Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saturday - 12-29-2012

Saturday morning Kevin picked me up and we met Judson Cake over at the Great Hill Rd. junction with  Hemenway Rd. in Hemenway State Forest in Tamworth.  This is a great place to run.  I've been here a few times now and there is a nice firetower you can climb to get a good view of the surrounding mountains.  We stayed low however and stuck to the snowmobile trails that were nicely packed although a little loose for my taste.  Snowshoes would have been a MUCH better choice but we decided to go without.  I still strapped on the Microspikes over my Terrafly's (which are Gore-Tex). I love that combination.

We ran pretty conservative early and then Judson and I started pushing it a little bit harder as the run went along. It was around 4.5 or 5 miles of snowmobile trail and then about 3 miles of snowpacked dirt road on the way back.  Big rolling hills. Judson and I pushed the pace a little more here and just got a good honest tempo going.  It was nice to get running on something relatively fast again after a few days of being in the deep slow snow.  The snowmobile trails took a bit out of us all, as it was about one step forward and a half a step back each time.  There was just enough give to the snow to make it a good workout.  In the end it was 8 solid miles in a whoppingly slow 70 minutes on the nose.  The road pace was probably just under 7s on the slick packed snow, and the snowmobile trails were God knows what.  That's what I'm learning up here.... 5 miles is taking over an hour now a lot of times because the effort is ridiculous.  In the winter, unless I'm all on the roads, I will have to solely base my training on time.  Doing 10-12 miles per day on snowshoes (on the terrain we have around here in the mountains) will take forever.  Not to mention the conditions right now.   I think if I can keep up a few  runs like this each week and maintain some other mileage on the roads, I can move into the Spring fairly fit.  We'll see.

It was nice catching up w/ Judson's been a while.

Kristin's parents are spending Sat/Sun with us so I probably won't start back up until Monday.  Good news is that my foot is feeling better.  Not 100%, but not horrible when I'm trying to climb on the snowshoes... moving in the right direction.

If you haven't tried these, I strongly recommend. Kristin bought me a pair for Christmas... I have been wearing them off and on for 5 days now and I think I can already tell the difference in my feet.  They hurt like hell at first, but you get used to them.  I have horrific hammertoe.  I think I can already see this working to correct it.  It also says it's good for plantar fasciitis. Give it a try if you have got some foot ailments...

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