Monday, May 21, 2012

Training 05-21 - 05-27

Weekly Wrap Up: 67.2 miles total with 2 very easy short days, one long run, and 2 races (back to back days).  A good solid week without doing too much too early.  I am very pleased w/ the racing this week and consider this a huge step in the right direction, with Redhook being the potential solid indication that I'm close to being back to where I should be.  Looking towards Pack this coming weekend, Market Square next weekend, then a sabbatical where I can start to focus on some redlining/peak bagging and oh yeah, races like Mt. Washington, Cranmore, and Loon.

05-27 - Sunday: 10 miles (roads) -5k w/up + additional strides and running around the start + race: 5k - Redhook Brewery 5k (results) - Portsmouth, NH - 2nd OA (15:37) + Cooldown over course (mostly w/ Mark Gibson (WHIRL).  Race report coming...

05-26 - Saturday: 11 miles (roads/trails/mountain) - 3+ mile w/up (including strides and staying loose before the race) w/ CMS/ARE contingent over roads in Westminster/Princeton, MA.  Then race: Wachusett Mountain Race (4.7 miles) (results) - 3rd OA (29:10) + Cooldown w/ similar but smaller crew and Brandon over roads at the base of Wachusett.  Race report coming...

05-25 - Friday: 6.2 miles (dirt road/forest rd./jeep rd./single track/bushwhack) - Albany, NH. Bumped into a kid I used to know (Kevin Tiilton). We ran from Albany town hall up into WMNF and surrounding area on some jeep roads and unmarked trails.  We basically just wandered and found some pretty sweet areas that even Kevin hadn't been through.  It was pretty wet and flooded in a couple of spots...other areas it was just too grown in and we had to turn back.  We saw a gigantic owl flying around in there which was cool.  It was a good rest day between a 20 mile road effort and a couple of races this weekend.  A nice Auto Road run-up is also planned for Monday morning. Building a nice solid group. Let me know if you want in.  [57:59]. Also, I think Kevin's Garmin is busted.

05-24 - Thursday: 20 miles (roads) - Madison, Freedom, NH (missed Eaton, Ossipee, and Tamworth by literally all less than 200 yards combined...should have planned it better and I could have hit 5 towns).  My house, down 113 (hilly as hell) to 153 at King Pine.  South on 153 into Freedom and then down to Bennett Rd. across to Ossipee Lake Rd. and took Ossipee Lake Rd. all the way over to Cross Rd. and up to Rt. 41 and back into Madison up to 113.  Then up 113 back to my house.  Hot out in the sun but ok in the shade and had a nice little breeze by the water as I passed along Silver Lake.  At around 7 or 8 miles, some of my migraine headache came and went.  It hurt for a bit and then subsided.  As I write this, I'm getting it again.  At around 15 miles I started to feel not having water and started to get dehydrated.  By 18 I was hurting bad.  Just hitting the wall with no water and being out in the sun.  I shuffled back up over the last 2 miles.  The first half of the run is way hillier than the second half but I felt way better early so fortunately I got the hills out of the way. [2:13:45]

05-23 - Wednesday: 4.5 miles (trails/xc ski trails) with Paul Kirsch in Madison over at King Pine.  Paul brought his pups.  Nice easy run early (5:45am).  Was going to get another run in later in the day but after work, Kris and I took a walk into Diana's Baths and then on the way home I started to get bad headaches.  By the time I was home, it was a full blown migraine.  I had to lay down and didn't end up getting back out for another run.  Good thing I at least got something in in the morning.  [33:46]

05-22 - Tuesday: 4.5 miles (trails/mountain/xc ski trails) solo. Madison - King Pine. Ran up to the summit from the main ski area, then down the back side near Milts Place.  Then across the street for a couple of loops in the nordic ski trails.  Felt a little run down and decided to just take a short day. [32:13].

05-21 - Monday: 11 miles (roads) - Madison, Freedom, NH.  From my house... up E. Madison Rd. in it's entirety, then added on down 153 into Freedom and past the horse farm.  Out in 40:00 back in 37:55.  East Madison road is HILLY.  Took it very easy and only worked a little bit on the way back because there was so much downhill...just wanted to get the pounding over with.  Felt decent despite racing yesterday.  Good old fashioned road run on a nice country road in the best town in the valley ;).  ...oh yeah and Freedom too.


  1. yeah, i'm always good w/ a sub 16...especially now in my old/injured age :)... Your training and racing is going awesome!