Thursday, May 31, 2012

Training 05-28 - 06-03

Weekly Wrap Up: 56.9 miles for the week and sick as a dog since Tuesday.  This week has been hell.  My worst week health-wise in a long time.  I have been so ill with a stomach bug but still was able to get runs in.  The night time has been the worst.  Up constantly with trips to the bathroom, really dehydrated, a lot of fatigue and muscle pain, bad headaches, chills, a fever, etc.  I would rebound a bit by the afternoon it seemed, but it would get worse towards the end of the day and I missed a lot of meals because I just couldn't stomach anything substantial.  Running and racing suffered dearly.  Once again, I went to a race I shouldn't have gone to, just to continue a series or to not miss something I had penciled in the schedule, which has got to stop.  I have to make hard decisions when I'm hurt or sick, etc.  I can't continue to just waste entire days, money, etc. and make things worse by trying to race when I'm not able.  I need to take things easy this week and see where running goes.  If I feel better in the next couple days, I'll try to get back on track. If I continue to have these health issues, I need to see a Dr.  I think it's just a stomach flu and if so, it's been a week so I should hopefully be in the clear soon.

6-03 - Sunday: 12.5 miles (roads/mountain) - warmup + Pack Mondadnock 10 Miler in Wilton, NH.  Kevin Tilton decided to go to the race so he was going to drive and I made plans for him to pick me up.  I got horrible sleep with my frequent trips to the bathroom and felt no better in the morning. Drove down, warmed up, and by the time the gun went off, I was out of it.  Way behind by the first hill, out of contention by the mile, in 7th place by 2 miles, in 10th place by 6 miles.  Held off the last attempt by the next runner (Brian Ruhm) who essentially caught me at the base of the mountain with 1.5 to go.  I just went through the motions and finished to make sure I still stay in Mountain Goat status so I can assure my entry into Mt. Washington next year without question.  That was basically the only reason I went to, and finished this race.  My body was shutdown by 3 miles.  I was almost walking a few times on the uphills and I threw up in my mouth and spit it out twice during the race, which has never happened to me.  When I finished the race, my stomach (in the actual center of my stomach/chest) hurt so bad I puked twice at the top, off to the side.  The only time that has ever happened to me that I can remember, after a race.  It wasn't because I ran hard.  It was due to the fact that I've been fighting some sort of stomach flu or bug all damn week and running a 10 mile mountain race was a dumb idea.  It didn't make things any better.  All the way home, I barely could keep my eyes open.  I felt so run down and sick.  Thankfully Kevin drove.  Not sure I would have been able to make it home.  Race time was [1:08 high].  6+ minutes slower than the time I won this race with last year.  Just my bad luck with this week, or God just really hates me and is punishing me badly this year for something.  Can't quite figure it out.

6-02 - Saturday: 6 miles (approx.)(ridiculously wet trails/xc ski trails). Very wet, grown-in run up in Jackson, NH w/ Kevin Tilton and Peter Haine.  Felt horrible.  Stomach was killing me.  It was raining and cold and wet and the trails were really grown in and I just wasn't feeling good, which made for a bad run.  Had all I could do to hold off from really wrecking the woods at the end and waited until I got home.  I got horrendous sleep on Thursday/Friday.  Fever, chills, bad headaches, muscle aches, and my stomach has been wrecked.  I've barely eaten all week and I definitely know I'm dehydrated.  Sunday race may be out or game-time decision.

6-01 - Friday: 8.4 miles (forest road/trails).  Chatham, NH.  Province Pond loop up to shelter from the road and back with Kevin.  Stomach bothering me bad.  Had to stop a couple times.  Definitely have a stomach bug or something going on.  Got really bad at the end and had to hit the woods again when we finished. [1:02:18].

