Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Training 05-07 - 05-13

Weekly Wrap Up: 65.2 miles with a couple of short rest days and a decent race (considering how things have been going over the past 7 months).  Just need to keep working on getting my fitness back and having my body cooperate.  The back is getting better.  Progress is being made.

5-13 - Sunday: 10.7 miles (trails). 2.5 mile w/up with large group including Kevin Tilton, Paul Kirsch, Dave Dunham, Michael Quintal, Tim Mahoney, and others.  Ran the last part of the course in reverse.  Then some additional strides and staying loose before the race... then Race: Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race (results) - 3rd OA - 41:08.  Got my arse handed to me by Joshua Ferenc, who is looking to devour more souls at VCM at the end of the month.  Tilton also got me by quite a bit, even though he was going on zero sleep.  Race write up (believe it or not) will be coming (I think).  Cool down  w/ that kid Ferenc and Todd Ross Krause (who I just was able to nip over the last couple miles) of about 2 miles (maybe a bit more).  Then it was back in the car for a 4 hour ride over to my parents for mothers day.  

5-12 - Saturday: 11.7 miles (trails, mountains) in two runs.  Woke up and was supposed to meet Paul and Kevin in Conway for a run up Rattlesnake and the rest of those idiotically steep peaks behind Walmart but decided to bag it after starting to get ready and realizing I had a massive headache and stomach weirdness that almost seemed like I was hungover (except the fact I consumed no such alcohol the night before). Went back to sleep for a couple hours and woke up feeling better.  Packed the car (got a jump from my neighbor because I left the doors open for an hour or so while I was packing and the battery died) and headed over to White Ledge in Albany, NH for a redlining loop. It is (I believe) the closest WMNF trails to my house (8 miles up the rd.).  Started at the White Ledge camp ground area and headed up the White Ledge trail, but cut across counter-clockwise, went down the short trail section that goes down to Rt 16 (looked like an old access rd.) and then doubled back up and started the climb up and around to the backside of the ledge, then up.  The climb was pretty challenging but not terribly long.  It was pretty hot out, but I did carry a handheld so I had water.  I got to the top and there were a few people up there enjoying the view.  I took a few shots from both viewpoints on the summit before heading down the other side and continuing to do the loop back down to the car. Total was 5.5 miles including the added trip down the quasi-abandoned section to 16. [52:40].

Then I headed 3+ hours up to Huntington, VT to Sleepy Hollow for the mountain race on Sunday. I camped overnight on Saturday (with a bunch of other diehard mountain goat hopefuls) in the parking lot of the race.  I slept in the back of the shortbus. It's pretty roomy and the weather was just right for a nice comfortable rest. Before I did camp out for the night, I ran over the course (plus a little extra because I didn't quite know where the finish was).  It was muddy and wet, but it would only get worse after raining that night.  I ran over the course in 55:23 (6.2 miles-ish).  

5-11 - Friday: 4 miles (trails). Madison, NH - from my house, up to Cascades and then up around some of the trails and dirt roads past the edge of the town property. Mowed my yard for the first time (which in itself was very rewarding) and then didn't have too much time to get out and do anything substantial.  It was a really nice afternoon. [26:51].

5-10 - Thursday: 11.7 miles
(dirt roads, snowmobile trails) - Tamworth, Albany, NH.  With Kevin Tilton from Lake Chocorua parking lot.  Got a little bit of redlining in north of Hemenway State Forest.  Good solid run on slow, sloppy conditions in the OVSC snowmobile trails. [1:31:16].  Took a 10 minute soak in the lake afterwards to ice the legs.

Below: James Pond in Tamworth

5-09 - Wednesday:
5 miles (trails, mountain) - Madison, NH.  Easy rest day to try to let the back heal up.  Wednesdays are the busiest days for me right now work-wise and I have a late meeting so I need to go late in the day/early evening.  Headed down to King Pine for an easy, short trip up to the lookout tower, Purity Springs Cabin, and Bald Ledge (1183 ft).  It was wet and drizzling so the rocks on the way up and down were super slick.  Almost bit it multiple times but made it up to Bald Ledge and a little further before turning around and heading back down and then doing some of the nordic trails at the base for a bit before heading back to the car.  [39:46].

Below:  Sat here for a bit and stared out over...

 ...this view for a while...

 Below... some stubborn snow still clinging to the ground at King Pine...

5-08 - Tuesday:
12.1 miles (roads, dirt roads) - Madison, Conway, Eaton, NH with Kevin.  Insanely hilly 12 mile road run (with 1524 ft of elevation gain) from my house with some of the best road climbing you can get this side of the auto road.  Yesterday's climb up North Moat was pretty brutal, but mile marker 8 to 9 on this run was 9 minutes, and it was a ROAD...and I was all out!  I almost walked.  Kevin killed it up the climb and was far ahead by the top. Halfway up, there is a sign warning drivers to use a low gear.  It really did make me think about Mt. Washington for real.  I killed it on the way back down Pound Rd., which is steadily downhill for over a mile. To get under 7 minute pace on this run (especially with a 9 minute mile thrown in there) is pretty good.  It was a solid long effort on a horrible day weather-wise.  [1:24:07] (Kevin's Data)

5-07 - Monday: 10 miles (trails, mountains) - Conway, Bartlett, Albany, NH with Kevin Tilton.  North to South Moat traverse from Diana's Bath to Passaconaway Rd.  Brutal climb up North Moat. Great workout but wow that was steep and long. Great views of the valley from the top of North Moat, along Red Ridge, and South Moat. Back still really stiff and sore during the later parts of the climb.. Over 2 hours for 10 miles. Couldn't be done much faster. [2:06:15].

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