Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Training 04-02 - 04-08

Weekly Wrap Up: 66.6 miles on 6 days. One race, one workout, one day off to relax and try to heal the calves.  A positive step in the right direction for sure. Looking to keep the momentum going. 10 weeks until Washington.  I have some fitness to find and some speed and strength to work on...

04-08 - Sunday: off (officially)... although I ran around all day at my sisters house with my nephews.  I played pool, darts, hide and seek, and rode scooters for like 6 hours.

04-07 - Saturday: 17.5 miles (dirt and paved roads) - Newmarket, NH.  3 mile w/ up with Goupil and Dunham + about another .4 or so over to the start and strides.  Then race - Great Bay Half Marathon (results) - 1st OA (1:14:18).  New CR by 1 entire second.  Had to sprint my ass off over the last 200 or so meters to get it.  Course is very slow.  Hilly and constant ups and downs.  A couple of miles of dirt road as well.  The wind was pretty nasty at times, especially down by the water.  Ran with CMS teammate Tim Mallard for a few miles, then put a little cushion on him that I needed. He stayed about that far back the entire time.  I went through 10 faster than I ran DH Jones in February.  That's pretty impressive given the nature of this course.  My last few miles were brutally slow.  Happy to get the win though.  These days, when I finish a race I'm happy with it, given how my injuries have been.  Calves are extremely sore now, but it was worth it.  Getting back into a race situation is big for my mental state.  I know where I am fitness-wise.  Not great, but not horrible either.  Got some decent swag for the win and was happy to be around racing again.  Good event, good times, good folks.  1 mile cooldown back to the car and then some.

Hilly Splits: 5:38/5:37/5:33/5:42/5:41/5:40/5:33/5:42/5:37/5:55/5:36/5:53/5:39/:30

04-06 - Friday: 8 miles (trails) - Albany, NH.  Lower Nanamocomuck Ski Trails with Kevin Tilton from Covered Bridge.  4 out and back.  Stopped off at Rocky Gorge.  A tad muddy in spots and slow going through some mud, ice, and a little snow still lingering on the trails. [1:09:04]

04-05 - Thursday: 8.6 miles (mountain and trails) - Albany, NH.  Redlining w/ Kevin Tilton.  Carter Ledge Trail from White Ledge Campground road, up to Middle Sister, then back down Middle Sister Trail.  8.6 miles but took 2:03:54.  VERY slow going up and even slower coming back down.  Lots of stone stair climbing.  Icy and snowy near the top on both the climb and descent (trails just below treeline were still packed in a little).  Tracked a BIG moose on the way down (prints and piles of ....well...you know...fresh in the snow).  Once the prints stopped, we stopped for a second and heard it crashing through the thick woods just off the trail to the left of us.  We looked for a bit to see if we could spot it but the woods were too thick to really see more than 10 feet or so.  Made it back down to the bottom just in time (7:40) to see where the cars were parked.  Both legs still really stiff and sore but everything else was ok.

04-04 - Wednesday: 9.2 miles (2 runs)

PM: 4 miles (roads and snowmobile trails) - E. Madison down to Silver Lake, hopping on some SOS trails for a bit and turning and heading back. Legs stiff from yesterday's workout.  Missed the 5am Walmart run today because I was so tired from the workout yesterday and got stomach issues late last night and was up later than I'd like. [27:18]
PM: 5.2 miles (trails) - E. Madison - from backdoor up to Cascades, through class vi road up to Moody Hill Rd. then up Albert Rd (class vi) to Chamberlain Ledge trails.  Across trails and down to Colby Hill Rd then down to Conway Rd. back to the house.  Taking it very easy today.  Legs are really stiff and sore from track work yesterday. [38:06].

04-03 - Tuesday: 18 miles total (3 sessions).

AM: 6 miles (w/ headlamp) on Walmart trails (Redstone) up to cell tower and down some single track and jeep roads w/ Tim Livingston, Kevin Tilton, and Sara (KHS). [1:04:14] + 4 x strides
PM: 3 miles at lunch from backdoor.  Up to Cascades and down some old logging roads to 113 and then back. [22:07].
PM: 9 miles in NoCo at KHS (track workout) w/ Kevin Tilton.  2.5 mile w/up on the rec. trail behind the high school + drills.  Then, 6 x 1 mile at 'whatever pace' with a 400m jog in between (continuous).  We figured 'half marathon effort' but ran faster.  Over the first 3 miles, Kevin led the first 2 laps and I would take the 2nd 2 laps.  For miles 4 and 5, I took the first 2 laps and Kevin cleaned up the last 2.  On my 6th, I was feeling GREAT and cardio-wise I was feeling like I was just coasting, but at 500M in, my RIGHT calf and hammy went into full on cramp mode out of absolutely nowhere.  I immediately pulled off and called it a workout without a second thought.  Once it goes full-on cramp, there's nothing you can do but stop.  Too quick of a pace (but it didn't feel it), too many miles on the day, not enough H2O in my system (or salt), and some new zero-arrow shoes on made it a perfect storm to cramp up I guess.  It was a shame too because I felt great.  KT had to clean up the last 2.5 laps on his own and finish up as I limped over to get my warmups back on.  Just a cramp...nothing more.  Feel fine as I write this. [20:28 warmup + 42:43 track work]

Miles:  5:04 / 5:10 / 5:07 / 5:09 / 5:10 (w/ 400m jog continuous rest)

04-02 - Monday: 5.3 miles (w/ headlamp) on Walmart trails (Redstone) in North Conway w/ Tim Livingston and Kevin Tilton. [1:02:01] + 6 x strides.  Meant to get out after work but had my parents come back from their winter vacation and swing by to see the new house.

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  1. I love how you call the runs "slow going" and I think we're running quicker than easy.