Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday - 12-10-2012

I was busy as cuss (as Ferenc would say) towards the end of the day and didn't get to meet up w/ KT until later than I had planned.  We started probably around 6pm and met at the ranger station on the Kanc which is only 6 miles from my house (a tad closer to Kevin's but good enough for a centralized meet up point).  I wouldn't mind doing this run more this winter.  It's easier for me to shoot quickly over there than most other places we've met at so far, late in the day.  There are some good trails behind there that go over into the Kennett XC course and trails behind the Jr. High.  The trails continue north a bit and follow the Kanc between the road and the Swift River.  We did 4 bangs which was just about 10 miles.  The trails and woods were completely snow covered, though thin... but the snow made for some good visibility with the headlamps.  It drizzled and lightly flurried the whole time and I mistakenly didn't bring any change of clothes but only had a 10 min. ride home....foot felt pretty solid the whole time. Wore the Orocs with the metal spikes which was probably overkill as there really was no ice, but it made my foot feel surprisingly OK.  They are really stiff and I haven't worn them since my nightly bang around the lake in E.Wakefield last winter where the road was a solid block of ice for months... I go to get some work done on my foot tomorrow afternoon....can't wait!

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