Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday - 12-05-2012

Wednesday afternoon KT dropped by to do a run around my neighborhood but it turned into about 30 minutes of mingling around the woods in back of my house up near the Cascades and in back of the cemetery before coming back.  We spied a possibly snowshoe trail for when the swamp freezes over in back of the town cemetery.  It was too wet to try to cross yesterday.    Neither of us were feeling that great and my foot wasn't quite up to the challenge but it wasn't terrible.  I think Kevin's foot was bothering him more than mine was but we called it quits after a half hour as he had to hit the road and I was starving.  I hate the days getting dark by 4:30...I think the sunsets officially start getting longer now so that's one positive.

I've been stretching, icing, rolling (on my spiked ball), soaking in epsom, wearing my night splints, and just about everything else I can think of to try to get this foot feeling better. I 'think' it's working but I'm still going to schedule something with the therapist for hopefully this coming week.

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