Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday - 12-28-2012

The sleepless nights continue w/ the baby (but it's well worth it!)... I went out and shoveled for 90 minutes and removed 14-15 inches of snow from the driveway.  Then I headed out back and up to the Cascades, breaking trail on the new trail I cut straight up my backyard + the out and back to the Cascades and down to the Historical Society (made a small loop out of it).  The goal was just to pack it out.  I did 2 'Cascade bangs' and added on a little bit to make 4 miles.  It was exhausting. 28:21 working basically all out on snowshoes.

Then, about 60 minutes later, I met up with Don Fredrikson down at the Silver Lake Post Office/Train Station for a headlamp run on the NH Corridor 19 snowmobile trail that cuts up through the center of Madison.  We headed out on the nicely packed (but slightly loose) main trail along the tracks (noticing an abandoned snowmobile about 2 minutes in that was stuck).  We ventured off the corridor trail to the left off of Junction H and followed snowmobile tracks nicely laid out over the the stretch all the way up to Wildcat Mountain Drive.  It's a very rolly, isolated stretch of dirt road and wide snowmobile trails that were cut into the large acreage years ago for a possible development that never happened. Now it's a snowmobiler's and off-roader's playground.  We almost made it to the gate before turning around at 30 minutes.  We got back in almost the same time, with Don and I alternating the lead.  He's getting pretty damn fit and it was his first time on snowshoes this year.  The footing was good, but a tad loose in spots making it very tiring as we were moving at a decent clip. Don took 3 spills.  We got back in 29:25 for a very solid 7 miles on 'shoes'.

After the shoveling and 11 miles on snowshoes, I was TOAST!

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