Thursday, August 9, 2012

Training 08-06 - 08-12

Weekly Wrap Up: 71.7 miles. About 35 miles less than my 'plan'.  The 'long' run didn't happen and 2 days turned into small singles rather than 2 big doubles. Had to do it though. My calf is acting up again just like last September and that is VERY BAD.  This could lead to months of garbage and no racing again, which is unacceptable.  Backed off a bit to salvage any hope of racing this year.  Pretty bummed but still managed OK miles for me, considering what has happened.

8-12 - Sunday: 10 miles (roads and trails) - Madison (solo).  From my house down the Wellinghurst course and back + some roads off of the course and the Ward Parcel trails + the Cascades up and back (soaked the legs for 5 minutes in a full rushing Cascades, which is great to see thanks to all the rain we've had recently).  Calf was an issue but never ripped into a full on hurt mode.  I'll take it although I'm running VERY carefully right now. Sucks. [1:10:02]

8-11 - Saturday: am: 4 miles on Walmart trails in Conway.  Ran up through Redstone and around some of the single track and snowmobile trails.  Calf stiff and sore. [27:04] pm: 8 miles (roads) - E. Madison Rd. from my house, north up towards the Albany town line and back. Calf sore but never 'went' completely bad.  Step in the right direction hopefully. [56:40].  Lots of ice, stretching, massage, and electrical stim.  Trying to keep this in check.  Total for the day: 12

8-10 - Friday: 4 miles (roads). Useless day. Calf is junk. Officially taking some down time this week to rest this and try to salvage my health before I end up on the DL again for months. [28:41]

8-09 - Thursday: 6 miles (roads).  Week is officially going to sh*te.  Calf is horrible. [45:52]

8-08 - Wednesday: am - 4 miles (roads). E. Madison. Solo.  From house, up and back.  [29:35].  pm - 8 miles (mountain/trails) - Chocorua climb from Paugus Rd.  Up Liberty Trail and down Brook Trail.  Some redlining for a change.  Good to get off the roads and back into the mountains.  [1:30:20]. Total on the day: 12

Photo set here.

8-07 - Tuesday: am - 6.2 miles (roads).  E. Madison.  Solo. From house, did the Wellinghurst 5k course out and back (+ addon from my house and back).  Hot and humid. Really watching the calf.  Making sure I was OK to go on it.  Really nervous and took it easy at the beginning and tested it near the end.  Had been hydrating hard over the last half day since yesterday's disaster w/ the calf.  [45:49].  pm - 10.5 miles (roads) - 2.5 mile w/up before race + Race: Wellinghurst 5k - 1st OA - 15:04 - started about 100 yards from my front door at the Madison Church.  The course went down to the Silver Lake Post Office / Trail Station + 3 mile cooldown by running the course in reverse back up to the start.  Got a ride back to the train station for the awards.  Then ran w/ Roger Marcoux up to Burke Field to meet my family for a BBQ (Madison Old Home Day) and concert.  Then ran from there, back to the house.  Total cooldown was 5 miles.  Total for the day: 16.7

8-06 - Monday: 11 miles (roads).  In Tamworth from the town hall.  First 3+ solo and then 7.5 or so with KT.  We were going to do a full 11 mile loop but my calf started to really pull and hurt during the early 3 miles I did before Kevin got there.  It was really sore during our run and we had to cut across some snowmobile trails and cut the loop short halfway through.  Had to be safe and try to salvage the week by cutting it short and tending to the calf.  Stretching, massage, ice, etc. for the rest of the day. Hydration as well. I fear I may have been dehydrated a bit after Saturday's race in the heat. [1:19:50].

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  1. JIm,

    I'm staying in North Conway through at least next Wednesday. Would love to get out with you at some point if you want to drag my butt around and embarrass me! Send me an email at if interested.

    Josh Katzman (an Inov-8 teammate)