Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday - 12-06-2012

8 miles on the roads from my house here in Madison down Village Rd. and up High St. to North Division Rd. and up to Joy Farm road and then back.  Probably 1/3 of the run was on nice quiet dirt roads in the northwestern part of town.  The views of the southeastern part of town are awesome from up on High Street on the way back. I also went past the entrance to the area where supposedly there is one of, if not the last, areas in the state of NH and New England that has a known rattlesnake population. Supposedly there are still timber rattlesnakes up in this area of town but just about every site on the topic refuses to give the name of the town or area where the known dens are found.  I hope I didn't give anything away...but I've heard it through the grapevine on a few occasions so I don't think I'm revealing too many secrets here.  I didn't venture into the area enough to look around.  There are plenty of other areas to explore...

Overall, honest run just over 8 in 54:48.  Hilly roads as usual and the uneven surfaces made for a decent effort.  My foot was not good about halfway in but I survived.  By the end, I was fine.  It really felt good by the end and I walked around and stretched a bit before going back inside when I got home.  Progress is definitely being made. If I can keep banging on the roads like this a few times a week, my fitness should improve.

I came back to a couple of boxes of road kicks from Inov-8.  I must have 40+ pair of Inov-8's now and I just received some good road shoes to try out before the snow flies (and then once the snow melts away, I can try racing in some)... The Road-X 233s (the green/gray pair) are probably the closest thing to a longer distance road flat that they make. I wore these at Boston this year (although I jogged 16 miles of it in 90 degree weather) and for numerous road races in the past (my other pair was a red/white test pair).  The Road-X 255s (the white/blue pair) are the road trainer that Inov-8 makes.  I have 3 pairs of these.  I wore these for training and for up to 50K races.  I know Ben Nephew races a lot of longer races in these.  He's modified the bottom of them a bit to add more traction.  The out-soles of these are admittedly very flat and lack a lot of tread.  Definitely strictly only road worthy unless modified. I think Kevin refers to the shoe tread modification as 'Nephewtizing' the shoe.  They are one of the only 3 arrow shoes they make still.  The 233s are 2 arrow. With the state of my feet right now, I'd prefer as many arrows as they can throw at me.

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