Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday - 12-27-2012

After a couple days off, tending to the new family, I got back at it.  Thursday afternoon I met up with Kevin, Tim Livingston (2012 WMM Half Marathon Champ), Peter Haine (WMM and GBTC), Terry Livingston Ballou (Central Park TC), and I believe her husband, for a snowshoe run on the trails at the base of Rattlesnake and Middle (behind Walmart) in North Conway.  It was a small section of snowmobile trail and then a lot of breaking trail on single track.  We took turns (Kevin, Peter, Tim, and myself) breaking new trail over a pretty hill section.  We did an out and back (30 min out, 23:49 back...what a difference having broken trail does!). 53:49 total for about 5 miles of work.

It snowed over a foot here (14-15 inches or so in spots).  It laid down a great base over a few inches that were already there...

Looking up E. Madison Rd. 

The house needs paint but it's even more apparent right after it snows and everything is white around it.

The side and back yard...

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