late jump out of a long day at work.  Got a work call halfway up the climb near Mary's Mountain and stopped for 10 minutes to talk (was carrying my work phone).  Did a loop down the access rd. to Shawtown Rd. and then back up the trails  and down snowmobile trails back to Lead Mine/Black Brook. Foot felt ok but was junk if I pushed off.
5-16 - Thursday: 10.6 miles (data) - Madison, NH. Solo Lake Bang.  Foot felt ok because I kept it relatively easy and no climbing...
5-15 - Wednesday: Off 
5-14 - Tuesday: 7.5 miles (data) - North Conway/Intervale, NH.  Black Cap Run Up - solo.  From water tower off of Hurricane Mt. Rd.  Up to summit and then down on Red Tail Trail.
5-13 - Monday: 8.7 miles.  Madison, Freedom, NH.  (data) - Trout Pond and Pine Barrens loop w/ KT. Snowmobile trails off of Lead Mine / Black Brook Rd. out through airstrip and back around to Lead Mine through Pine Barrens.  Foot hanging on...

Black Cap Summit - Looking North towards Washington

Training Week: 5-06 - 5-12

Week of attempted recovery from foot issue again.  After limping through Sleepy Hollow I took a few days on and off to try to rest the obviously sprained / strained / upset left foot.

27 miles

Running days: 4
Rest days: 3
Races: 0
Injuries: 1
Total running time: 4:01:38
Elevation Gain: 1500 ft

5-12 - Sunday: 8.1 miles - (data) w/ KT.  At Rob Brook off Bear Notch Rd.  Loop up through Upper Nano trails.  Dropped my cell phone off a bog bridge.  Ran additional mile before I realized.  Kevin and I backtracked and KT spotted it off the bridge in some weeds.  Lucky I brought my white phone!
5-11 - Saturday: Off .
5-10 - Friday: 5.1 miles.  (data) w/ KT.  Trails from Walmart in NoCo.  Out past Pudding Pond.  Single track and snowmobile trail.  Just trying to keep foot in check.
5-09 - Thursday: 7.6 miles.  DD style with 3 runs...but my 3 runs were all within the same hour of time.  I just wanted to stay flat and easy but off road so I shot down the Kanc and explored 3 different forest roads I've never been down.  Only one of them had any real distance to it.  Good times.  Still some snowbanks on the side of the Kanc.  (data) and (data) and (data).  Foot junk.  Watch was off for about 1/4 of a mile on the way down the first run...
5-08 - Wednesday: Off.  Foot no good.  Just need to heal up. Did a short hike up to Cascades.
5-07 - Tuesday: 6.1 miles   North Conway, NH.  From Whitaker Woods. First mile solo then w/crew on a couple bangs of Whitaker. I didn't take notes so I can't remember who was there but I think it was Roger, Darin Brown, Don F, and a few others.  (data) and (data)
5-06 - Monday: Off.  Foot was a disaster after the weekend of forced climbing and racing on a sprain or strain or whatever it is....

More horrible views from Rob Brook

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update... Training and Racing, etc.

It's been a little while since my last blogging escapade so here's a QUICK summary of what I've been up to 'running-wise'.... seems a little insignificant now that I'm a proud father and that's obviously the priority, but since this is called 'doublejrunning'.blogspot.com, I figured I'd come back to this and make some updates...

Photo - Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race by Scott Mason

Training Week: 4-29 - 5-05

Good, Bad, and Ugly week with the first mountain race of the 2013 season (which was good)... The bad was that my foot problem resurfaced out of the blue.  The ugly was the fact that I may have let a great opportunity slip away at Sleepy Hollow... more on that in a race report (hopefully).

57.8 miles

Running days: 6
Rest days: 1
Races: 1
Total running time: 7:40:17
Elevation Gain: 5580 ft

