Monday, May 14, 2012

Training 05-14- 05-20

Weekly Wrap Up: 75.1 miles for the week with one good race. Don't call it a comeback (seriously).  I loved this week of running.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  Enjoying myself just about every day.  Running was never a hassle this week.  Great trails runs, some redlining and a 4000'er crossed off the list, 2 moose sightings, and one good race to build back some confidence.  I couldn't have asked for more from this week.  This coming weekend is my normal double-header: Wachusett and Redhook.  Things still hurt, but I'm learning to just suck it up and run through it.

5-20 - Sunday: 10 miles (roads) - Fryeberg, ME.  5k course as a warmup and then strides and jogging for a while before the start.  Then race: Fryeberg 5k (results) - 1st OA - 15:42.  (4:53 / 5:16 / 5:01 / :31).  3 mile cooldown after on part of the course and then some roads in Fryeberg.  Was going to do a close to 4 hour drive down to Soapstone but had a change of heart late Sat. night.  I need to work on some speed and with Redhook and some other races coming up, I would get more out of a 5k at this point.  Soapstone is fun, but it's too far for me this weekend (especially after last weekend).  Instead, I stayed local and raced over in Fryeberg (2 towns / 15 minutes away). I found out about the race, which supports Fryeberg Academy XC/Track, from Don Fredrickson last night.  I looked it up and there was $100 for first place and the race was too close to pass up.  It was mostly all on the new Mountain Division Rail Trail.  The course started on the road, went up about .2 of a mile, then hooked onto one direction of the trail for an out and back, straight shot.  It was one of those runs where you have to turn around a cone and come back at traffic.  Then, you get back to where you got onto the trail, but stay straight (which is the 1 mile mark) and then it's exactly 1 mile out and back again (around another cone) on the other side of the rail trail.  Then, once back at the crossing, you hop back on the road for the last .1 to the finish.  The course was wheel measured out by the XC coaches and nicely marked.  The first mile was pretty flat, slightly up on the way out and slightly down on the way back...but the best thing about the first mile was that there was a little bit of shade (very little bit).  Once you go through the mile, the rest of the course was running directly under brutal sun and heat.  Warming up, I knew I was in for a bruiser.  I ditched the shirt and boy was that a good idea.

A pack of 6 or 7 high school xc/track guys sprinted out for the first 200 yards or so and I stayed put for a little bit before making my way past and getting to the trail first.  Then it was smooth sailing up to the first cone turnaround.  A lead biker was in front the whole way.  I turned and had a big lead already, coming back.  I was hammering and feeling the effects just before going through the first mile in around 4:52/4:53.  Then, the second mile is out in zero shade and has 2 very long, gradual climbs that didn't seem bad on the warmup, but they were a bruiser during the race.  I slowed considerably on the way up to the second turnaround, at the Maine Welcome Center on 302.  I hit the 2 mile in 10:09 and was struggling a little to stay comfortable and controlled.  I was overheating pretty good but kept up the good pace on the way back, which has ups, but slightly less than the way out.  I hit 3 miles (splitting 3 at 5:01) in 15:11 and knew I was going to crack 16.  Up until 3 miles, I didn't know if I would, simply because of the heat.  I knew the course was fast (the pavement is brand new) but the weather was not making for a fast day.  I finished in 15:42 (5:04 pace).  Don was 2nd in 19:11.

I was very pleased w/ the race despite the weather and it was the confidence booster I need, going into the summer racing season.  Just to have been able to run a 4:53 opening mile made me feel like I will be ok when I get my training back under control.  It's also not bad considering I ran for almost 3 hours yesterday.

Cooled down over a bit of the course and some roads, just trying to stay out of the sun, but there really was nowhere to go other than the roads.

5-19 - Saturday: 14.6 miles (mountain/single track/rock hop/stream/river crossing) - Mt. Isolation peak bag session (solo) from Rocky Branch Trail > Isolation Trail off of Rt. 16.  Saw 2 moose right before the trailhead.  Only one car in the parking lot as I started at about 6:30am or so.  Caught the 2 guys who were hiking up, about 18 minutes in.  Most of the climbing was in the first couple miles.  Then it's very easy ridges and ups and downs until near the summit.  The conditions of the trail were pretty bad.  VERY wet almost the entire way. Lots of standing water, mud, running streams that were basically the trail, and rocks and roots galore.  The run was basically a rock-hopping session.  The weather was phenomenal and there was zero wind even on the summit.

In the last .8 or so before the summit spur, there was a small patch of stubborn snow still hanging on in a shaded spot.  I hit the summit in 1:32, which for the conditions, was pretty good.  I was guessing 1:30 or so, so I was pretty close. I took some photos/video of the summit and of Mt. Washington staring me right in the face, and then I headed back down, substantially faster than the way up.  I wrecked about a mile from the cars and was very fortunate not to have severely hurt myself.  My wrist bent all the way back as I broke my fall against some rotting logs (which blew apart as I crash landed over a bunch of big rocks).  I cracked my thumbnail and cut it pretty good underneath. I did bang my knee, but it wasn't bad.  I dusted myself off, thanked God it wasn't worse, and continued back down, though more cautiously.  I passed a ranger on the way up, not too far from the trailhead and talked w/ her for a couple minutes and then got back down in a total time of:  2:50:37.

Full photo set of Mt. Isolation here.

5-18 - Friday: 9.4 miles (road/dirt road/single track/bushwhack) - Whitton Pond loop in Albany, Madison, NH w/ Kevin Tilton. One of my favorite spots for sure.  Early morning run mixed it up a little as we headed around an unknown and virtually private/inaccessible pond/lake and ledge in Albany and Madison.  This is a perfect example of why running w/ Kevin has been so great...not only to try to get me back in shape, but to also explore and find out about things like this...hidden gems right down the street.

All photos from Whitton Pond/Ledge run here.

5-17 - Thursday: 10 miles (single track, logging road, paved road, dirt road) - first 8 and change w/ Kevin Tilton from Potter Rd. in Eaton.  Started out on the trail/logging road over to Snowville and then up around a nice big loop back to Potter on paved and dirt roads.  A little hilly, but then again everything is here.  Then I shot back home and hopped up to the Cascades again, went a little further along the edge of the brook and then back down.  [1:12:02].

5-16 - Wednesday: 10 miles (roads, trails) - two runs.  7.5 miles at lunch on the roads.  Hilly out and back up to Chocorua/Tamworth (Washington Hill Rd.) and back (on 113). Solo. Ran steady despite the heat.  Felt pretty spent on the way out but felt better on the way back (more downhill).  [47:44].   Then later after work, easy 2.5 mile trail jaunt up to the Cascades from my backdoor. Found a short trail on the other side of the river which I hadn't noticed... It goes around the perimeter of the town property. Explored a bit then soaked the legs for a few minutes before running back down to the house. Awesome afternoon. [18:40]

5-15 - Tuesday: 9 miles (trails, forest roads) - Albany, Conway, Hale's Location NH. With KT from off High St.  Raining and dreary the whole time but solid run on some sweet single track and some good old forest roads in the WMNF.  [1:08:55]  The only animal we saw out there was Mark Olson.

5-14 - Monday: 12.1 miles
(snowmobile trails) - North Conway, NH.  With Kevin Tilton from Walmart parking lot.  Hopped onto the Corridor 19 snowmobile trail.  6 out and back.  Slightly humid out.  Good solid run at conversation pace.  Most of the conversation was about how awesome Kevin is.  I was doing most of the talking... [1:23:15]

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