Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday - 12/01/2012

Saturday morning I met Kevin Tilton down at King Pine in Madison, NH about 4 miles from my house (south on E.Madison Rd.).  He was 10 minutes late.  King Pine was making snow as it started to lightly flurry at the start of our run.  They are planning on opening in a couple weeks I think.  Kevin and I ran somewhere around 6 miles or so on the trails around King Pine and Purity Springs on some of the nordic xc trails and snowmobile trails.  It was cold as hell and started to snow pretty good by the end.  Foot felt 'OK' but not great.  43:23 total.

In the afternoon I headed north up to the AMC Highland Center in Carroll, NH and hopped on the Crawford Path (from the parking lot down by Webster Cliff trailhead, so there was about .2 miles each way on the road before and after the trail).  It was snowing pretty good and there was substantially more snow up there (being about 2000 feet at the trailhead).  I shot up the Crawford path to the Mizpah Cutoff and up to the Mizpah Spring Hut (3800 ft).  From the car it was about 3 miles each way.  Slow and steady on the way up (44:45 up).  Spent a few minutes monkeying around and taking photos and video before heading back down in a blistering 29:38.  Past 3 groups of people on the way up and the way down (same group).  From Mizpah Cutoff on the way up, there wasn't much broken trail (as opposed to the Crawford Path, which was heavily travelled).  Halfway up the cutoff I passed a group coming down and from that point up, there was some good packed prints to follow.  The footing was a little dicey and the rocks were just popping up enough to be dangerous.  Good to get out and get in some mountain running that wasn't too awful on my foot.  It's a long grind up, but it's not super steep at all so my foot was OK.  Thought for a moment about heading up to bag Pierce (again) but opted to call it at the Hut and head back down.

The run-up below (change quality to HD)...

Enjoying the weather below....

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