Friday, February 17, 2012

Training 02-13 - 02-19

Weekly Wrap Up: 70.1 miles with one decent workout (to test the situation) and one awesome long run.  I did get to do some exploring too on Monday just up the road in Maine on some sweet snowmobile trails.  The snow took a hit this week but the trails are still good (for running). Nice and packed.  The trails that don't cross lakes are still good for the machines.  70 miles is the highest since last summer and my calf is still a huge problem. It just hurts all the time.  But I'm still able to do some running and didn't miss a day this week.  Glad I got a chance to get up in the Whites for the run Saturday.  Good week all in all as I kind of went on-off-on-off.  My racing is a huge question mark but the miles are coming regardless of the calf situation.

02-19 - Sunday: 2.5 miles (ice road and paved road).  Quick lake bang instead of taking a zero.  This got me up to 70 for the week.  Added on a bit near the beginning and just scuffed along over the ice packed road out to the paved road and then back in on the other side.  Stopped to take in the absolutely amazing skies tonight.  Over in front of the campground the skies were absolutely insane.  It's so dark in these skies compared to back down south.  It was a complete horizon to horizon view of stars.  Deeper than I've seen in a long time.  Due to the distance away from any decent size city and the lack of lights in the area from houses (there is NO ONE living here right now) it was just amazing.  There is 2 street lights in the entire 2 + miles around the lake and maybe a half dozen houses that have lights on.  It was crystal clear and dead quiet...all except for the cracks and bubbling of the water beneath the ice (which is quite loud every once in a while). [18:28]

02-18 - Saturday: 25 miles (snowmobile trails).  Bartlett, Albany, Livermore, Hart's Location NH.  With Kevin Tilton.  From north gate on Bear Notch Rd. --> Rob Brook Rd. --> Birch Hill Trail --> Sawyer River Trail --> Sawyer River Rd. --> Conway Scenic RR Tracks. Only about 1/4 mile on pavement and ALL nicely packed to slightly loose/wet snow.  Ran with the trailrocs on and only almost broke my back once at the very beginning on an icy downhill.  Legs held up (barely).  I was very stiff and hurting in the hamstrings and calf(s) by the tracks (about 4 miles from the end).  Beautiful day to be outdoors.  Tons of snowmobilers out there but it was still great to get out on the nicely packed trails and run for over 3 hours.   [3:37:05].  Kevin's Garmin data here.  We ran for 3:37:05 (actually running time).  His Garmin was ticking through pee/water/GU stops.  2034 ft. of elevation gain on snowmobile trails.  Not a bad day.

02-17 - Friday: 12.1 miles (roads).  Dover, NH.  1.7 or so w/up wth Nathaniel Huppe over to start of Red's course.  Then starting at the starting line, we did the first 4 miles of the Red's course with the intention of running 5:45s (Nate's coach had given him this workout).  Nate jumped out to a strong start and I struggled to catch on for a bit.  I was trailing behind a couple steps and it took me a bit to get going at that pace, as it was quicker than I've run since probably November.  The Red's course is not fast (especially the first 4 miles). The last mile is 99% downhill but we were obviously not doing that mile in the tempo.  I managed to move up next to Nate and we passed through the first mile together in 5:22, which was good for that mile (especially because it's got a couple hills).  It was much faster than he wanted, but he's fit and we worked together to cruise through in 5:22.  At that point, I felt better and moved up ahead and came through the 2nd mile in a 5:18 split.  This has some rolling hills but some decent downs.  The third and fourth miles are tough.  Some climbing at the beginning of the 3rd and end of the 4th make them the slowest 2 miles.  There was no visible mile marker on the road for the 3rd mile (unlike all the others).  So I only got my 2nd - 2 mile spllit (3rd and 4th together) which was 11:15.  So that meant I was about 5:37 or so average for the third and fourth miles.  I came through the 4 mile mark in 21:55 which was a shock to me because my calf held up 'ok' (it got very tight late).  I also am not particularly 'fit', as the 3rd and 4th miles KILLED me physically.  I was in the hurt box trying to run that pace and my lower back got very tight.  Overall I think it was a good test, but it was too short to really dictate whether or not I can 'race' 10 miles next week.  I know I can't do 5:30s or maybe 5:45s...I am thinking sub 60 is going to be a good goal for me IF I don't run into a calf issue again.  After the 4 mile tempo, we ran the rest of the course, back to the car, did a quick shoe change, and then headed out for a nice long cooldown around Dover.  [1:24:12 total].  Stomach was a disaster during the cooldown.  Barely made it home in one piece.  Was in the bathroom for a LONG time tonight.  Another fun fact.  This was the furthest south I've been since Jan 6th (when we closed on our place).  Since then I haven't been south of the Wakefield Town Dump and have only been north when I actually leave the house.  Still haven't been back to Assachusetts.

