Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Training 01-30 - 02-05

Weekly Wrap Up: 61.4 miles running.  30 minutes of biking during the 1 'day off'.  This is sadly my highest week of mileage since the week of September 12th of last year!!!  That is incredible.  It's easy to see that Pisgah was the end of it... or the 'beginning of the end'.  Felt good to get yet another long run in on Sunday though. That's 3 long runs in 4 weeks w/ Kevin Tilton (with one race mixed in there as well).  Mileage-wise, I'm moving in the right direction.  Calf-wise, it's not really moving at all, but I guess there was slight improvement at the end of this week.  Going to see someone tomorrow about some more work on my lower back and hips to see if that will affect my situation in a positive way. I hope so.  Even though my training has taken a major hit, running up here has just made me enjoy getting out the door and being outside. I never took my camera (phone) with me on runs back in Salem or the surrounding area.  Now I take it with me on multiple runs per week.  Don't get me wrong, I like cranking miles on the roads and being healthy, but  even my icy, snowy, lonely dark runs up here have been just as enjoyable.  I hope to move into more miles this coming week and creep back up to at least building a base.  I won't be cranking 53-55 minutes at DH Jones....but I'd like to try to beat the top woman (although looking at what Erica Jesseman did today in Maine with her CR 58:01, I'm not sure that will be possible).  Let me rephrase that...I'd like to FINISH DH Jones without having to DNF because of my calf. If I can run a hard 10 miles in sub 60 (anywhere under 60) 'I'll take it' (to quote DD).

02-05 - Sunday: 20.4 miles (snowmobile trails). Tamworth, NH w/ Kevin Tilton.  Started from Great Hill Rd. in Tamworth and ran up to the Fire Tower and then back down and out for a big loop that went up into the WMNF for a bit and came back down on all very nice packed snowmobile trail.  [2:52:55]. 2400 or so (maybe more) feet of elevation gain.  Pretty hilly run, but I expect that out of a run that KT sets up.  Ran in the new test pair of Trailrocs and they were great.  No crunching through at all on the trails.  Probably the best it can ever get to be honest.  It was COLD out there AGAIN.  Seems all of the runs I get together with Kevin for are cold as hell.  It's beautiful the rest of the week.  Today was amazing out though.  Crystal clear skies meant beautiful views of Mt. Washington from Route 16 in North Wakefield on the way up, and Mt. Chocorua as I moved into Ossipee.  Took a quick video from the top of the fire tower at the beginning of the run (below).  Was completely wiped at the end of the run. Everything was seizing up, I bonked with a half mile to go (good timing), and my 'winter' hydration pack frickin' froze up on me like 45 minutes in when I went to take water.  It was all frozen inside.  That is NOT supposed to happen.  I won this back at a snowshoe race last year or the year before. I never used it.  Today I take it out for the first time with room temperature water in it and by the first time I went to take water it was frozen solid.  I have since tried to find a review or even a place that sells this exact model online and can't find any in stock anywhere, which leads me to believe they've been discontinued.  Probably because people don't enjoy carrying solid blocks of ice on their backs.

02-04 - Saturday: 10 miles
(roads).  E.Wakefield, NH. House, out to Acton Ridge (the long way) and then up Perkins Hill, down and out to Canal Rd. and then back the same way.  [1:08:10].  Calf felt better than it has in probably weeks (I am thinking the massage had something to do w/ it).  Had a calf sleeve on with 2 pairs of tights to keep the calf nice and warm and compressed.  Worked the hills (hilly out and back) and stayed on the pavement for the most part (some shoulder running in spots).  The roads are in OK shape right now.  Beautiful sunny day, with great views of the Ossipee mountains and Moose mountains at the crests of some of the higher points.  It's days like this that I love running here.  It is so much easier to get out the door up here than it was down in the shopping mall parking lot they call the Merrimack Valley (at least for me).  I can't wait to get up to Madison, where it will be even easier to get out the door, as my options will be vast.

02-03 - Friday: 5 miles (snowy/icey roads and snowmobile trails).  Same as yesterday sans the last snowmobile trail out to the brook.  [37:35].  It was 4:45 when I was going out the door.  Amazingly I got the entire run in, including a stretch stop, just before it got too dark to see.  That's a good feeling.  Got work done on the calf today.  The therapist thinks there might be something off w/ my pelvis and recommended a chiro consultation...will go back on Monday to chat w/ the chiropractor and see what they suggest.  Calf super sore on the run but that was mostly do to the massage for sure.  The stretching, icing, and massaging routine continues.  At least I can run on it.  I was thinking today that there are a lot of folks out there that can't run at all due to injury.  I am lucky that at least I can go out and do a trail run or shorter road run and still be involved, even if my racing has taken a bit of a backseat.  I guess it can always be worse.

02-02 - Thursday: 6 miles (snowy/icey roads and snowmobile trails).  E.Wakefield, NH.  House out to snowmobile trail off of Acton Ridge Rd.  Trail up to Balch and along the shore a bit, then back out.  Trail was about 2 inches of wet snow on top of a thick base of old snow and ice.  Good for Oroc running.  Out to Dearborn Rd. and all the way down to Great East Lake, along the back side to the other snowmobile trail off of Wansor and out to Scribner Brook and then back to the house. [44:31]  Lucky to have gotten any run in at all.  Last night after stretching a bunch, I tweaked my back.  Got awful sleep and was barely mobile today.  Decided to just give it a go and wander a bit.  Got a longer run in that I had imagined I would.  Called and setup an appointment for a massage again tomorrow in Wakefield.

02-01 - Wednesday: 10 miles (snowy roads).  E. Wakefield, NH.  From house, Perkins Hill loop x 2 + extended lake bang. Ran on dirt/snowy shoulder most of the way.  [1:09:32]. These Orocs are a godsend.  Calf started to ache a couple times.  Had to stop and stretch out a bit and was able to continue at a decent clip considering the road conditions. Was happy with myself for getting out on a night like this, where it's cold, dark, and lonely out there.  Didn't get out until way after dark and had to go w/ headlamp, which only allowed me to see 10 feet in front of me because of the foggy conditions.  Would have loved to have been able to sneak out during the warmer daylight hours, but it wasn't meant to be.  January has come and gone and I only got 1 race in and I can't really see racing again until an attempt at DH Jones, but even then, it will be a test just to see if I can run more than 4 or 5 miles hard without tearing my calf.

01-31 - Tuesday: 10 miles (total)5 miles (am).  E. Wakefield, NH.  Easy run on very snowy/icey roads.  Snowing all morning (so far). Some tightness/discomfort in my calf but not bad. [36:22]. 5 miles (pm).  Same loop but backwards.  Snowed all day and the roads were covered but the road in (all ice) was covered which made it a little easier to run on. [35:14].  Trying to spread out these miles to try to let my calf heal without losing mileage...

01-30 - Monday: 30 min spin.  Calf got really bad at the end of Sunday's run and I took it easy today and just hopped on the bike after most of the day of stretching and massage.  Calf actually got sore during the spin. Wanted to do an hour but right before 30 minutes, the calf actually started to hurt.


  1. Keep disrespecting the Valley and a big guy named "Rocco" from Pinehurst may have to pay you a visit.

  2. I'm generalizing the entire valley... that may or may not include places like Ward Hill, etc. ;). I'm leaving it open to interpretation.