Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday - 11/30/2012

After a rest day yesterday, my foot felt 'OK' today and I was able to get out tonight for a solid run (relatively speaking) in Madison and a sliver of Conway. I met Don Fredrikson at his mountain top estate on the side of Rock House Mountain.  Don lives 0.2 miles from the Madison line and is smack dab in one of Conway's two teeth (Conway looks like it has two big teeth if you look at the town outline).  His place is pretty sweet and has a beautiful view of Kearsarge and Mt. Washington from a nice big deck.  We did a VERY dark and hilly headlamp run up and down the loops around Little, Middle, and Big Pea Porridge Ponds.  My foot bothered me about 5 min. in but by the end it was actually a little better.  7 solid miles in 20 degree temps.  I think 2 cars passed us the whole time.  Mostly all dirt roads.  Zero streetlights.  I'll take it.  Tomorrow I'm gonna start keepin' track of running again....good or bad.

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