5-05 - Sunday: 10.4 miles - Huntington, VT - warmup (data) w/ Ferenc, MacKnight, Newbould, around some of the course + Race: Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race (results) (data).  4th OA.  40:29.  Was in 2nd at 4.5 miles. 3rd at 5 miles. 4th at 6 miles.  See the trend?  Not bad though considering my foot is a problem again.  Cooldown with same crew + Todd Callaghan (data).
5-04 - Saturday: 6 miles - Huntington, VT - running over the course (solo) at about 4pm.  Foot really bad on the climbs (data).
5-03 - Friday: Off.  Foot really bad.  Stretching and massage but stayed off it to try to help heal whatever it is that is going on... just trying to salvage Sleepy Hollow at this point.
5-02 - Thursday: 6 miles (data).  Madison, NH. Down 113 from my house to Silver Lake train station, then up along the dirt roads off the snowmobile trails and back.  Foot getting bad.  Took it really easy.
5-01 - Wednesday: 7.6 miles (data).  Madison, NH.  Down 113 from house to Silver Lake train station, then up along the power lines to Boulder Rd. and then back to the house on Conway Rd.  Ran into some serious flooding and had to take an awful, grown in, old side trail around.  Bushwhacked through thick woods, got ticks all over me, and had to scramble across a beaver dam to get across.  Foot starting to bother me pretty good.  Not good!
4-30 - Tuesday: 11 miles (data).  North Conway, NH.  From Whitaker Woods. First couple miles w/ KT. Then wandering as he did a workout.
4-29 - Monday: 16.8 miles.  Madison, NH.  First run at lunch - 9.7 miles (data) from my house down to train tracks and then up NH Corridor 19 then on dirt access roads up to Boulder Rd. then back on 113. Second run (trails) after work w/ KT at the Lower Nano trails off the Kanc in Albany, NH (data).

Photo - Muddy Moose Trail Race - by Tad Thomas

Mount Washington from near the summit of Chocorua
Training Week: 4-22 - 4-28

Good week of 7 days of training, over 9 hours of running, and over 9000 feet of climbing.  1 race in which I got my arse handed to me and ran substantially slower than last year but one place better... Got to also get up and climb Chocorua for the first time this year which was awesome.

62.1 miles
Running days: 7
Rest days: 0
Races: 1
Total running time: 9:22:36
Elevation Gain: 9256 ft

4-28 - Sunday: 15,7 miles - Wolfeboro, NH - warmup w/ Najem, Ferenc, and Justin Freeman on trails and dirt roads (data) + Race: (dataMuddy Moose Trail Race (results). 2nd OA. 1:32:12. Got destroyed by Ferenc who said almost said 'hoof!' to the course record on a very warm day... No cooldown as everyone was dead from the race...
4-27 - Saturday: 5.3 miles (data) - Madison, NH - short, easy run (solo) on some trails and roads from house.
4-26 - Friday: 6 miles (data) - Tamworth, Ossipee, NH - Logging Roads, dirt mountain roads, snowmobile trails. Summited Mt. Whittier w/ KT + wandering on logging roads and snowmobile trails.
4-25 - Thursday: 12.5 miles (data) - Albany, Conway, Hales Location, NH - Mineral Site w/ KT (first 2 miles solo...last 10.5 w/ KT).
4-24 - Wednesday: 12.2 miles (data) - Wandering around Madison trails, dirt roads, snowmobile trails, train tracks, etc. A little bushwhacking in there too...Solo.
4-23 - Tuesday: 3.1 miles (data) - Madison, NH.  Birthday run...from my house, up Cascades trail and up to Mooney Hill. Solo.
4-22 - Monday: 7.3 miles (data) - Albany, NH.  Chocorua run-up via Liberty Trail (up and down). Solo. 1st ascent this year. Lots of snow past 1.5.

Looking down the Ski Jump off the Kanc

Training Week: 4-15 - 4-21

Ho-hum week of lower mileage, 1 day off, and 1 slow grind of a 5k on a windy and rolling course.  Got a good win though with close to 2000 people which is awesome.  Bought a shed after the race on Sunday which is totally awesome.  It won't be delivered and constructed until late June...can't wait.

49.6 miles
Running days: 6
Rest days: 1
Races: 1
Total running time: 5:48:01
Elevation Gain: 2690 ft.

4-21 - Sunday: Off.  Spent the day at my parents and family in Wakefield NH at the lake.
4-20 - Saturday: 10.9 miles - Londonderry, NH.  Warmup 4 miles over course (data) + Race: Stonyfield Earth Day 5k (results)(data) - 16:35 - 1st OA. + 3.7 mile cooldown over course (data).
4-19 - Friday: 5 miles (data) - Conway, Albany, NH - Run from the middle school over some trails and the XC course + over to the ski jump off the Kanc. With KT.
4-18 - Thursday: 10.6 miles (data) - Madison, NH.  Silver Lake bang w/ Ian on his bike filming...
4-17 - Wednesday: 9.1 miles (data) - Tamworth, NH.  Chocorua Lake Rd. and snowmobile trails w/ KT.  Muddy good times.
4-16 - Tuesday: 10 miles (data) - Madison, Albany, NH.  Out and back in Madison, Albany. On 113 (solo) from my house up and down to Rt 16 and then to the White Mountain Waldorf school road entrance and then back.
4-15 - Monday: 4 miles (data) - Albany, NH.  Mineral Site w/ KT.  Short and easy. KT still feeling sick and I was good w/ just doing something short.

