Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday - 12/02/2012

Sunday afternoon I headed back to Crawford Notch but this time w/ KT to run up the highest public 'highway' in the state (and seemingly the Northeast although I'm not sure if some of the mountain auto roads in NY or ME count as 'public' or 'highway/thruway'...I know the Mt. Wash Auto Road does not).  The highest point on Jefferson Notch Rd. is 3009 feet (the southern start of the road is just shy of 2000 ft down near the trailhead of the Crawford Path).  The temps were pretty warm considering.  Both Kevin and I were VERY overdressed and I was really feeling it early.  I got very overheated and ran the majority of the run with my hat and gloves tucked into my jacket.  I felt 'OK' at the beginning (on the Mt. Clinton Rd. portion, which is paved the whole way, although the pavement is VERY rough and definitely hasn't been maintained at all any time recently).  As soon as we started across Base Rd. (that goes up to the Cog Railway station) and hit Jefferson Notch Rd. (which is all unpaved and was caked with snow and slush for most of it) I hit the wall.  I felt horrible.  The climbing (although gentle) started to get to me quick and I really started to feel tired and sluggish.  We backed off a little and then a lot.  I was borderline jogging up the road near the end.

We made it to the top of the notch and the highest elevation of the road at 3009 feet where the trailhead parking lot of the Caps Ridge Trail is.  We averaged around 7:43 pace for the climb from the car to the top, which wasn't bad...but I felt like death.  I haven't run that aggressive on the road in a while and doing 2 runs yesterday (one of them up a mountain) probably added to my demise on this run.  I'm just not in shape right now for this type of stuff and it is glaringly obvious.  Still got a lot of work to do!   I took a few photos and video and then we headed back down.  It took us 4 minutes less to get back (which is an indication of how rigged up I was running, late in the run on the flatter sections).  Up in 52 min and back in 48 for 1:40:00 total.  I think Kevin said something about 7:13s for the way back down (average).  For this area, that is pretty good.  This ain't no flat road running scene up here...

Any day I can run in this type of let me rephrase...any day I can simply just be out in this type of surrounding is a good day.  Not ONE car passed us during this entire run, even though the gates were still open (in looking at the photos, you can probably guess why).

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