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Training 07-09 - 07-15

Weekly Wrap Up:  60.6 miles of running, 23.2 miles of biking (which I stink at). Nothing is bothering me now and I'm just enjoying running again.  I can't believe I have the opportunity to run in the places I do now, on a daily basis.  I've been busy peak bagging and redlining, which is making the day-to-day even more interesting. My time-on-feet has been pretty good though, and running up in the mountains, it's not always about miles as it is about how LONG you are out there getting in the work.  Sure, just like the next guy, I can go out on some flat roads and bang sub 7s (boring) for 10 miles and have an hour or so of a workout per day.  I'd much rather slog up 10 mountain miles in over 2 hours and get twice the workout in time-wise.  My pace per mile is now officially a joke when matched up against most other people who don't live in the mountains...but I'm hoping a couple of track workouts here and there can give the speed I need for some road stuff.  The strength is coming along just fine.

07-15 - Sunday: 7 miles (trails, mountains).  Solo run-up the Wildcat Ridge Trail to the summits of Wildcat E and D in Bean's Purchase, NH.  This trail is not suitable for running at all.  It is way too steep.  Mostly power hiking so I could try to get some sort of workout in.  I kept tripping repeatedly over things I normally have no problems with, so I knew my legs were toast from yesterday.  I struggled mightily to the summit of D and called it quits.  I took the ski slopes down rather than continue on to C, B, and A peaks (A being another 4000'er) and then turn around.  That would have been around 10 miles.  I settled for 2 really hard miles up and then about 5 easier miles down and on the road.  1:14:49 total time.  Really hot out and the last road section on Rt. 16 was a bruiser.  I was crawling.  Jumped in the Swift river off the Kanc on the way back.

Photo Set here

07-14 - Saturday: 10.1 miles (trails, mountains).  Solo run-up from Crawford Notch / AMC Highland Center.  Up Avalon Trail to A-Z trail to Mt. Tom Spur, back down to Willey Range Trail up and over Mt. Field and then Mt. Willey.  Then turned around, went down and back up Mt. Field to Avalon Tr. (section I didn't come up) and down to Mt. Avalon and down to Avalon Trail again and back out.  Three 4000'ers I didn't have before (#s 26,27, and 28).  Also bagged lower Avalon as well on the way back down. Good redlining session over about 10.1 miles.  Very hot out and had to lay down in a shallow section of a brook near the end to cool off as I was overheating pretty bad.  Lots of traffic on the way up as I was coming down (even though I got a late start).  Photo Set here
PM - 11.6 miles Road Bike - house over to Madison town beach, took a dip, then ripped home.

07-13 - Friday: 8 miles (roads, dirt roads, single track, snowmobile trails).  A little bit of everything as Kevin and I took off from my house and hit the Ward Parcel for a loop and then hopped on what looks like snowmobile or ATV trails.  I've noticed some obvious snowmobile trails in town that aren't listed as official SOS Club trails and these may have been some of them.  We did some exploring in there to get out of the ridiculous heat of the midday sun (90+ degrees).  We then hopped out and did a portion of the Wellinghurst 5k course that will be run in a few weeks here in Madison. [58:10]

07-12 - Thursday: 9 miles (trails/mountain).  Ridiculous decision to run one of the worst kept sections of trails (for a summer run at least) that I've seen so far.  Kevin and I are working on redlining all the AMC WMNF trails and today he dropped by to figure out what we could do for a run today in lieu of a track workout because it was really hot out this afternoon.  I jokingly said 'lets go redline' again and then said that we should pick some place near water so we can take the usual dip in a river or stream afterwards.  Well, I picked out a 'loop' of sorts starting up towards Pinkham Notch in the shadow of Mt. Washington. A 9 or so mile loop up Hutsmen's Trail (which is the trailhead that looks like its a grass path up through someone's side yard right off of 16 in Jackson.  In fact, that's exactly what it starts out to be.  Then it got RIDICULOUSLY steep.  I'm talking Walking-Boss type stuff.  And it was straight up.  Needless to say, after getting a little confused early in the run as to where the trail actually went, that was a kick in the pants.  The bugs were also horrendous.  That 3.1 mile section hooks up and overlaps some ski trails from Dana Place.   It then connects to Carter Notch Road and follows that a ways before hooking into the Halls' Ledge trail after quite a bit of insanely grown-in xc ski trails.  We were running in chest-high grass and ferns and other growth for a majority of the run. I had to pluck a tick off me early, and knew it was going to be rough.  Couple all this with feeling like death for some reason (probably a lack of food in my system and the heat) and it was a tough run for me.  The last part of the Hall's Ledge trail is VERY steep and really rough footing-wise.  I was glad to see the bottom, which comes out right at the Ellis River bridge past Dana Place.  It is completely hidden and both trails have next to zero parking and are really showing signs that no one goes there.  I jokingly said that we were probably the 14th and 15th people to actually have ran or hiked those trails (aside from the 13 people who have redlined everything).  I can honestly say I will NEVER be in there again now that I've done that section.  One and done.  Still great to be out in the mountains and have the ability to just go after work and bag different miles of trails every day.  [1:24:06].  We hung out in the crystal clear, cold water of the Ellis river for a while before heading back down to 'civilization'.

07-11 - Wednesday: 11.6 miles Road Bike in the a.m. - with Rich Miller from my house.  Over to the town beach for a nice relaxing ride (my first road ride since moving here, which is pathetic considering the riding around here is AWESOME and I just got off a 4 week vacation and did zero biking!).
8.5 miles (mountain/trails) in the p.m. with Kevin Tilton up Mt. Chocorua.  Up Hammond Trail from Scott Rd. off of 16 in Tamworth/Albany.  Up past Liberty Cabin and to the summit in 57:17.  Back down we missed a turn early and headed down the Brook Trail by accident for a few minutes before turning around.  Total run: 1:52:31.  Redlined between 4.1 and 4.3 miles of new trail in the process...I absolutely love running up here....not sure how I managed to not go completely insane with my running before moving up to God's country....I guess if I made the move in reverse, I'd give up running all together.

Full photos from today's run-up here.

07-10 - Tuesday: 8 miles (trails).  2+ mile w/ up over Whittaker course in Intervale w/ Peter Haine and Roger Marcoux + strides.  Then race: Inov-8 Summer Trail Series (week 5) - 1st OA (barely) 17:32 or so.  Ran with Tim Livingston (as I have done in the past).  Just ran side by side w/ him and thought we'd finish together (as I was just tempoing the run) but he decided to try to sneak in front of me with 50 yards to go and I had to out sprint him (which I wasn't going to do) to get the W.  Last week, I had to do this, but held up just at the line so we could get the same time.  This week, he left me no option :).   Cooldown with Downtown Darin Brown and Kevin Tilton over the 2 mile loop in Whitaker.

I am 5-0 at the trail series now with 4 races to go (it's best 6 times).  Great series and great way to get a nice tempo in on a very nice course on a weekly basis.  Really looking forward to doing this for years to come.

7-09 - Monday: 10 miles (forest roads) with Kevin Tilton and Joe Shairs in Bartlett, NH.  Started at the top of Town Hall Rd / Slippery Brook Rd. in Bartlett and ran up and bagged some of the Slippery Brook Trail before turning at 5 miles and heading back down.  Almost all uphill on the way out and down on the way back. [1:13:17].

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