Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Training 01-23 - 01-29

Weekly Wrap Up:  57.2 miles for the week + 2 hrs spinning. OK week with the calf until Sunday, when it really started to hurt (a la Winni 25k).  No snowshoe racing (both I was going to do were cancelled) meant I could get in a long 'epic' run in.  A horrifically hard slog on Saturday w/ Judson Cake and Kevin Tilton, who both KILLED me.  They were out of sight a few times and it sucked bad.  I needed this run as a good swift kick in the rump and a good long 'ultra-effort'.  Time-wise, this was probably one of my longer weeks of 'training' in a long time, so the mileage not quite being where I'd like to be isn't exactly a big deal.  I think it's time for another massage however.

01-29 - Sunday: 5 miles (icey roads and paved roads).  Just an easy shakeout. Horrible ice on the way out and way back (I actually had to walk the last few minutes on the way back and almost fell half a dozen times). [37:17].  Was going to run 8-9 but at about 4.5 my calf barked badly.  I had to stop and stretch.  Jogged back to the road into my place and walked the rest of the way.  Not good.

Image above is a screenshot of only a few seconds of video I got at the top because my camera was dead.  Mt. Washington is towards the right-hand side of the photo w/ the obvious snowcover on top.

01-28 - Saturday: 21.23 miles (snowshoes on snowmobile trail).  w/ Kevin Tilton and Judson Cake.  Epic run to say the least. Started out in West Ossipee and hoped on the snowmobile trails right off of Rt. 16.  Headed up around Mt. Whittier and followed the trails across and up to Mt. Shaw.  Horrifically long, tough grind.  The first 6 miles we were breaking through a thick crust making it almost unbearable.  We had to switch off taking the lead and breaking trail. There hadn't been any snowmobiles through there in a while.  When the climbs started, I started hurting pretty bad and my calf started to get bad.  6 miles into the run, the first group of snowmobiles came through thank god, and broke the trails for us for most of the way.  When the real steep climbing began, Judson and Kevin pulled away from me and I was left in the dust.  My calf got super bad and I had to walk some of the really steep sections.  We reached the summit in about 2 hrs. 2 minutes. My damn camera had died on the way up and I got hardly any of the summit on film, which was too bad because it was a crystal clear day.  The way back down was almost as brutal.  The top mile or so wasn't tracked through by the snowmobiles (as it was too icy for them to go all the way up) so it made going up and down on that section a little dicey.  There was a fair bit of decent climbs on the way back, but nothing like the way out.  We had to stop a few times on the way back down to eat some snow because none of us had any water and it was turning into a bonk party.  I probably bonked for the last 10 miles.  I didn't hydrate or eat breakfast like I should have for a 4 hour run.  I had no idea it was going to be that long and that difficult.  We finally got back in 3:52 total. Almost 4 hours of snowshoe running... the longest I've been in the Dion's at any one time. See Kevin's data here.  Some sick elevation gain (+- 4000 feet). I can barely walk and am sitting here typing this, hurting more from head to toe that I am even after running a damn marathon. Tomorrow is going to be horrawful.

Below is just a few clips put together as my camera just kept dying.

01-27 - Friday: 5 miles (icey dirty road/snowmobile trail). From house in E. Wakefield, NH around the lake and up into the snomobile trail that cuts over to Balch Pond.  Ran along the shore for a while and then turned and headed back out and back to the house.  Added on a few minutes at the end to get 5.  [38:00]

01-26 - Thursday: 10 miles (icey road/paved road) + 30 min bike.  E. Wakefield, NH.  Nice out again but the road in and out of the lake was horrific.  I had to walk to get out to the main road and walk back in.  10 miles out on the paved main roads (2 5mile loops) [1:05:12]. Got it in just before it got dark.  Calf got painful and stiff.  Stretched afterwards and hopped on the bike again for a 30 minute spin.  More stretching.  Bummed about BOTH the snowshoe races I was going to do this weekend are both cancelled (Sidehiller and Beaver Brook).  For my central/northern NH folks, let me know if anyone is up for a long run or something interesting on either Sat. or Sun. or both.

01-25 - Wednesday: 6 miles (ice) + 30 min bike.  E. Wakefield, NH.  Very nice weather but again, couldn't get out of the house until pitch dark.  Headlamp run on complete sheets of ice.  Wore the Orocs w/ the spikes and that was the only reason I didn't fall on my rump over and over.  Would have to loved to run longer but there are ZERO street lights around here and it gets VERY dark because almost nobody lives near here in the winter.  Most of the houses on the lake and in the surrounding area are seasonal and it's even tough to see with the headlamp.  Tonight there was a lot of fog and a lot of ice and it just made for a tough run.  Even on the main roads there are no street lights at all.   I ended up cutting it short and coming back in before I got hurt.  Hopped on the bike for a 30 min. spin afterwards.

01-24 - Tuesday: 60 min. spin on the trainer.  Worked through the daylight hours and then was on the phone w/ the bank and real estate agent until late.  Finally got away enough to hop on the bike even though the daylight hours were so nice.  A lot of the snow melted down and all the snow on the lake is almost gone.  A full hour on the bike was about all I could handle mentally. My calf actually started to ache, even on the bike.

01-23 - Monday: 10 miles (snowy/icey roads and paved roads) - East Wakefield, NH and Acton, ME.  From house out to Acton Ridge and up to Balch Pond and back down around to Great East and the loop back.  Exactly 10.  Felt tight and sluggish at first, but loosened up and felt great on the backside of the 10 miles.  Wore a new (3rd different) pair of test Trailrocs I got from Inov-8.  I just may have my new favorite shoe. Road was a little slick and about half of the run was on completely snow covered (but packed) roads.  Very hill loop (especially first 5 miles) but really quiet.  2 cars passed me on the entire run.  Both over 30 minutes in. Love running here!  [1:10:18].

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