Looking North on the airstrip in Freedom, NH

Training Week: 4-08 - 4-14

Lackluster week with a race I really didn't ever want to do but did it to cross it off the list... Other than that, 2 off days right before that effort didn't help.  Legs were just beat.

46.6 miles
Running days: 5
Rest days: 2
Races: 1
Total running time: 6:10:30
Elevation Gain: 2955 ft.

4-14 - Sunday: 6 miles (data) - Pembroke, Duxbury, MA trails and roads (solo). From Kristin's parents house to Duxbury Conservation land...then wandering...
4-13 - Saturday: 12.5 miles - Andover, MA. Warmup on river trail 2 miles (data) + Race: Merrimack River Trail '10 miler'. 9.5 miles (data).  1st OA.  59:08 (results).
4-12 - Friday: Off.
4-11 - Thursday: Off.
4-10 - Wednesday: 10.5 miles (data) - Madison, Freedom, Ossipee NH - Snowmobile trails and roads. Loop from Black Brook Rd. out to airfield, around to Pine Barrens and back to Lead Mine via powerlines and snowmobile trails (sloppy). Solo.
4-09 - Tuesday: 10.6 miles (data) - Madison, NH - Lake bang w/ KT.
4-08 - Monday: 10 miles (data) -  - Eaton, Freedom NH loop w/ KT. Roads/Dirt roads.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Great Bay Half Marathon

A little late but a short recap from last weekend's half marathon...

I wasn't sure about doing the Great Bay Half Marathon (results) this year but after winning it last year and setting the course record (by 1 whole second), I decided to go back knowing that I am in a little better shape than last year at this time.  I also needed to get in some more racing and hard efforts (and long runs) so I decided to head on down to Newmarket, NH and give it another go.   I got the dreaded bib #1 from the RD but wasn't going to let that go to my head...I knew that I have had some challenges with my legs this year but have been feeling 'ok' fitness-wise (still a ways to go though).

The weather was windy but nowhere near what it was the day before.  The course is fairly challenging with constant rolls and a few decent hills later in the race but it's a pretty fair course.  It's also really varying with the scenery.  I starts in a nice neighborhood near the school and then winds through town and out into some back woods on about 3 miles of dirt roads before coming back along the water on some rolling seaside roads.  Then it dips back into some nice neighborhoods and back out into the downtown area for the finish.  I really do like the course but it's not exactly a course I'm expecting to set any PR's on or even come close... especially since I've run this race now 2 years in a row coming right out of a sub par winter of training.  I had a little bit more miles under my belt this winter so I was slightly optimistic, but after Eastern States a couple weeks ago, I wasn't holding my breath.

I warmed up with Jason Porter who was 3rd last year. We talked about our race goals a bit.  We both wanted around the same time and to just finish without issues.  He was dealing w/ PF issues just like I am.  After about 2 miles of warmup, I did another mile or so of warming up and strides before the race began. Right before the race I noticed my parents were there to watch the race which was awesome.  I also saw my old HS teammate Matt Lyons right before the start... He's running for GBTC now and is trying to get back into racing form (like I am). Matty and I were the '1-2 punch' in Wakefield, MA back in the day...Matty usually out ran me so it was time I try to return the favor...  I slapped on the Inov-8 233s and hit the road for the quarter mile or so run over to the starting line...

I wasn't sure of who else was in contention but knew JP and I would probably be out front in the half.  There is also a 5k that is run at the same time, starts at the same place, and just about runs the first 3 miles of the half marathon course....so I knew there would be a few guys going out faster than I would be running, for at least the first 3 miles.  As the gun went off, Casey Carroll took off (as I anticipated he would) and he brought a couple of other guys with him.  I took it relatively easy and felt relaxed as I hit the first couple miles well ahead of last year's pace. I ran a little bit with Mark Gibson (who was running the 5k) and then from 3 miles onward, I was on my own as the 5k guys went right and the half continued straight ahead.  At the split I was just ahead of Mark w/ only 2 5k guys ahead of me.

From that point on I was rolling along at seemingly the same pace throughout.  I was consistently clicking off splits under my splits from last year, even on some of the hillier sections.  This year though, the hills didn't seem as bad and the 3 mile stretch of dirt road didn't seem as bad either.  The one section I did have some issues with was the out and back stretch between miles 9.5 and 12. Right around 10.5 or so my hips and legs started to get a little tight and fussy.  I wasn't sure until about 12 miles that I would run faster than last year.  Even though I had split every split faster than last year, I still wasn't sure I could even win the race let alone run another CR until about 12 miles.  In the out and back section, there is a small loop around a neighborhood from about 10.5-11.5 where you can actually see the next runners as you circle back.  I had a decent lead on JP as I headed back out of the neighborhood (we passed each other right at the start of the loop).  Even then though I wasn't completely sure I could pull off the win until I turned back onto the main road and started to smell the finish line...

