Monday, February 13, 2012

Tumble Down Dick Mtn. Video

Just posted some video of yesterday's run in Brookfield, NH on the Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club trails from Moose Mountain.  I love snowmobile trails up here.  It's like having your own private network of rail trails back home except way better ....they are everywhere... they go up mountains... they weave up and down and left and right.... they dart across lakes (which sometimes can be bad)... and they dip out into some deep woods... something I just didn't get back down in the MV.

I was pretty miffed to see however that Youtube decided to hit me with a Third Party Content ID Match with this video simply because their ID system sucks-arse.  They misidentified my video music loops, which I got straight out of iMovie '09 that I PURCHASED 2 years ago, as being copyrighted (which they are NOT...they are royalty free music that is included with the suite and is meant for incorporation in videos just like this!).  Boy did that fry my rice. I submitted a dispute and we'll see how long it takes them to right this wrong.  If they tell me to go back to Apple to dispute, rather than FIX their Content ID system, I will be p*ssed. You can't really contact Youtube directly about anything as far as I can tell.  They just have these dispute forms which are buried, and lame forums which don't offer too much help. I've been trying to figure out Adsense for years.  Somehow they have matched my account up with a 'disapproved' application and there is virtually NO WAY to fix it.  Unless I happen to know someone who works at Youtube (if it's even a real compay), I can't get it addressed.  I may just have to look into some other host for these super informative and incredibly viral videos I am posting!

I am also sitting on hours of footage from a few other runs, but just don't have the motivation to edit them into watchable videos...maybe one of these days when I get snowed in...oh wait, I just may have to wait until next November/December for that.

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