Sunday, April 22, 2012

Training 04-16 - 04-22

Weekly Wrap Up: 76.9 miles on 6 days (and one of those days was only a 3 mile day).  Thanks to a marathon and a 4 and a half hour mountain run, I got some serious time on my feet this week and came out at the end, with some additional fitness I think. I felt great on Saturday and Sunday.  Considering how the week started, I'm pretty psyched.  Most people would have easily called it quits for a week or two after having the type of day I had on Monday, but I need to start getting serious now. I think I'm getting over my injuries now, as I've stopped paying attention to them and they've stopped bugging me (for the most part).  I still have obscenely tight calves and I have no idea why, but I'm dealing with it.  I got a great road run in this week around my new favorite 'lake bang' and I got some great trail running in, with some redlining and peak bagging on Saturday. I am really pleased with this week and now that I got into UROC, I'll be really focusing on getting in the training and time on my feet this spring and summer. Bring it.

04-22 - Sunday: 7.3 (trails) with Kevin Tilton in the rain - Walmart trails in Conway, NH. Great single track action. Hammered the way back. VERY hilly. Legs feel pretty good. [1:04:25]

04-21 - Saturday: 21.8 miles
Owl's head peak bagging session with Kevin Tilton and Troy Shellhamer. From Lincoln Woods Visitor Center off the Kanc in Lincoln, NH. Up Lincoln Woods Trail, Franconia Brook Trail, Lincoln Brook Trail, Owl's Head Path to summit. Then back down to Lincoln Brook Trail and up clockwise and around to Franconia Brook Trail and back down to Lincoln Woods Trail again and back out. KILLED the last 7+ miles solo. Broke away and just got a good ole fashioned workout in at the end. Probably doing close to 6's for the last 7 miles out. Almost 4 and a half hours of moving. Good times.

04-20 - Friday: 5 miles
(mountain) - Albany, NH w/ Kevin Tilton - up to Hedgehog mountain and back down. Did the entire UNH loop trail. 5 miles total (but felt like 15). 54:35.

04-19 - Thursday: 12 miles Silver Lake loop (i.e. 'Madison Lake Bang') - E. Madison Rd. out to 113, down to 41, and out to East Shore Rd. Then up to Lead Mine and all the way around to E. Madison Rd. again. Great loop. Lead Mine is awesome to run on. 10.5 total for the loop + up to the Cascades (immediately after) and soaked my legs before heading back down. 12 total. [1:21:51]. The 10.5 loop was in 1:10:57. HOT out.

04-18 - Wednesday: Off.

04-17 - Tuesday: 3.1 miles (trails) - Whitaker Woods w/ Kevin Tilton, Roger, and a bunch of other Milers.  Very easy.  25 minutes or so over the 5k fun run course.  Beautiful day.  Stomach was feeling a little better and my legs were stiff but OK.

04-16 - Monday: 27.7 miles - 1.5 mile warmup total (running around at athlete's village + down to the starting line and staying loose + 26.2 mile race - Boston Marathon (2:55).  Felt ok for the first few miles and then felt horrible.  Couldn't stay hydrated at all even though I was constantly taking in water and Gatorade.  Felt bad from 6-10 and then made the conscious decision at 10 to just run easy to the finish.  Easier said than done.  Got heat stroke, stopped sweating, had a screaming headache, and completely rigged up even though I was doing high 7's for the last bunch of miles.  Finished the race because I was going to be damned if I was going to drop out AGAIN.  Not 2 years in a row... so I swallowed my pride and just finished the race and got in a long run.  Got very sick afterwards.  Felt fine for the first 5 minutes after I finished and was interviewed on Channel 9 briefly...then walked over to get my bag and began to feel like I was going to die.  Not long before I knew it, I was in the hands of a medical staff person who led me into the massage area.  My legs felt pretty good considering.  The calves were both really sore (the current story of my life).  I had some work done on them and then I started to get really sick.  Had to scramble in and out of the bathroom.  It was awful.  Eventually I collected my things, hobbled upstairs, and outside.  Once outside I began to feel like I was going to pass out.  I put my things down and laid down on the sidewalk for a while.  I got up and moved and tried to start walking to find my sister but soon found myself down on the sidewalk on the ground again and this time a bystander was there and noticed I needed help.  He led me into the hands of the medical team again who wheeled me over into the medical tent. I had to have an IV (just one bag this time). My temp was high and I was suffering from heat stroke. I had all I could do to not puke while I was in there.  It was miserable.  Eventually I hobbled my way over to meet my sister and her family.  I was completely wiped.  I didn't make it off her couch until Tuesday morning.  My stomach was as bad as suffering from food poisoning.  I also got a horrible sunburn.  All in all it sucked but I finished and got it done.  I don't think I'll ever do another HOT road marathon ever again.

Article in the Conway Daily Sun

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