Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Training 01-09 - 01-15

Weekly Wrap Up: 61.2 miles with no days off but with one day at only 1.5 miles because of my escapade on the lake on Thursday.  Started the week off solid, threw in that horror show on Thursday, a couple of light days (one of them on snowshoes) and then a good longer effort on Sunday on some good hills.  Calf is 'holding up'.  I haven't raced since the first week of November of 2011, but I am still enjoying running just as much and more because of where I am now... More importantly, I'm enjoying life a bit more now since moving north and I still have a ways to go. Hopefully the calf progresses in the right direction.  Hopefully I also get fit one of these days. I felt VERY unfit on Sunday's run and struggled on the second half but that's simply because my mileage has been poop for so long now.  I've gotten very used to not racing...that is not good, but it is what it is.  I'm still not sure if I'll do any snowshoe racing this year because I'm not fit, my calf has been a huge question mark, and I'm just not feeling it...but we'll see.  Just glad to get some miles in this week and looking forward to building some hurting bombs.

01-15 - Sunday: 17 miles (paved roads and snow covered, groomed park roads). Effingham, NH, Parsonsfield, ME, Ossipee, NH, Wakefield, NH.  Loop with Kevin Tilton from Effingham Town Hall / Library up and around through Pine River State Forest (unplowed but nicely packed from snowmobile trails)  and back up Granite Rd/Pickpocket Rd to 153 and then back up through Parsonsfield ME and Effingham (with a small stretch in North Wakefield before and past Province Lake).  Honest pace from the beginning, as it was -11 this morning in Effingham.  Probably just under 0 or so at the start of our run.  5 or 6 degrees by the end.  Crisp and clear day out and a great day for meeting up with someone to get my butt going.  The water froze at our house right before I left and I think my lungs were frozen during the first few miles of the run.  This was a very hilly loop Kevin came up with and he dusted me on a few of the ups, actually putting some distance on me (a la Mt. Washington). The important thing here is that I took the state line from him about 12.5 miles in.  Then I bonked and was on cruise control after that.  That section along Province Lake was beautiful this morning... looking out past some of the mountains in Effingham, you got a great view of the snowy peaks of Whiteface, Passaconaway, etc. Kevin got a good view of my backside here as I smoked him to the town/state line...then he got the best of me over the next 4.5 miles.  Calf was junk immediately but never got any worse.  I call that a win. Almost 2 hrs of steady running in sub zero weather over VERY hilly roads and was able to manage 6:43 pace without a disaster (other than having my back, hips, hamstrings, etc. all seize up like it was mile 25 of Manchester)... I'll take it.  [1:54:27].

01-14 - Saturday: 6 miles (snowy, icey VERY SLICK dirt roads and paved roads). House to Perkins Hill to Province Lake Rd (153) to Acton Ridge and back + 1 mile add on. Solo of course.  [40:29].  Calf felt same as usual. No 'pain' but tightness in that same unusual way.  Looked at houses up in Madison and Tamworth all day and was lucky to get this run in at all.

01-13 - Friday: 6 miles (snowy, icey dirt roads and single track trail). Snowshoed the trails between Perkins Hill Rd. and the tracks.  These are established horse trails that I got permission to use from the owners last week. They welcomed me in there to help keep the trails open w/ my snowshoes.  Came upon some snowmobile tracks for the first time this season. Didn't run long or hard enough to even notice my calf.  That's a good thing I guess.  [50:00].

01-12 - Thursday: 1.5 miles (lake ice and snowy roads).  Snowshoes from house along the shores of the lake until the start of the third cove, where I fell through.  Stunned, I ran back on the roads. [11:00].  Better than a zero?  Not quite sure.  Too wet and cold after to continue.  A good rest day I suppose.

Visual Evidence...hilarity ensues at around 5 minute mark.

01-11 - Wednesday:
10 miles (icey dirt roads, paved roads, railroad tracks). From house up Perkins Hill and down to tracks.  Headed north on the tracks up through North Wakefield and all the way to just shy of the Wolfboro town line (North Wakefield Rd.) and then turned back.  5 out 5 back.  Tough footing on a lot of the rail bed and rocks on either side...slow going in spots.  Calf tight as always. I may just stop mentioning the normal calf pain/discomfort/tightness from now on unless it is really bad. [1:12:56]

I recently posted some footage (just the first climb) of my run over at Moose Mountain in Brookfield/Middleton, NH this past weekend.  See below for the first of maybe a few clips.

01-10 - Tuesday: 10.2 miles (icey dirt roads, paved road).  Out and back down Acton Ridge Rd. and out onto 153 North into Woodman, NH and Ballard's Ridge and back.  Hilly as a mofo (Wakefield is hilly in general).  Calf stunk on the way back but it is what it is.  Maybe it will just always hurt and I'll get used to it?  Got to do this run mostly in the daylight which was a plus.  Lots of stretching afterwards.  [1:08:08].  'Almost' felt like a real runner at one point.

01-09 - Monday: 10.5 miles (icey dirt roads, paved road). 5 lake bangs around Lake Ivanhoe in E.Wakefield, NH.  Solo w/ headlamp. Couldn't get out the door until about 5:30ish and of course by then there are only 2 street lights and almost no houses lit up in the entire 2.1 miles around.  Even w/ the headlamp it was tough to see.  Slick in spots w/ the ice on the dirt road most of the way.  2/3rds of the run is on dirt roads. Heard a dog barking somewhere off in the distance on each bang and actually saw 2 cars and 1 UPS truck out on the main road, surprisingly, during the 10.5 miles.  Calf was sore and tight by 4th bang.  [1:09:29].

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