Monday, April 9, 2012

Training 04-09 - 04-15

Weekly Wrap Up: 42.1 miles with a day off. Taper (even though I didn't go through a training cycle) for the marathon on Monday.  Once clear of the marathon, I'll start to get serious again.

04-15 - Sunday: 4 miles (roads).  Last gasp before slogging through a road marathon on Monday.  4 miles in Madison/Silver Lake from my house.  Very warm and sunny.  Felt pretty awful.  Signs of things to come. [27:45]

04-14 - Saturday: Off. (I don't even remember why)...

04-13 - Friday: 6.1 miles (trails and dirt/paved roads) from my house over Chamberlain Ledge, Modock Hill Rd. and Pound Rd. Solid run. [48:06]

04-12 - Thursday: 5 miles (trails). Conway, NH.  Run w/ KT from the back of his house in Conway.  A muddy slog in spots but better than a zero.  Good trails there for being right in back of his place. He doesn't give them enough credit and downplays them, but I thought it was decent running.  Saw a ginormous porcupine in there just chillin'.  Back is still wrenched.  Good thing I may be in taper mode....who knows. [44:49].

04-11 - Wednesday: 8 miles (trails and road).  Madison, NH.  2 x 4 mile runs in the PM.  One solo from my house to the McNair Conservation Easement and around Durgin Pond on the rolling single track out to Lead Mine Rd. and then back up to my house on the road.  Then, a couple hrs. later again (same loop) with Kevin Tilton. 1:01:36 total (29:41/31:55).  Wrenched my back right before Kevin got to my house.  Tough night sleep followed.  Barely walking around today as I type this.

04-10 - Tuesday: 8 miles (trails and fields).  Conway, NH.  From KHS track.  Just shy of 5 miles along the Conway rec. trail and around the track area during the meet (Kennett v.s. Berlin v.s. Gilford v.s. White Mountains Regional).  Then 3.2 miles w/ Kevin and Roger after they finished working the meet.  Ran around the athletic fields and then down some trails and up some logging roads near the high school.  Ran the first bit hard and then very easy w/ KT and Roger.  [1:06:44].  The Eagles dominated.

04-09 - Monday: 11 miles
(dirt roads and a little pavement). Eaton, Conway, NH.  Nice hilly backwoods run w/ Kevin along Conway Lake.  The original plan was going to be a workout of 3 min off/on for 12 miles (w/ 2m w/up) but we decided after the warmup to just keep running at a good clip, attack the hills a little (which were very long and steep in sections), and just keep up the tempo.  My calves were in bad shape and I had to stop once to stretch them out.  [1:16:06].  Good solid effort.  Great day to be out in the woods. We saw one car on the 10 miles of dirt road and 2 on the mile stretch of pavement.  I'll take it.

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