Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Training 08-13 - 08-19

Weekly Wrap Up: 86 miles with one decent road race (or at least 80% of it), a tempo trail race effort, some good road runs, a nice trail run, and a fantastic long run in the mountains.  I was well under my goal for the week (again) but considering my calf isn't 100% yet, I'll take 86 miles.  Just gotta keep buildin' them hurtin' bombs...

8-19 - Sunday: 12.1 miles (trails, mountains). Solo. Redlining up at Mt. Washington.  From Glen Ellis Falls, went up Glen Boulder Trail to Davis Path.  Then along past Boott Spur and up to Crawford Path and then up to Mt. Washington Summit.  Awesome day for it.  Not hot, not that cold (until I got up to the summit and stopped to take get a quick snack) and absolutely zero wind.  Not too many folks out on the trails other than Tuckerman, which was ridiculous.  I think most people think that's the only trail that goes up the rockpile.  Came down Tuckerman for just a little bit and bolted across the Lawn Cutoff and then down Davis Path a little and then onto Boott Spur Trail all the way down to AMC Pinkham Notch Lodge.  Then cut across to Direttissima for the way back to the car.  [2:50:01].

Photo Set from the run can be seen here.

8-18 - Saturday:
11 miles (roads, dirt roads, trails). From my house, up to the Cascades then out to Mooney Hill (extended loop) and up to Pound Rd. and down to E. Madison Rd.  Then headed up Lead Mine Rd. and then up Daniel Ward (through Darin Brown's property) and up towards Stacey Mtn.  Didn't make it to the top as I wasn't sure where the trail (if it exists) was off of the end of Daniel Ward.  Explored up there for a bit and then headed back down to Darin's and out down Lead Mine again and back to the house.  Felt great despite the heat and beating sun.  Calf wasn't an issue at all.  [1:15:04].

8-17 - Friday: 10 miles (roads).  E.Madison and Silver Lake.  From house, down 113 to Silver Lake and down around East Shore Drive a bit and then back.  HOT.  Calf twinged a little on the way back but manageable. Moved pretty good on this one for a change (it's about the flattest 10 miles you can come up with around here). [1:07:32].

8-16 - Thursday: 13.2 miles (roads).  4 mile w/up (3 w/ Nathan Huppe and another mile w/ strides before 10K in Rye) + Race: Saunders at Rye Harbor 10K - 2nd OA - 32:32.  Got my arse handed to me (again) by Andy Huebner.  I ran a so-so race.  Good enough for 2nd and some cash and swag.  I ran 40 seconds slower than 2 years ago (the last time I raced there) but I'll take it.  2 years older and I've been battling my calf the past week +.  I kind of thought a DNF or some other disaster was a possibility, so I'll take the 2nd place.  The results are currently messed up with some guys missing from the top 10 but I'm sure they'll fix it.  Cooled down another 3 miles w/ Verrington, Darin Brown, and Nate 'the Great' Huppe along some nice oceanside roads and part on a rocky beach.  Hit up the food court in the Fox Run Mall in Newington w/ D.Brown on the way back up to Madison.  Not sure what the weekend holds in store (other than the Mahoney-Searles wedding festivities on Saturday in Tamworth) but I'm playing it by ear.  Will see how the calf holds up tomorrow.  May just put some miles in the bank instead of race again.

8-15 - Wednesday: am - 4 miles (roads) in E. Madison.  Out and back on E. Madison Rd (w/ hill) [27:38].  pm - 8 miles (roads, trails) in Madison.  Out and back on E. Madison Rd. + out and back down 113 + up to Cascades and back down.  [56:16].  Total for the day: 12

8-14 - Tuesday: am - 8 miles (roads, dirt roads) in E. Madison. Hilly loop out back from my house. Felt ok. Lots of climbing over first half. Calf felt OK. A little hint of a problem early and that's all I need to ruin the run. Just kept thinking about it the whole time and kept it nice and easy.  It's hard not to get a workout in when doing these runs.  The hills are like nothing else I have been used to and there is no getting away from them around here.  Hot and sunny.  [58:39] - pm - 9.5 miles (trails) - 2 mile w/up (15:00) then Summer Series 5k (trail) - T-1st. 18:20. Ran w/ Tim Livingston and talked the whole way. Easy tempo effort and neither of us raced at all..just kept the turnover going.  Last series race of the year.  4.4 mile cooldown w/ Peter Haine, Zach, and a couple other local speedsters over the trails in Whitaker [35:39].  Calf felt good on warmup and during the race it was a non-issue.  Cooldown there was a tiny bit of discomfort, but not bad.  Total for the day: 17.5

8-13 - Monday: 10.2 miles (trails) in North Conway w/ Kevin Tilton and Josh Katzman (Inov-8).  Started at Cathedral Ledge and ran up and around all the trails between there and the mineral site area.  Lots of single track climbs, some snowmobile trail, logging roads, and some stream crossings.  Nice and easy while watching my calf and trying not to strain it.  Side-stepped a lot of the climbs.  The calf seems to be better on trails than roads.  I think the steady, unchanging stride of a road run is what is aggravating it.  Good to mix it up a bit and get off the pavement.  I have been icing, massage, stim, stick, heat, and stretching. We'll see how this week goes.  [1:48:00].

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