Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday - 12-18-2012

Got a great honest snowshoe in with KT at the Mineral Site in Conway.  We started at the lower gate  (can't actually go higher because the road is closed). I ran about 22 min prior to Kevin showing up and went up to the height of land on the road to the left of the fork before turning and coming back down.  Then I did a couple loops on a small section of snowmobile trail near the gate before Kevin came up. Then we headed out and did some of the newer WMNF trails (29th edition of AMC) in the Mineral Site.  No one had been in there.  It was breaking trail the entire way, which is exhausting.  Even on the road we were breaking trail in VERY wet snow (and deep in a lot of spots).  It was just deep enough to be very tiring.  We hit the single track for a few miles and we switched off back and forth breaking trail.  I was suckin' wind pretty bad even when I was stepping in Kevin's tracks.  It was a fantastic workout for the lungs and for the legs.  Wet snow trailblazing is TOUGH.  We did about 5 miles of that and plus a couple previously I had before he got there gave me about 7 miles (maybe a tad more) in 1:12:22.  That is a workout!!!  If I keep doing this a couple times a week (or more) this winter, I'll get into great shape for nationals.  I remember talking to Kelly Mortenson (12th at 2000 US Olympic Marathon Trials) who is a monster snowshoer,during a cooldown after snowshoe nationals a few years ago and he told me he does something like 7 or 8 hours a week on snowshoes and goes for like 2+ hour snowshoe runs...I think that is what I've been lacking over the last few winters..consistent snowshoe terrain to battle with.  Up here, there's certainly no shortage.  It may be my only option most days!!

...side note....it has been 101 days since Kevin Tilton updated his blog.

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