Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday - 12-07-2012

Holy cow it was busy today at's been pretty busy lately and I've found myself looking up at times for seemingly the first time in the day and seeing the dim light of the sun going down.  The days go by so quick.  By the time I wrapped up everything and put my running stuff on I almost opted out completely.  It was pitch dark and with 4 street lights in town and not that many houses around, it's pretty much as dark as it can be by 5pm.  I opened the door and it was snowing out.  I hesitated for a moment but headed out for whatever I could get in.  If I was healthy, I would be able to hop out much easier.  But the fact that I really have no idea how long I can go before disaster may strike, I have a little bit harder time getting out the door than I have in the past.

I was about a mile into a run up E. Madison Rd. near the cemetery with my headlamp as the only light source in half mile radius (even the houses I did run past had zero signs of life)...when an suv came up from behind and slowed down next to me.  All of the sudden I heard the question that kind of took me by surprise... 'Mt Washington Hotel?'... I heard from the driver as he leaned out the window... I immediately responded back 'Are you serious?'.  I'm not sure why I said that but I almost figured it was someone I may have known that was playing a prank on me...but as I moved in closer to the car which was now stopped on the side of the road, I noticed that it was a family that sure enough was looking for the Mt. Washington Hotel.  I talked to them for about 10 minutes trying to get them to realize where they were and how far off they were and what they needed to do to get back on track.  They were from Stoneham, MA and had come up 93!  For anyone reading this that is not familiar w/ the area, that is no where near this place....they were so far off it wasn't even funny.  They must have cut over from the Kanc and then gone terribly wrong.  The guy kept shouting into his phone's GPS and it kept giving him different directions that were completely wrong.  They had no clue where they were.  They thought that they were going to find the hotel by heading east down E. Madison Rd.  I told them they had about 50 minutes to an hour or so ahead of them if they turned around and headed up through N.Conway and up 302 through the notch.  It was snowing and dark.  They were screwed.  They turned around and headed back after I verified that his GPS was now sending them in the right direction.  His wife was screaming at him the whole time and his kids were yelling at the mom.  It was a sh*tshow.  She was obviously super aggravated by that point so I can only imagine what had been happening in that car before they stopped to ask me.  That was the excitement on the run anyway....

I went a mile out, turned around, ran back, and then 2 miles down Village Rd. to 41 and Silver Lake and turned and came back.  6 total.  The roads were getting slick and slightly icing over as the snow fell... Foot felt OK.  Really bothered me by the time I got in the shower for some reason.  Now as I type this it seems alright but kind of sore on top across the toes.  It continues to baffle me but hopefully I can get in for some treatment this coming week.


  1. actually it was some awful Android phone that obviously wasn't working right (but that's to be expected from a non-Apple product)...