Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday - 12-12-2012

Wed after work Kevin dropped by on his way home from working down the end of E.Madison Rd. and we headed out for a run.  I had a nice session w/ the massage therapist in the afternoon but my foot and legs felt good enough to do a light run.  However my stomach did not.  My stomach started to give me horrific waves of pain...worse than I can remember.  I reluctantly just wanted to get something done so we headed out to do a hilly 5.5 miler that runs like an 8 miler, out on the roads behind my house.  Immediately I could feel my stomach getting brutal. Running was definitely exacerbating the problem but I stubbornly kept going thinking running would make it pass.  No dice.  It got worse and worse.  The uphills were obviously bad.  The downs were tolerable.  When we got back from this good Mt. Washington training run, I had all I could do to stand up straight.

I headed basically straight to bed after my shower.  By 6:30pm I was puking.  I had sessions of projectile vomit at 6:30 and then about 3 hours later it started about an hourly trip to the bathroom to quickly throw up everything I had in my stomach from the past day.  I was hugging the bowl at 2:30am 3:30, 4:30, etc.  By 5am I was better.  Dehydrated, but better.  My constant waves of pain and discomfort that was on a seemingly 5 second on, 5 second off schedule, was gone.  Now I was left w/ severe dehydration and a slamming headache (both I'd take over the stomach pain I had)...hell, I would even take puking over that stomach pain.

As I sit here typing this the only thing I dare to put in my system is water and even w/ that I'm nervous.  Whatever I got could have come from anything, even my well I guess.   Hopefully it isn't that.  I even bypassed my morning coffee.  Nothing is worth getting that again.

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