Monday, January 16, 2012

Training 01-16 - 01-22

Weekly Wrap Up: 53.7 miles for the week but 3 days on snowshoes and most every day on some sort of snow or ice, made for a little slower going.  I also got a massage so I call this week as good as a 60-something.  Especially with the weather and road conditions. Calf is holding up.  The biggest thing is that I got a RACE in.  Yes, I raced.  First race since the first week in November.  I didn't want to miss Kevin's race up in North Conway on Saturday, so I headed up to test out the calf and more importantly the fitness level!  More on that soon as I put together an actual race report!.  A good week all in all. Some exciting news as we build up the team as well.  We're starting to come into real focus for 2012 and I just hope I can be ready to TRY to score for the team at DH Jones on February 26th. I have 35 days to try to weasel my way back into being able to get through a road race without dying and without my calf seizing up.

01-22 - Sunday: 10.4 miles (snowmobile trails) - out and back - ran on packed snowmobile trails w/ my microspikes w/ Judson Cake and Kevin Tilton from White Lake State Park in Tamworth, NH. [1:30:04].  -11 below at the start.  Eyelids kept freezing shut.  No real issues w/ calf, which is amazing.

01-21 - Saturday: 11 miles (groomed xc ski trail and single track) - 3 mile w/up (with strides) w/ Judson Cake over Whitaker Wood course in Intervale, NH (on snowshoes) [23:00]. Then 4 mile race: Whitaker Woods Snowshoe Race [1st - 27:28].  Afterwards, cooldown with Judson Cake and Dave Dunham while collecting flags from course. [46:18].  Calf only got tight to the point of being uncomfortable, during the cooldown.  It only slightly nudged me during the race near the beginning.  Full report to come.

01-20 - Friday: 4 miles (snowmobile trail) on snowshoes - Corridor 19 from Pray Hill down to near the Ossipee line. Could only do an out and back for 30 minutes because it was already 4:30pm. Most of the way out was downhill, way back was uphill.  [32:00].

01-19 - Thursday: 6 miles (snowmobile trail) - Seven Lakes Snowmobile trails from Ballard's Ridge Rd in Woodman, NH.  North on NH Corridor 19 .  Out was essentially all uphill.  Saw some great big bear paws (below) in the snow (got it all on video and may edit some of the run).  Great deep woods run. Nice and quiet. No snowmobiles to speak of but the trails were all nice and groomed out from prior traffic.  Ran up over Prey Hill area and down towards Belleau Lake before turning around and heading back (was running out of daylight). [42:03].  Got a massage earlier at a place I found in Wakefield. Really good work done there and just over an hour session for only 50 bucks! You cannot beat that.  Professional and friendly place that does Chiro, massage, ART, etc.  Calf (both actually) are killing me now, but I think it's from the massage and not really from the snowshoe run. Side note, the offer we made on the house we like in Madison was accepted.  Let the fun begin!

01-18 - Wednesday: 9 miles (ICEY as hell dirt roads, some ice covered paved roads, snowmobile trail, snow covered railroad tracks, and snow covered logging roads).  An out and back road run turned into a wandering session as I had to explore some surrounding trails and woods because the roads were so bad.  My road is now completely unrunnable.  The main road was so icey all the way across I don't know how cars could even drive on it.  I only ran down about a mile and a half and then hopped on the bottom end of the Seven Lakes snowmobile trails down near Seven Lakes Provisions, then ran along the crusty, snowy railroad tracks (which had only been traversed by a very large 4 legged critter before I came through there) until I happened on some completely snowed in logging roads that were pretty cool to run on, although I was breaking trail through a thick crust of icey snow and about 4 or 5 inches of powder underneath.  I started to come across a lot of posted land, which made me turn back and head out.  Running on the tracks makes me nervous because I don't know how often the train that runs up to Ossipee comes through and what direction it runs this late in the day, so I'm always looking back every 30 seconds or so. On a lot of the tracks, they are built way up with almost no ledge, so if the train did come, I'd have to jump down or slide down and find a place to stand until it passed by.  I hear it blowing the horn as it comes by in the distance, from the house, but I never know what direction it is going and it doesn't seem to be at the same time of day every day.  One of these days, I'll find out first hand :).  Enjoyable run nonetheless.  Because it wasn't a hard road effort, the calf was 'OK' but it was still tight.  [1:08:28].  Have an appointment tomorrow for a massage.

01-17 - Tuesday: 8.1 miles (icey, snowy dirty roads and paved roads).  House to the hayscale and then back. Beginning and end were extremely icey and slick as it was freezing rain falling on top of an already completely iced over road going into the house.  [54:01].  Calf felt sore and tight on the way back but not terrible. Everything was super tight again but not as bad as yesterday.  Ran up to a massage therapy place up near the hayscale and stopped in quick to see what they offer.  It's a full ART/sports massage/chiro practice so that's pretty sweet.  Scheduling an appointment to get in there this week for some continued work on my calf and everything else that is bothering me.

01-16 - Monday: 5.2 miles (icey, snowy dirt roads and paved roads).  Wanted to take a zero but decided to do a shakeout instead and man did I feel horrible.  I was so tight and stiff all over from yesterday's long run.  It took a while to get just a little loosened up.  My calf was painful and stiff most of the way.  When I finished I questioned whether it was better than a rest day. [37:20].  As I was running I saw about 30 wild turkeys in the middle of Acton Ridge Rd. I haven't seen that many turkeys in front of me since the 2011 New Bedford results ;).. JK.  The run was capped off by an idiot dog owner who had her dog ON a leash and it still got away from her and literally ran in between my feet in full stride as I was on a solid sheet of ice.  She seemed (get ready for it..) surprised that her dog did that.  I booted the dog in the mellon with my spikey Orocs on the back kick.

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