Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday - 12-08-2012

Late on Saturday morning I headed out on the Kanc to my new favorite trails over at the Sawyer Pond/Rob Brook area.  I parked at the Sawyer Pond Trail trailhead off the Kanc.  The weather was in the mid to high 30s and seemed to warm up throughout the day just slightly so it was actually ideal.  My plan was to go end-to-end on the Sawyer Pond Trail + add the small section of the Brunel Tr. I didn't have off of Church Pond Rd. and also the small loop around the Sawyer Pond Campsite.  Just about 13 miles total.  This is a relatively easy trail to run as it was apparently (in my best KT voice) an 'old railroad bed'.  It doesn't have much climbing and the trail is in phenomenal shape.  It makes for very easy running.  The first challenge was to immediately figure out how to cross the damn Swift River that literally cuts across the first 40 feet of the trail.  I ended up having to take my shoes and socks off, hike up my pants, and wade across the freezing cold river to the other side.  The water came up a bit too high for my taste... Great way to wake up and start off the run!

The trail follows the ski trail a bit (a section I had already done) and then heads up across Church Pond Rd. (FR35).  Sections leading up to that are awesome as they weave through an awesome pine grove forest (my favorite) before connecting eventually to a snowmobile trail (FR318).  Between Church Pond Rd. and the snowmobile trail there is some good steady uphill sections but nothing crazy.  It was all filled in with leaves but the rocks and roots were minimal so it made for pretty good running.

Once I got to the junction of the snowmobile trail and Sawyer Pond trail, I ran right into 2 moose standing at the trail sign.  I stopped to turn my camera on and they were immediately spooked. I got some garbage footage of them running away.   From there, it's about another mile and a half to the campsite and shelter at Sawyer Pond. When I got there, half the pond was frozen over (barely) and there were 2 full packs hanging in the shelter, but not a soul around. I explored the campsites, bathroom area, and loop around the shelter but didn't see who had stayed there and left all their gear.  The fire pit was used and there was still things left about the area.

I continued on after taking a few pics and headed the 1.5 miles steadily down an easy grade out to the parking area at the junction of Sawyer River Rd. and Sawyer River Trail.  I passed 5 people all in a group, almost at the end of the trail on the way out.  Those were the only people I saw all day out on the trails.  I turned around right at 1:00:06 (although I did a bit more running on the way out than the way back) and headed back in about 46:30 for a total time of 1:46:36.

I absolutely love those trails (or that trail I should say).  I definitely want to check it out again when the trails are 'shoeable' this winter... Not sure how we cross the river though..that's the toughest part!

Some Photos posted here...  

I'll whip up the video of the run probably some time tomorrow..

Now off to Kevin and Jess' for their holiday party!

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