Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday - 12-09-2012

After the Tilton's holiday party and a late bedtime on Saturday, I waited to run until later on Sunday.  It was a beautiful day out nonetheless and I spent the afternoon preparing a lot of down limbs and trees out in the back woods for burning and started clearing the 'ski run' in preparation for snow (which we did get, but not enough).  I cleared the trail all the way up to the Cascades trail junction up on the ridge.  I decided to eventually create my own little network of trails in the 4 acre lot we have (all woods) behind the house. It will be nice for the kids to be able to walk around some of the trails (and maybe bike when older) and it may be ok for snowshoeing, xc skiing, etc. in the winter.  It will be a fun project to start but obviously won't really get off the ground (other than the ski run I already made) until the Spring now.

At about 3:30 or so I met Kevin and Don over at Walmart in N.Conway for some snowmobile trails. We did an out and back on the Corridor 19 trails and headed up a little bit of a climb on the way to Black Cap before coming back down.  Headlamps were on on the return trip.  8 miles total.  Foot bothered me the whole time.  Drastically different than yesterday's run..   55 miles for the week however was a huge win for me and a step in the right direction 'fitness-wise'.  I still need to figure out the foot though.

I capped off the night with a fire burning nice and warm out back and burned through all of the wood I had spent a couple hours piling up.  The coyotes were making a ton of noise and it is very dark back there.... Kristin joined me for an hour or so.  Good times.

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