Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Training 06-04 - 06-10

6-06 - Wednesday: 9.2 miles (roads) - solo run from my house.  Down 113 and up High St. to Washington Hill Rd. and back to 113 and back down to the house.  Very hill loop.  Felt horrendous.  Something is really wrong.  I'm not sure what the hell is up but my stomach is still messed up and I feel really weak when running.  Other than that, I am not sick.  Once I start running and exerting myself, I start to feel really run down and weak quickly and my stomach starts to rumble and I have to keep looking for the woods. I then get cramping in the middle of my stomach/chest and a side stitch as well... It's like I just started running again or something.  What the freak. [1:05:03].

6-05 - Tuesday: 9 miles (mountain/trails) - redlining in Bartlett, NH w/ Kevin Tilton.  From Cobb Rd.  Hopped on Langdon Trail, up the spur to Cave Mtn. then back down, up to the Mt. Langdon Shelter then Mt. Langdon summit and along the Mt. Stanton Trail (across the Crippies) to Mt. Pickering and then Mt. Stanton and back down to Covered Bridge Ln trailhead.  We spotted Kevin's car at one end and did an end-to-end.  I felt like garbage early.  Really didn't feel good at all during the first few miles.  Felt slightly better later although it was slow going because there was a LOT of climbing.  [2:01:47] total time. Brutal afterwork run. I didn't think this one through before planning it out.  Photos here.

6-04 - Monday: 0ff. After getting sick, need time off to rest and try to feel better. Kevin told me to take a day off so I did.