Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday - 12-04-2012

Tuesday night run at Whitaker as my 'day off / rest day' after 3 pretty solid days of running.... Met KT (about 15 min late again), Roger, Joe, and Don at Whitaker Woods in North Conway for an easy headlamp 5 around the neighborhoods at the base of Cranmore.  Probably did about 5.5 total as Don and I ran a bit ahead and looped back a few times.  Foot was not as good as yesterday for some reason and started to bug me just a bit.  On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and it rigged up on me just about as bad as it did in August. NOT good.  Same crap.  It's isolated to the very bottom inside of my arch and that one muscle. It seems to just be super tight and really gets painful when I go up on my big toe.  Pretty depressing turnout...but I stretched and massaged before turning in.  Will have to watch how it progresses (if it progresses) the rest of the week.

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