I came down the last road section and realized I was going to be about a minute or so ahead of last year's effort which felt awesome.  It also felt great to know that I really felt strong and in control the whole race.  I was never really hurting at all during this run.  Needless to say my confidence was boosted up pretty good as I headed down and crossed the line in 1:13:08 (which is exactly the same time I ran at NB a few weeks prior on arguably a much faster course).

Thanks to my parents for being there to cheer me on and take all these photos... Now on to continue to race myself into shape and figure out if I can ever get back to where I was a couple years ago (on the roads at least)...

Top 10 Overall:

Place Name Town, State Age Time Pace
1 JIM JOHNSON        Madison NH          35 1:13:08.6 5:35
2 JASON PORTER       Bedford NH          43 1:17:15.9 5:54
3 MORGAN SOUTTER     Charlestown MA      37 1:17:41.2 5:56
4 SKYLER MOSENTHAL   Manchester NH       26 1:18:15.0 5:59
5 COLIN COOK         Bedford NH          31 1:21:02.7 6:12
6 STEVE DUTTON       Goffstown NH        35 1:21:03.3 6:12
7 CHRISTOPHER SMITH  Woburn MA           47 1:21:25.6 6:13
8 ALEX BROWN         Litchfield NH       25 1:21:47.9 6:15
9 PAUL CAVANAUGH     Rye NH              34 1:22:32.1 6:19
10 RANDY DOAK         Brookline MA        27 1:22:39.7 6:19

870 Overall Finishers.



As you can see I was ahead of every split from last year, so that is definitely a positive.

2012 2013
Mile 1 5:38 5:29
Mile 2 5:37 5:29
Mile 3 5:33 5:26
Mile 4 5:42 5:35
Mile 5 5:41 5:34
Mile 6 5:40 5:30
Mile 7 5:33 5:29
Mile 8 5:42 5:33
Mile 9 5:37 5:36
Mile 10 5:55 5:40
Mile 11 5:36 5:29
Mile 12 5:53 5:31
Mile 13 5:39 5:26

Me my mom...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Training Week: 4-01 - 4-07

My former Wakefield HS teammate Matt Lyons and I before the race...

Weekly Wrap Up: 60.4 miles.  3062 feet of climbing total. 6:54:48 total time.  Good week aside from the hamstring issue on Monday, which I attribute to being a little dehydrated.  Took it easy on Tuesday and barely did anything on Saturday (running-wise).  Good race on Sunday with a nice win at Great Bay Half Marathon in Newmarket, NH.  1:13:08, while not exactly lighting the world on fire (and almost 4 minutes back of my half PR) is a great leap forward for me considering my state of affairs over the past 6 months.  Getting very comfortable w/ that pace and ran very controlled.  The course isn't exactly fast and I was able to not only lower the CR but also run faster than I did a few weeks ago at New Bedford, which is hard to believe.  I also ran alone for the entire race with Jason Porter lingering in view for only a couple miles.  Progress is being made and the weather is getting better and better (although I see flakes in the forecast for Saturday here in Madison believe it or not....hopefully that changes).

04-07-13 - Sunday: 16.1 miles (roads) - 2.5 with strides (2 miles w/ Jason Porter + run to the start from the school and strides) + 13.1 mile race - Great Bay Half Marathon - 1st OA - 1:13:08 + .5 cooldown shuffle back to my car after the finish.



04-06-13 - Saturday: 2.2 miles (snow, trails, roads) from my backdoor up through the cascades in the snow and out to Mooney Hill and back down.  Small loop w/ some brief but cool views of 4000er's Passaconaway and Whiteface as well as Chocorua and the Ossipee mountains.  Makes me wish my house was another 200 feet higher up...the views would be amazing... Waited until late in the day after working in my woods and gathering blowdowns, etc.  Did a short shakeout to make sure nothing was killing me before the race tomorrow.

04-05-13 - Friday: 8 miles (dirt roads) w/ KT. Potter Rd. in Eaton.  Out (up) and back (down).

04-04-13 - Thursday: 9.2 miles (roads/dirt roads) solo.  From my house, down 113 and up to Washington Hill in Tamworth, then up and down High St. back to 113.  Nice hilly loop but worked it and felt pretty good.  Coming around for sure.  Just got to keep an eye on the hamstring and calves.

