Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday - 12-16-2012

Sunday before heading over to my parents house to visit, I was able to get in a lake bang (10.5) miles  and felt nice and rush, no reason for excitement.  Not sure if more than 3 cars passed me in 10 miles.  It was so nice and quiet.  The stretch on Lead Mine Rd. made me feel like the only person in town for 7 miles until I got through to Rt. 41 and then actually saw a couple cars (trucks actually) but that was it.  FREEZING cold.  My face was bright red and my nose was numb by the time I got back home... My foot felt actually really good for most of the run but I did tweak it after I got back and stretched a bit too quickly on the front steps before going in.  It flurried lightly the entire time but the snow didn't pick up until we got down to E.Wakefield to see my brother and sister and their respective families + my mom and dad and my cousin Eric who was in town (as he is every Thanksgiving - Xmas) from Las Vegas.  Everyone was playing out on the lake (yes, it was frozen and the snow out there made it fun for the kids to slide around in) but I wasn't about to press my luck after last year.  It snowed all day and it took a long while to travel north just a few towns back home, as we sat behind 3 different plows on Rt. 16.  It's really piling up out there fast.

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