02-16 - Thursday: 5 miles (ice road).  The weather was near 50 degrees today but the ice road was still completely impassible without the Orocs.  I got out the door as the sun was just about to set (because work has been killing me) and did a couple of lake bangs + an out and back for 5 miles (so another easy day).  Back and forth this week with light days and decent days.  Starting to have some bare spots in the yard (on the grass that is in the sun all day) believe it or not.  Makes me think that the Spring is coming soon.  Took out an axe to the ice today to see how thick it was.  I was able to walk out on the lake and cut a hole down until I broke through.  Even after all the 40 degree days we've had recently, the lake was still 9 inches thick in the front of the house.  Got some new Inov-8s in the mail today which also makes me want to get out there and get running for real.  This in-between stuff is good but I'd rather the trails be clear at this point, than all icy snow.  If I can't use my Dions, I'd rather just be able to run in my trail shoes.  The Orocs have been a saving grace though.  I picked up some new Inov-8 footbed inserts as well.  They may make them a bit more comfortable on the longer runs. [33:18].

02-15 - Wednesday: 10.5 miles (ice packed dirt road for first and last 5 minutes,  nice clean paved roads the rest of the way).  E.Wakefield.  House out and up Perkins Hill, and down to Canal Rd. but then down further to the next turnaround and back the way I came.  Good solid run.  Not talking about aches and pains...just focusing on the positive, which was that I got out the door and was able to run.  [1:09:09].

02-14 - Tuesday: 5 miles (ice packed dirt road and snowmobile trail).  House out to the 7 lakes trail that cuts over to Balch Pond.  Short section but I had limited time tonight after a brutal day in front of email.  Decided to take a rest day but still got 38:00 in just before it got too dark to see.  Nice temps out.  Orocs again, as it is way too icy for anything else unless I drive out to a main road, leave my car, and run on the roads.  Got back to the house and got the news that my Aunt had passed after a long battle w/ cancer.  She's in a better place now and can once again be with my Uncle who passed away when I was in college.

02-13 - Monday: 10 miles (snowmobile trails). Newfield, ME, Acton, ME and Shapleigh ME.  Drove about 4 miles up Acton Ridge from my house and parked at one of two trailheads for the Mousam Valley Snowmobile Club trails that cut over to Square Pond in Shapleigh, where my brother and sister-in-law own a house.  Ran on awesome hard packed and fast trails with hardly any climbing (only a few rollers and one big climb on the way back).  Wore the Orocs again because they are the ONLY shoe you ever need in the winter on ice and packed snow.  Ran 36 min out and then 41 on the way back (even though I was coming back faster) because I took a wrong trail off of the last junction (they were all marked fine, I just forgot what trailhead I parked at off of Acton Ridge).  Filmed the entire run w/ my GoPro but probably won't use anything...just archiving for my own personal reference.  There were only very few bare spots and way more snow on the trails over there than I ran on yesterday out in Brookfield. I may drive over to Boonies Country Store in Shapleigh this week and pick up a trail map.  [1:13:51].  Could have been a bit longer than 10 because I didn't dally around, but calling it an honest 10.  Calf sucked on the way back but at this point, I am going to stop talking about it and will ONLY mention it if it tears and I have to be picked up or carried back on a run. My plan now is to get fit, around this injury, and see what happens.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I ran more miles than you last week.