Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Training 07-16 - 07-22

Weekly Total: 57.7 miles on 6 days.  Good start to the week then tailed off to help me wrap up the Mountain Series at Ascutney.  The 'summer' season for me is kind of over now.  It's time to push on to the fall and focus on the build up.  Good race at Ascutney and a 4 second PR.  I've been close, but this is the FIRST race all year that I ran faster in, than the previous year.   It's about time.  I'm feeling strong on the climbing lately but still feel flat on the roads and anything else that isn't straight up. I think my strength is good.  No clue on anything else.  Typically when I come down out of the mountains in mid/late July, I run OK on the roads for the rest of the summer. I hope that trend continues.  Ascutney write-up to follow.

7-22 - Sunday: 12 miles (roads, mountain roads, some trails). 3+ mile w/ up on the roads + strides and staying loose before Ascutney Mountain Race in Windsor, VT.  Then race: Ascutney Mountain Race (1st OA - 30:04) - 3.7 miles of ascent-only.  Cooldown was a run up to the actual summit (from the race finish at the top parking lot) on the trail to the observation deck (.7 miles). Then the same on the way down + 3.7 miles down the auto road to the base.  Ran relatively hard on the way down w/ some good company.

7-21 - Saturday: Off.  Destroying my week, but decided to bag today.  I had guests early in the day (yes, I know it's no excuse) and then I had a 3 hour drive to Vermont to camp out before Ascutney Mountain Race. I was planning on doing a light run when I got out there but I met DD and Tim Mahoney down the street from the campsite as I was stopping at the store and they were on their way to dinner.  I decided to go with them and bag my run. I figured a good dinner was better for the race the next day than 5 buggy, hot miles around the camp ground.

7-20 - Friday: 5.5 miles (roads).  Late day run around local roads here in Madison. No one around.  Hot. Very dry.  Explored a couple of hilly neighborhoods down off of 113.  Buggy.  Tailing off a bit before ramping up on Monday for a push to the fall schedule.  Ascutney this weekend and want to be fresh. Right now, not feeling tip top.

7-19 - Thursday: 9.7 miles (trails, mountain).  Redlining up Red Ridge Trail (from Diana's Baths up to Moat Mountain Trail) + out and back on the Red Ridge Link (which is a very serious, but runable climb up near White Horse Ledge).  7.5 of this was new redlining and 2.2 was overlap (but that will be more common the deeper I get into it).  Good solid after work run. I LOVE the summertime up here.  You can climb a mountain and go on a 2 hour run after work, get an ice cream, and still get home before dark.  [1:53:53 total]

7-18 - Wednesday: 10.5 miles (roads, dirt road).  From my house...counter-clockwise lake bang with KT.  Stomach was destroyed for some reason. Had to stop 3 times to evacuate.  Bugs were horrendous on Lead Mine Rd.  Kevin didn't even notice.  I couldn't stand it. [1:11:46].

7-17 - Tuesday: 10 miles at Whitaker Woods.  Summer Series 5k with the Milers.  Extended warmup over the course and then another couple miles + strides.  Then race: 5k (trail).  16:45 - 1st OA. My 6th straight win (the series is best 6 of 9).  This was the second time I ran hard (from the beginning) in 6 weeks of doing this race.  Tim Livingston ran another solid race for 2nd in about the same time he runs every week.  Kevin was third I believe.  I went out through the first flat mile in 5:13 and then rolled up the second hilly mile at lackluster pace and barely hung on after that.  The heat was oppressive to say the least and my third mile was brutal.  There was no escaping the humidity and 90 degree temps even in the shade of Whitaker Woods.  The rain held off until we were doing the cooldown (2 miles).   I think with a cooler day I could have probably gotten the record but tonight was definitely the warmest race of the series so far so I can't complain that I was about 10-15 seconds from KT's record run on this course.

7-16 - Monday: 10 miles in Lower Nanamocomuck Ski Trails - Albany, NH. With Kevin Tilton. Out and back 5 miles (according to Kevin's Garmin).  If anything, it was long because we were under canopy the entire time.  Worked hard on the way back to try to crack 80 minutes!  Good solid trail run.  Warm. Hopped in the Swift River afterwards. Water level is pretty low. I hope we get some rain this week! [1:19:57].

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