5-31 - Thursday: 10.5 miles (roads). Again with the reverse lake bang.  Felt like immediate death.  It was the roughest run in some time. I never felt good and wanted to stop the entire time but forced myself to keep going.  Everything was bothering me.  My shoulder was cramping, I had a side stitch, my stomach is awful, my feet hurt, I had a headache, etc.  You name it. By the time I got to the beach, I was halfway and then I had no choice....the funny thing is that I looked at my watch about 3 minutes from home and saw that I was running about the same time as yesterday. I was convinced I was deep in the 7's but I was still clipping along even though I was feeling horrible.  I kicked in the last 3 minutes by finished slightly over yesterday's time with a [1:09:20].  Another hot day but had a good breeze for a while before a massive headwind on Rt. 41.  I ran in that for a while before hopping on 113 where I didn't notice anything at all (so it was probably a tailwind).  Hope I feel better by this weekend.

5-30 - Wednesday: 10.5 miles (roads).  Reverse lake bang. Madison, NH.  Solo.  Nice and easy to start. Steady by the end. Hot out.  Felt kind of crappy this morning and stomach was bothering me before and after the run but during I was OK.  [1:08:57].

5-29 - Tuesday: 1 mile (trails).  Yes, 1 mile.  It took me over 2 hours from door to door, but we ran 1 mile (it may have been a bit longer).  With KT, up to Glen to run some dirt road/trails but it was right in the middle of a monsoon and we almost got stranded up there before we even got out of the car.  We had the headlights on at 5:30pm in late May and could barely see.  It was thunder and lightning like I hadn't seen in a while.  We decided to bag it and head down to Whitaker Woods to run some laps in the trails but it was no better down there.  We ran 1 soggy, slow, loop in a driving rain and constant lightning and then decided to call it a day before someone got killed.  On the way back through town, everything was blacked out. Wanted to stop in at Walmart to get some more fishin' line but they were blacked out. All the employees were standing in the front of the store waving people away.  This was probably good for me.  It was an active last week or so for me. Needed a down day.

5-28 - Monday: 10 miles (road and trails).  Green's Grant, Pinkham's Grant, Thompson and Meserves Purchase, Sargents Purchase, NH.  Auto road run-up w/ Kevin Tilton, Nathaniel Jenkins, and Melissa Donais. 2+ mile w/up around the Great Glen trail system at the base + some posing for Roger's copter, then it was up the rock pile from starting line to finishing line.  We started at about 11:45am or so.  I led up the first mile and then by 2 or slightly after, Nate and Kevin overtook me and just steadily pulled away.  I ended up running most of it myself.   They ran 1:08:02 or something like that.  I ran 1:10:56.   I can't really judge how I felt on this run.  I know I almost puked at the very end. It was really strange. I pushed up the last hill pretty hard to try to salvage a sub 1:11. I keeled over and almost puked. I never really felt like I was in bad trouble, but I didn't feel that great either.  My splits on the late miles were awful.  I ran the exact same time as Kevin on the last .6 but miles 5,6,7 were dreadful. I was over 10 minutes on 5 and 6.  I wasn't over 10 on any mile last year in my pre-race run up.  I still managed to run faster than last May's run-up by close to a minute.  I made up all the time on the first 4 miles basically.

Here are all my splits (bold-green = fastest split or overall time split) from all 6 times run up the road (so far)...

2008 Race2009 Race2010 Race2011 Training Run2011 Race2012
Training Run
Half32:5833:0132:29??? 32:19 ???

Thank God Jess was able to drive us all down.  It saved my legs for the rest of the week.  As much as I love running down, I'll save it for after the race....


  1. Fastest training run up the mtn. Looks like you're ready to pr to me!

  2. 2Js:

    Given the nature of the trails you're running and familiar sounding symptoms, I'd get checked for Lyme if this plague doesn't pass soon.

    Like you I live in a Lyme tick hotbed and half my trail running, mountain biking buddies have had it. The flu like early symptoms are classic.

    Cheering from a distance for you and Tilton...

    Greg Hexum

  3. Thanks Hammett. I really got derailed after Monday...still feeling it. Hopefully I'll be past it soon. I'd like to try to salvage another OK run on 'the hill'.

    Hex, thanks for the info and thanks for checkin' out the blog. I appreciate it man. I was thinking Lyme but I have no visible tick signs anywhere so I hopefully don't have that. But I keep thinking it's similar to what I'm going through. Are you running Mt. Wash? Kevin told me you mentioned it at snowshoe worlds back this winter. You still coming over for it?

    Thanks again man...I appreciate it.