Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday - 11/28/2012

Wednesday was more of the same...stumble out of bed, take off the 'boots', and pretend my feet and ankles and lower back aren't completely killing me, limp down the narrowest stairs in the valley, waddle into the kitchen like a zombie, and fire up the coffee maker with one eye half open and the other completely closed. 4 cups later and I'm doing the occasional stretch, rolling my foot on my spikey ball, and walking around periodically so I don't completely lock up before sitting back down and staring at a computer screen (or screens) for hours.  It could be worse...  By the time I think it's mid afternoon, the glow of the soon-to-be winter sun is starting to fade out the side window.  I quickly fumble for my phone to try to salvage a run w/ KT but he's out today so I was staring at a dreaded headlamp run on the roads of Madison, in the cold, alone, and injured...with nothing to talk about (to keep my mind occupied) or think about other than my foot and how much I miss racing and even just easy running without pain and discomfort.. If you asked me last year at this time (while I was still down in the southern part of the state) I would have said that on any day, in any conditions, under any circumstances, I would prefer to run up here than down there.  While this is still true, I find it harder on some days lately to get out (solo) if I want to take it easy or if I want to ease back from injury, just because of the amount of hills around this joint.  Also, considering the town of Madison (I think, by my math) has about 5 street lights total and zero sidewalks, it's a bit tough to run on the roads without making darn sure you are paying attention.  Sure, there's 1/100th of the traffic here than in Salem, but still the occasional hillbilly will come screaming by and one needs to be aware.  The fact that most roads here seem to have an inordinate amount of shoulder does help, but then you are one step closer to getting mauled by a dangerous animal jumping out from the shadows... Any way you slice it, it's interesting after dark here on the roads.  Over in Conway/North Conway it's slightly better as there are more lights but there is also more cars.  The best options for after-work runs I still think is in a group (of 2 or more) and either on snowmobile trails or dirt roads over in Eaton, Albany, or quieter portions of Madison and Conway.  At least there, I can do a run w/ KT for 8+ miles and never see a car in either direction on some nights.  Sometimes not even a house light.  Lately, it's been tough to get anything of quality in because of my foot, although I am having fun running when I do get out on the trails...redlining has been OK but it's hardly keeping me sharp.  So I got out slightly early yesterday and hit up the roads for 6 miles and got back just before it got completely dark.  Nothing to blog about, but certainly better than nothing.  I headed down 113, shot off for a couple minutes down an open gate along the powerlines to check out how the snowmobile trails were looking, then got back on the road and headed up towards Tamworth before turning around short of the town line and heading back down.  Mostly up on the way out, and down on the way back.  My foot feels 'better' on the roads when I don't have to do any serious pushing off or getting up on the toes.  At least normal running I don't need to get that high up on the toes.  If I was racing on the roads, it may be a different story.  I felt 'ok' so that's a win.  Called it at 6 and headed back inside to get warm.

Side note... The XMAS decorations are up and in full's a taste:

Below: The 'spare' room.  A room we normally just pile furniture and other things that are extra.  We put up the tree the previous owners left up in the attic. 

 Below: The living room w/ our normal tree. Look close and you can see Deacon laying in his bed at the foot of it.

 Below: The stockings hung on the fireplace in the main living room.

 Below: Some lights and a mini tree in the dining room area.

 Below: A sled we found in the attic.

Below: Looking out from my chair in my office.  My mini tree to the left.

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