Monday, August 20, 2012

Training 08-20 - 08-26

8-24 - Friday: 10 miles (trails).  Ran 5 from my backyard up to Cascades and the abandoned camp along the river, then around some of the old logging roads and trails on the other side of the river. Nice and easy.  Feel really beat up.  [36:21].  Then met Kevin over at Walmart right after for another 5 (out and back) on NH Corridor 19 in Conway.  My left foot started to cramp bad on the way back w/ sharp pain (just like in VT a couple years ago when I ran with Josh and Greg and Justin).  Same thing.  I had to stop for a second, hobble, massage my foot, then hobble back to the car.  Hopefully all I need is some rest.  [40:25].

8-23 - Thursday: 7 miles (roads and snowmobile trails).  Ran down to the train station at Silver Lake and then hopped on NH Corridor 19 and headed north for a bit before hopping off and taking some power line trails and then back on the roads.  Nice and easy. Hot out and I need some rest.  My legs have been trashed since my calf went on me.  I'm beginning to think I'm overrun and may need some down time.  Things hurt and it's just the way it is.  Always hobbling around nowadays and haven't felt fresh in a couple months. [50:21]

8-22 - Wednesday: am - 4 miles (trails and roads). From my house, down 113 to Ward Parcel trail. 1  mile loop in there, then back and up to Cascades + add-on and back down.  pm - 19.5 miles (roads).  From my house to the Pizza Barn in Ossipee and back.  Thought it would be around 10 out and 10 back.  Was close. Measured when I got home.  Very even splits.  1:07:34 out and 1:07:23 on the way back (and I took a slightly longer way back and didn't cut through the town garden across the street from my house and just went to the end of the street and around...probably 20 second difference). For the way my legs felt when I left my house, I'll take it!  My hamstrings were super tight all week (I think from the Washington climb on Sunday). They were really sore from the get go today but I managed to just keep it steady. Cardio is ridiculous right now...but legs are really giving me a hard time.  If my legs and feet didn't hurt so much from top to bottom, I'd be in pretty good shape.  [2:14:58].  Total for the day: 23.5.

8-21 - Tuesday: 10 miles (trails).  Just shy of 3 loop around Whitaker Woods trails [20:05] then 3.1 5k Fun Run w/ the Milers after the Summer Series awards.  [22:47]. Then immediately into another 5k loop of the course in [21:09]. Then 1+ mile loop with Roger as a cooldown - [10:33]  Total [1:14:38].

8-20 - Monday: 10.5 miles (roads).  Solo lake bang (clockwise) around Silver Lake.  Started off nice and easy and started picking it up a little on Lead Mine...eased into a steady pace on the backside stretch on 41 and back up 113.  Awesome weather...warm but not that humid...really nice time of year (now that most of the deer flies are gone)  [1:10:47]

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  1. With that mileage you're doing something is going to hurt. Once you rest up you'll probably PR is just about any distance.