04-03-13 - Wednesday: 10 miles (roads) solo.  Flat out and back from my house in E. Madison.  Down 113 to 41 and then back.  Hammy tight but not horrible.  Felt really solid cardio-wise.

04-02-13 - Tuesday: 5.5 miles (roads) w/ KT and Justin Macomber from Whitaker Woods.  Very easy. Got to watch my hammy.  It was really sore today.  Instead of taking a day, I went real easy and tried to stay 'loose'.

04-01-13 - Monday: 9.4 miles (roads) with Kevin Tilton from White Lake State Park in Tamworth.  Hamstring knotted up horrible at about 7 miles.  Hobbled the last 2.4 (approx.) which was mostly flat and downhill.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Training Week: 3-25 - 3-31

Weekly Wrap Up: 56.5 miles on 6 days.  Good running for the most part with one day off and one slight issue w/ a knotted up hammy that I'm watching closely.  I was originally going to go hit up Gilmanton (as this would have been the first year since I started racing that it didn't conflict w/ Eastern States) but I opted to stay home and get some rest.  The weather is getting better slowly.  Still a lot of snow around and the trails are still icy and snowy and gross but soon enough the warmer weather moves in and we'll have more options for getting out.  I need to get my butt in gear and am pretty sure I have an OK 'base' built up (that certainly can be expanded on) and my fitness isn't completely junk.  I just need to add 10-15 more miles per week to the base and get more workouts in (in some aspect or another).  Working w/ KT on getting on the same page and getting back on the track or onto some tempo runs will definitely help me sharpen up. I also CANNOT wait to start getting up some mountains again in the warm weather...

03-30-13 - Sunday: 0.  Off day.  Slept in (to a degree) and felt GREAT doing so!  Played w/ the baby, got her ready, and then headed down the 2 hr ride to N.Andover, MA to my sister's for Easter.  Stayed there until after 10pm and had a 2+ hr ride home.  Didn't get home until 12:30am or so and not to bed until about 2am.  Exhausted.  My baby girl's first Easter was great though.  It's awesome sharing her w/ my family and getting everyone around her.  She's not sure what to make of it all just yet, but one thing I do know is that it's what life's all about...she's teaching me a lot even though she's only 3 months old!

Tabby w/ the Easter Bunny :)

My family...at my sister's house in North Andover.

03-30-13 - Saturday: 10.4 miles (snowmobile trails, nordic ski trails, single track, deep snow) Short out and back w/ film crew doing a documentary on me (believe it or not) and my quest to train for the mountain championship this July.  A lot of stopping to get shots (stills and video).  Did probably about 3 miles total. Didn't run my watch the whole time.  Plan was to go up to summit Chocorua but they bagged it only 1 mile or so in....ran back down then we went over to Rocky Gorge for some other shots.

Then I headed over to Rob Brook Rd. off of Bear Notch Rd.  Snowshoe loop at Rob Brook and up the Owl's Cliff snowmobile trail loop.  Deep snow, slow conditions.  Good times out in beautiful weather on the Dions! Video below...

03-29-13 - Friday: 8.7 miles (snowmobile trails, nordic ski trails, roads) with KT.  From Kevin's house in Center Conway, NH.  Out on 302 and then the Stark Rd. loop.

03-28-13 - Thursday: 5.4 miles (snowmobile trails, nordic ski trails, roads) with KT.  From King Pine.  Nordic and Snowmobile trails.  A little soft and muddy.  Roads on the way back (w/ KT).

03-27-13 - Wednesday: 9 miles (dirt roads, roads, deep snow) solo.  Eidelweiss loop (counter clockwise) up Pound Rd. up Glines Hill, then down Town Line Rd (big mistake)....all snowed in.  11 min. miles... Rolled the rest of the way easy does it.  Felt great on the other parts on the way back....very easy effort for a decent pace.

03-26-13 - Tuesday: 10 miles (roads) solo. East Madison Rd. to Freedom town line and back.  Holy crap was this run good.  It's got a hill or two...  Went from my house up E.Madison Rd. and down the other side, then out on 153 to the Freedom town line (5 out, 5 back).  Rolled on the way back except the 7th mile which was BRUTAL. I had all I could do to get under 7 min on that mile...Started out relatively easy and worked into it.

03-25-13 - Monday: 8 miles (dirt road)  w/ KT. Potter Rd. Eaton, NH.  Up and back.  Snow and ice on some of the road still made for some slick conditions.