Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday - 12-24-2012

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone out there...

Shot home at about 1:30pm from the hospital in N.Conway and banged out a 10 mile hilly run out and back on 113 (my house to 16 and back) and then up and back to Pound Rd. to make it an honest 10.  Felt decent.  Cold as the dickens but a beautiful clear day.  On the way up and down to 16, the views of Chocorua and that whole ridge as well as South Moat, Carter Notch/Wildcat/Carter Dome are awesome.  Ran a lot of it on the nice gravel shoulder along the side of 113.  I like this 10 miler.  It's a main road and has some traffic, but it's not bad.  It also flies by because theres a couple of big hills (especially on the way back).  They are nice and steady...not too steep.  I have to add on a little at the end to make 10 and it's always tough going past the house at the end and going up to Pound Rd. and turning around but I can't be skimping out on the miles...gotta start chipping away at this and get back into something that resembles racing shape.  1:07:52.  That's a Casey Moulton effort for Mt. Washington Valley roads. I'm surprised I was able to do that without working very hard at all.  It felt very comfortable and nothing bothered me.  Big surprise considering I got zero sleep on a horrific cot in the hospital room last night with a baby needing to be fed every hour or so....Two near-sleepless nights in a row....

Quickly showered and got back to the hospital.  We are staying one more night here and then get to bring home my new baby girl on Christmas Day.  An incredible end to a bad year for me running-wise.  But all in all, this year was a win because we bought our home and started our family...which are the most important things of all.


  1. She's a doll and she has nice parents too!

  2. Thanks Greg! Maybe I'll see you at Nats in 2013! Thanks Dan! Hope you heal quick and get back at it!

  3. Congratulations, Jim! She is beautiful! We also had a very early Christmas present - a baby boy - Anders Everett Krause. We're all doing well and healthy and I am glad the three of you are too! We'll be sharing some pics on FB once we tell a few more folks.