Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday - 12-03-2012

Late Monday afternoon KT met me at the Churchill House in Madison (aka my house) and we did a nice solid clockwise lake bang.  10.5 miles in 1:12:11.  My foot threw 3 sharp pains at me about 4.5 miles in.  I had to quickly stop and stretch out the calf and it seemed to hold the rest of the way and I was able to finish up strong.  We had to run the last few miles in the dark with no headlamps and zero reflective clothing (during 'rush hour' in Madison)... Again, Kevin was 10 minutes late to my house, so that would have made a little bit of difference.  We talked at length about how he is going to start blogging again.

This house we bought was originally built in 1779 as a single family home.  It was expanded in 1800.  It later became an inn and stagecoach stop called 'The Atkinson Inn' by Samuel Atkinson.  The earliest record of this is from 1822.  In 1827 Samuel Atkinson got a liquor license and was able to put a small bar in the front (my current living room) and sell liquor.  The outline of where the bar was is still visible on the floor and on the ceiling.  I actually have a real receipt in a frame up in the hallway upstairs from 1832 where Sam Atkinson sold some rum to a customer.  The Atkinson Inn stayed in operation until 1865.  Then Nathaniel Churchill bought the house.  Since there obviously was no photography of anything back during the Atkinson Inn days, the only real photos I could find of the house was much later when it became the 'Churchill House'.

Below are some old photos I found of this place from some online scans of a postcard and of a flyer from the 1904 Madison Old Home Day booklet.

Below: The Churchill House (my house) probably around 1900.  The back of the postcard said something about 40 boarders staying there at the time.  This was from the Museum of the White Mountains and Plymouth State University's Digital Collection.

Below: From the Madison Library and Madison Historical Society (which is my next door neighbor)

A Picnic Party from the Churchill House at Goe Hill. Will Kennett is driving the oxen, “Bob” Kellock is the boy with the panama hat and flauntroy tie. (As written on the back– no year given.)
FEBRUARY 16, 1977
The meeting was held at the home of the Alexander’s in Silver Lake. Kay Eglit presided with about 23 members present.
Briefly, Nathaniel Churchill was born in Newmarket, 1771-1772. He was left with a 1 year old boy on the death of his first wife. He then married Mary Jackson, went to Brookfield, and may have come to this area in 1815 to a farm at the corner of Colby Hill Road and the Conway Road. He was listed as Highway Surveyor in 1817. He was also listed in the 1830 census, and thought to have been re-married at this time to Anna, who came from Vermont and was his third wife. In 1830 Nathaniel, Jr. married a March uniting the two families. Most of the family died in this period from Typhoid fever. John March went to Camden, Georgia and built a mill staying there about four years. The last record of John March was the 1853 census. It is believed that he bought a boat, went to Cuba, and died in a storm.
Nathaniel Churchill, Jr. bought the present Churchill House in 1865 and was married to Elizabeth Goldthwaite. The Jackson family, the Colby’s and Churchill’s intermarried. It is known that the present Meeker place belonged to Nathaniel Churchill, Sr.

Below: Some scans of the 1904 Madison Old Home Day brochure.

Below: Scans I made of the actual Churchill House brochure that I have as part of a historical bundle of papers I got from the previous owners of this house (since 1970).  It is 4 pages including front and back. It looks like they either spelled 'Chamblin' Ledge wrong or somehow 'Chamberlain Ledge's' name has morphed over the years.  This brochure was definitely post 1900 as it has a long distance telephone 'nearby' and could accommodate 2-3 automobiles.  The added buildings in back (which are no longer here) are surely what made this place 'accommodate 35 guests!'... The piano is gone (previous owners took it) but they did leave what could be the original croquet sets which are still up in the attic in chests.  I'm still trying to figure out where that 'Chocorua View' can be 'had' here...


  1. I am assuming my shoes have a hallowed place in that historical home.

    Like the trash.

  2. they are in the attic!!! next time you are here you get them back!