Saturday, August 4, 2012

Training 07-30 - 08-05

Weekly Wrap Up: 100.7 miles for the week. Originally had scheduled a little more but my weekend plans changed. I was on pace until then.  My schedule will be a general guide and will obviously change as needed.  I think it was OK to back off just a little (from the original plan) and still get 100 miles in.  Need to make sure I'm handling the aches and pains that come w/ the increased mileage without overdoing it and getting hurt.  Two decent races this week (both 10 milers) and a good workout on the track.  Summer is in full swing with the heat and humidity but the training is going as planned (so far).

8-05 - Sunday: 10 miles (roads/grass).  Last day of the week and I almost missed it.  Did a lot of yard work during the hottest part of the day after waking up w/ very stiff/sore feet and achilles. My plantar has also been a little sore, but nothing more than just an effect of the additional miles.  I waited until later in the day and then we had a monsoon come through.  Rain, wind, tree damage, you name it.  It cleared in time for me to get 10 miles in (shorter than I wanted but enough to get me over the century mark again).  I hit the roads for a bit, then the grass at Burke Field.  I ran barefoot for 30 minutes in the middle of the run. Laps around the athletic fields. Felt really good on the feet.  The rest on the roads.  [1:13:10].

8-04 - Saturday: 17.3 miles (trails/dirt roads).  Day 2 in a row of running less than planned.  Initially I planned on running 20 miles in the am but had a change of plans late Friday night so I decided to head down to Oxford, MA early to run the Dam Trail Race put on by the Central Mass Striders.  I've done this race 3 years in a row now and won all 3 years.  Had the course record set last year in the 10.5 mile version of the course.  This year (which may be the last year of the race) the course was just ever so slightly different at 10.3 miles (some GPS' had 10.4).  I ran about 26 seconds faster this year than last.  It was horrendously hot and humid.  I don't remember racing in that much heat and rivaled even the most oppressive Yankee Homecoming years for me.  4 mile w/ up + strides + Race: Dam Trail Race - 1st OA - 1:04:05 + cooldown 3 miles.  Total for the day: 17

8-03 - Friday: 10 miles (roads). Solo. Easy does it.  Was planning on running 4 and 8 as a recovery but had to work through lunch and didn't get out until late.  Ran an easy out and back around the lake from my house (along 113 and 41).  Out 5 and back.  Humid.  [1:13:59]

8-02 - Thursday: am - 8 miles (roads). Solo.  Out and back on E. Madison Rd. to the house that Kevin almost bought and then back down.  Then up and back to the Cascades + a little add-on.  Soaked for a few min. in the Cascades.  Brutally hot (lunch run actually).  Sun was beating the whole time and I felt horrible on the roads.   [58:31]  pm - 11 miles (track workout).  3 miles w/up on rec. trails and track w/ Kevin Tilton at Kennett H.S. Track.  Then 5 continuous miles at marathon pace.  Just tried to bang 84s (approx) for 20 laps (obviously no rest).  Kevin and I alternated every 2 laps, taking the lead.  It was HOT on the track.  I setup water on a little table but we didn't take any.  The workout wasn't quite long enough.  Splits: 81/82/83/84 (5:31) 84/83/84/83 (5:36) 83/84/84/83 (5:36) 82/84/85/83 (5:36) 82/84/82/80 (5:30).  Idea was to run 5:37 pace (i.e. my PR marathon pace).  Mission basically accomplished.  My 5 mile time was 27:49.  This may not seem that special (i.e. it's basically a Joe Navas 'easy' 5 miler in the afternoon) but it's a good workout on a hot day, after running a lot of miles and races over the last week and a half (plus 8 miles at lunch).  Finished up the day w/ a 3 mile cooldown on the road going in and out of Kennett + a couple laps on the track.  Total for the day: 19

8-01 - Wednesday: am - 8 miles (roads). Solo.  Out and back on E. Madison Rd.  All the way up and down to the camp.  Hot with the sun beating down.  As I turned to run back up E. Madison Rd. there was a guy at the summer camp standing there and said 'have fun running back up that!'.  Love the local encouragement around here. [59:08].  Crawled on the way out, worked on the way back.  pm - 8 miles (roads).  With Kevin Tilton from ranger station on the Kanc.  Out and up past the Darby Field Inn and around and down to the station again on side roads.  Then some loops and running out in the fields behind the middle school and over the Kennett XC course.  Pretty sweet running in there.  Buggy.  [1:00:46].  Slightly over 8 miles.  Total for the day: 16

7-31 - Tuesday: am - 4 miles (roads). Solo.  Out and back on E. Madison Rd.  [30:44].  pm - 14 miles  as: 4m w/up before Yankee Homecoming race w/ Dan Vassallo (for most of it), then solo strides and other warming up.  Then race: Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler (results) - Newburyport, MA.  6th OA - 53:40.  Thought I was 7th.  Not sure if the results are wrong or not...  Not a 'bad' effort but was really hurting early and had a horrible last half of the race (even though I mowed people down most of the way).  I let one guy (Ian Nurse) pass me during the entire race and he got me at 7 miles and just stayed a little ahead of me the whole way.  Didn't really run fast (considering) but 'raced' ok, as I just kept passing people who went out too fast.  Could have been a lot worse.  I was kind of hoping for sub 53 like last year but even with the good weather, I just felt slow and tired.  I guess that will come w/ the territory of racing 3 races in 4 days after running 100+ miles for the week.  Again though, this is all stops on the way to the goal.  Despite catching up w/ the good mates (great to see Patrick Rich back in action) disappointed that we had only 4 racing team guys show up and we had to rely on a non-racing team member for our 5th guy (and believe me, I'm THRILLED that 56 year old Scott Lauer showed up and put 'CMS' as his team).  Without him, we wouldn't have gotten 2nd place at least. Still cashed in for some team money.  Would have liked to 3-peat for the team title but it wasn't happening.   No warm down as I had to screw over to my nephew's birthday part in N.Andover, MA for a bit before heading back up north 2 hours.  Didn't get home until 12:30am.  Total for the day: 18

7-30 - Monday: am - 4 miles (roads and trails). Solo.  Up through the Cascades from my backyard and continued on to Mooney Hill Rd. and down to 113.  Back to house, then up and back to the Cascades again.  [30:15].  pm - 6.4 miles (roads and dirt roads) with Kevin Tilton in Conway.  From school in Center Conway on Mill Rd.  Loop that Kevin drafted up.  Buggy dirt roads. [49:25]. Nice and easy today as a rest day before a potential go at Newburyport tomorrow.  Still a chance I may bail.  Will make up my mind tomorrow.  Just running regular miles and not having to sit for 5 hours in the car is looking more and more enticing to me...but I'll probably end up racing... Total for the day: 10.4


  1. About 1 mile was dirt roads and barely buggy. You're not a local yet.

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