Thursday, April 26, 2012

Training 04-23 - 04-29

Weekly Wrap Up: 72 miles on 7 days, all 'singles', and one OK race.  As my write up below indicates, I gotta start getting serious now with some training.  I can't expect results if I don't put in the work.  My legs aren't probably going to get any better than this so I have to make due with what I have before it's too late. I was just really glad to be back on a starting line again.  (First two photos courtesy of Salmon Press Sports).

04-29 - Sunday: 20 miles (trails) - Wolfeboro, NH.  2 mile warmup on trails w/ Kevin Tilton and Justin Freeman before the Muddy Moose 14 mile trail race put on by Fergus Cullen at Kingswood Regional H.S. in Wolfeboro, NH.  Then race. ~14 MUDDY miles.  3rd OA - 1:28:18.  I think that was below the previous course record of 1:28-something from last year (Kevin's record). This year, Kevin killed it almost from the start and ran 1:25 something.  I was near Kevin and Justin for a little while at the start, got hit in the eye with a stray stick from the ridiculousness of the course (sticks and logs and mud and you name it, being flung up from the backs of shoes).  It broke my glasses right on my face and one of the lenses came flying off (before the 2 mile mark).  I took the frames off and threw them down on the trail next to a tree (I thought I'd be able to find it later).  Soon after that, Kevin and Justin were gonzo.  I could see them on the long straight sections but that was it.  I rolled along and felt bad early but then recovered a bit.  I figured I'd sit and run hard but not kill it and maybe they'd battle enough up front early and fade back.  That didn't happen for the most part.  There was a ridiculous climb that I struggled up (one of the steepest climbs in a race I've run since probably Soapstone) and a lot of sections I really just didn't run well on.  The terrain wasn't my cup of tea, but I knew what I was in for (heck, it's called 'Muddy Moose').  Once up at the 6.5 or so mile mark, there is a small loop that you can pick either clockwise or counter-clockwise.  I decided to go counter-clockwise and Kevin and Justin were coming the other way.  I may have chosen a worse direction, as the technical stuff was my down and the cleaner course was my up.  It was muddy as hell and there were ridiculously deep mud and water in that section (up to my thighs, so above Kevin's head).

On the way back out, I could still see them on the straights and thought I was actually gaining.  I was also starting to feel really good.  Then disaster.  I came down this steep section and took a right (the direction we came in on).  Apparently there was a sign there but I never saw it so I'm guessing it was placed behind a tree or something where you wouldn't see it if you were bombing down that section and you were on the other side of the trail.  There was a jeep parked there and the guy was sitting inside.  I heard him mumble something very low.  Apparently that low mumble was probably 'wrong way' but I obviously didn't hear it.  If it was me, I would have been standing outside the car and I would be pointing and waving and making sure people could hear me...especially when one of the runners starts to go the wrong way.  I would have yelled, etc.  But I got nothing but a whisper as I went by.  Then I proceeded to slog through more mud and water and rocks and tall grass, etc. The other direction had some very fast running and some road sections that I heard you could really roll on. The distances of both are about the same but the running time may not be.  It's about a mile or so total. I came back through the mile 9 aid station and Tad and Sheri Thomas indicated that I came from the wrong way. I actually stopped real quick and asked him what the deal was.  He quickly just said to keep going and that Kevin and Justin already came through.  I was pretty p*ssed at that point and ran angry the rest of the way.  I could now no longer see anyone way up ahead and knew I lost a little time but felt like a scumbag because now I technically didn't go the same way back on that section.  I figured the race was a wash and just banged back as best I could.  My legs felt pretty tight but overall I am just not really as fit as I need to be.  Surprisingly, after I dumped out of all the horrendous mud and loose logs and wood section of the first/last couple miles, I came out onto the road and looked up to see Justin Freeman right in front of me.  He had faded back a bit and Kevin had just grinded his way to a huge course record.  I remained about the same (maybe picking up a few more seconds at the end) on Justin and finished in 3rd, but still under the course record from the previous year.  My fault for sure for not reading the course map close enough before the race...but it still erks me about how that all went down.  I just hope that by the time the next person came through, there was clear and proactive communication at that corner of the course.  I did a couple miles of cooldown with Kevin and Justin after the race while looking for my glasses. Then, I ran back, got in my car, and drove to the 2 mile aid station/road crossing, got back in the woods for another 2 miles but came up empty.  $160 glasses lost.  Wrong turn.  Sub par result from a race.  Didn't feel great during the run.  Overall not a great day but the race was a cool race. I just wish I felt better during it and my training was going better but it's not.  I have to focus a bit more on the roads for runs during the week and a little less on all trail running.  Long trail runs and mountain runs are good but I have to start adding in some additional road stuff and some decent pacing to get better.  At this point, I'm able to do some mileage now with little issue...time to start putting in some quality work now.

Fergus Cullen is a class act and one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet and I've been wanting to do his race for a while, so I was really glad I went today... just not my day but certainly could have been a lot worse!  I could have been out there for 2:55! ;)

Photo below courtesy of the Family-Wolfe.

04-28 - Saturday: 8 miles (trails) - Conway, Albany, Hale's Location with Kevin Tilton.  Nice dirt road and single track.  Cold (mid 30s). Some light flakes falling throughout but partly sunny.  Very breezy.  Solid run.  Hit a large turkey with my car on the way over.  Had a dog jump out of the woods and into the open door of my car and into my backseat while I was about to leave.  Animal magnetism this morning...  [1:07:58].

04-27 - Friday: 7 miles (trails) - Tamworth, NH  w/ Kevin Tilton from Chocorua Lake Rd.  Single track and dirt roads around Chocorua Lake and through the Chocorua Conservation lands. Windy and cold but a nice easy run. [57:55].

04-26 - Thursday: 13 miles (trails) - North Conway, Hales Location, Bartlett.  From Echo Lake. First 40 minutes solo on trails around the lake and mountain bike trails around the park.  Then another 1:10:00 with KT.  Bloody Arm Trail loop past Diana's Bath. on some nice single track, snowmobile trail, and old logging roads.  1:50:01 total time.  Light drizzle.  Good run.

04-25 - Wednesday: 7.5 miles (mountain/trails) - in North Conway with Kevin Tilton.  Run up Black Cap from Hurricane Mountain Rd.  Then back down on Red Tail Trail.  Bonked HARD half way up for some reason.  Just not enough to eat during the day.  Still made it up in the second fastest time Kevin's ever done (although he's never killed it on the way up this route).  41:50 up.  29:34 down.  1:11:15 total.

04-24 - Tuesday: 10.5 miles (roads) in Madison with Kevin Tilton. The new 'Silver Lake Bang'.  From my front door, down 113, onto 41, onto East Shore, and then end to end on Lead Mine back up to East Madison Rd.  New FKT of 1:07:04.

04-23 - Monday: 6 miles (trails) at King Pine in Madison, NH w/ Kevin Tilton. Early AM run on my 35th birthday.  Raining and cold!!  Busy rest of the day and dinner down at my parents meant I didn't get out the door after this.  Good to at least get this in.  [51:14].


  1. Happy bday old man! Glad to see you and Kevin running so well.

  2. 10 minute pace trail runs + drills and strides = GOLD. Nice job today.