Sunday, July 29, 2012

Training 07-23 - 07-29

Weekly Wrap Up: 110.4 miles for the week.  Highest week ever (to my knowledge).  Doubles every day except Monday, where I ran 20 and started the whole thing.  This week felt like a month.  Seriously.  Got a nice long run to start, and then THREE races and a track workout.  I had the summer series effort, which was probably 75% and then the nice solid track workout and a weekend race double, where I ran decent in both races, getting a win on Sunday.  Good week (even though I wasn't in the mountains or on the trails).  Yankee on Tuesday night will be a slight stretch. I'm hoping to keep up the volume but be smart on days like tomorrow, which are 'rest' days (even though I'll run).  Icing, stretching, hydration, sleep, and everything else I can think of, is going well.  As long as these are all in check, I will continue to build the hurtin' bombs...

7-29 - Sunday: am - 10.2 miles (roads).  4 miles (solo) warm up before 5k in York, Maine.  Ran the course + strides and staying loose before the race started (a few min. late).  Then race: 5k - York Days 5k.  1st OA.  15:40.  Then 5k course in reverse w/ John Gagnon.  pm - 4 miles (roads and grass).  My house, down 5 minutes to the baseball field and athletic fields in Madison. Ran around the grass fields very easy.  Nice shakeout run.  Absolutely dead quiet.  Beautiful early evening run (even though it was a little dreary weather-wise).  Felt like the only one on Earth down there.  Good time to reflect on how much I love it here and how much my quality of life has improved since moving up here [32:10].  Total for the day: 14.2

7-28 - Saturday: am - 12 miles (roads).  4 miles (3 w/ team + 1 mile w/ strides) w/up before Cranberry 5 Miler in Carver, MA (USATF-NE 5M Championship) [32:00].  Then 5M race (25:35 - 16th OA).  1 second faster than last year.  Splits: 4:53 / 5:08 / 5:10 / 5:15 / 5:08.  3M cooldown with CMS guys [23:00].... pm - 5 miles (roads) from my house. LATE run.  Didn't get back until 7:15pm or so to my house. Then headed out about 7:45 for a shakeout.  6 minutes from my house, running up E.Madison Rd. (in the rain) a medium size black bear walked right out in front of me (about 20 feet in front of me).  One of my closest encounters so far.  The rain made it so he couldn't hear me until we were right in front of each other.  We both stopped, it sat on it's hind legs w/ front legs in the air briefly and then turned and bolted back where it came from and back into the woods right off the road.  [39:13] Total for the day: 17

7-27 - Friday: am - 8 miles (roads). E.Madison road (out and back) from my house up to the house that Kevin still has the option to buy, then back + up to Cascades and then a 10 min. soak of the calves which are really tight.  Then back to the house.  [55:40].  pm - 4 miles (roads). Hodge-podge of running around near my house and trying not to climb any hills.  Not so easy to accomplish.  [30:10].  Recovery day.  Total for the day: 12

7-26 - Thursday: am - 6 miles (roads). E.Madison road (out and back) from my house up to the house that Kevin almost bought and then back down.  43:15. Nice and easy.   pm - 11 miles (track).  3 mile w/up w/ KT at Kennett HS Track [24:00] (1 mile on track and 2 miles around athletic fields) + 5 x 1Mile at 'half marathon pace' (which I consider 5:17s).  400 jog recovery (continuous) between each.  Splits: 5:12 / 5:15 / 5:16 / 5:15 / 5:16.  [35:34 for the 6 miles] Goal was to not blast these and stick to pace and feel good doing it. Mission accomplished.  Cardio and fitness is not an issue.  Calves have been tight just due to increased workload this week but I'll get used to it.  Hamstrings were firing on the 4th and 5th mile but stayed put enough for me to finish.  2 mile cooldown on the grass [15:50].  With the way my legs have been feeling, if I can run this pace for 5 miles this weekend I'll be happy.  It's all about long term goals at this point, w/ some stops along the way....Total for the day: 17

7-25 - Wednesday: am - 6 miles (roads). E.Madison road (out and back) from my house + up and back to the Cascades.  Again, same drill as yesterday.  Windy.  [39:25].  pm - 8 miles (roads). My house, up E. Madison road to the top, then down a ways to the house that Kevin 'almost bought'. Turn and head back.  Then down 113 to Danforth Ln. and back for 8 exactly.  About as 'flat' as I can make it around here and it was nowhere near flat.  E.Madison Rd. every day is going to make me strong. Real easy on this one [56:50].  Total on the day: 14

7-24 - Tuesday: am - 6 miles (roads). E.Madison road (out and back) from my house + up and back to the Cascades. Nice and easy.  [40:05].  pm - 10.2 miles (trails). Whitaker Woods Summer Series.  4 mile w/ up in Whitaker w/ Kevin Tilton and his disgusting poison ivy [31:30].  Then race: 5k Trail - Summer Series. 1st OA - 17:06. Ran w/ KT for about 2 miles and then opened up a slight lead on the last mile.  5k course cooldown in 21:13.
Total on the day: 16.2

7-23 - Monday: 20 miles (roads).  Lakes Loop - Madison/Freedom.  Solo.  My house, up E. Madison Rd (hilly for the first 5-6 miles) past Purity Lake and King Pine and down 153 into Freedom. Then Bennett St. out to Ossipee Lake Rd. and across all the way past Danforth Ponds, Ossipee Lake, and into Madison again on Rt. 41.  Then up 41 past Silver Lake (took a quick dip in Silver Lake as I passed the western town beach...jumped right in with shoes on, jumped out and kept going).  Very dry and warm. Was wishing it would start raining and stared up at the sky repeatedly for it to start but it never did.  Last 5-6 miles were pretty difficult with no water. Good start to the season. [2:13:30].


  1. Damn dude, nice work at Ascutney and you're cranking out the mileage. I think you came back from your winter injury very well.

  2. Thanks JC. Even though it was in the thick of the injury days, I miss that Mt. Shaw SS run we did! Believe it or not. We need to make an annual thing out of that. Seriously. We'll be 70 and frail and still running out from the Mickey D's parking lot on the Dions to slog up that b*tch! Hope to see you out there soon enough. Fall marathon plans?

  3. Hartford for me. Nice week of mileage! Keep it going!