Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Training 12-26 - 01-01

Weekly Wrap Up: 23 miles on just 2 days.  Sick most of the week and moved from Salem, NH up to East Wakefield, NH for the winter.  We sold our condo in Salem and are house-sitting for my parents at their lakehouse in East Wakefield (on Lake Ivanhoe) until the Spring.  We will be looking for a house of our own up north this winter and I will be doing my training here and looking forward to the peace and quiet of the area during the winter months. I just needed to get this move over with, and my illness over with.

01-01 - Sunday: 5 miles (snowmobile trails, dirt roads). Finished the week off (and started the new year off) with a run up in E.Wakefield, NH.  Ran from my house, on ice packed dirt roads, around the lake and onto the snowmobile trailhead over at McCutchon Corners and up through the Cross Lakes Trail North section to Balch Pond.  The lakes are frozen, but I wasn't about to run across, even with my Oroc's on.  The short snowmobile trail section was very nice but most of these trails here in the Seven Lakes Snowmobile Trails cross many of the lakes here in the region. Once the snow starts flying, I'll be able to shoe these in full, including the cross-lake sections. [35:00]

12-31 - Saturday: 0.  Again, moved all day.  Picked up the rental truck (same exact truck as Wed.) at 7am in Salem and proceeded to work with Kristin and my neighbor Peter to unload the rest of my world from our house and into the truck.  We worked until 1pm straight with zero breaks.  I still had waves of awful stomach pains that was VERY hard to work through.  Lifting heavy stuff was getting me winded and with that came waves of awful stomach pains that would cause me to keel over in pain and have to stop.  Went through this all day but thankfully I was no longer throwing up and was beginning to be able to hold down water and rehydrate as I moved.  I also had no more headache, so I could manage through the stomach issues as they came.  Kristin and I hit the road at 1pm and drove the 2 hours north to Wakefield (slow because we had a full truck) to unload.  We started to unload at about 3:15pm and didn't finish until about 5:00 or so.  Then we headed back down to Salem to drop the truck off and get something to eat.  We didn't get back until 7pm or so, then ate, then got back to the house to get our cars and load the cats up at about 9pm or so.  We then had to turn around and both drive our cars back up to Wakefield, NH another 90 minutes in slick and slow conditions.  We didn't get up into Wakefield and unload the cats and last of the belongings until almost 11pm or so.  Once we unloaded the cats and got settled into the house, there was again no way I was going to try to squeeze in a run.

12-30 - Friday: 0. STILL SICK. I slept for most of the day on Friday, as I still had a horrific headache.  Still going through what I think was food poisoning and bad stomach pains all day.

12-29 - Thursday: 0. SICK AS BALLS. I woke up early on Thursday after moving all day on Wednesday without as much as a 2 minute break, and proceeded to go through waves of projectile vomit and...ahem...other stuff. I had a massive issue with my stomach and my head was absolutely killing me.  I had a high fever and was throwing up all morning.  I could hardly stand up for more than a minute or more and had to keep lying down and putting a cold cloth on my head.  I had a migraine that lasted the entire day and I couldn't get out of bed for more than just to purge water and other things in the bathroom.  Definitely a case of food poisoning no doubt from that damn gas station sandwich on Wednesday night.  My puke was green, as was the italian sub.  Needless to say I laid in bed the entire day and slept through until Friday.

12-28 - Wednesday: 0. Moved all day.  I picked up my rental truck at 7am in Salem, NH.  Proceeded to drive back home and fill up with essentially everything I own that was filling my full sized garage.  I filled a 16 foot Budget rental truck and emptied out the garage + some of the house, all by myself in decent weather thank God.  But I didn't take a break, eat, or drink anything the entire time.  My calf started to kill, my back started to ache, my arms, etc. all started to get sore.  I finished loading the truck and was on the road at 1:15pm!  Drove the 2 hours north to the storage unit off of 16 in Wakefield, NH and got there about 3:15pm.  Went inside, signed all the paperwork, and was getting started with unloading (again, solo) at 3:30pm.  I worked for 3 straight hours all alone in cold, windy weather and some light flurries.  I didn't finish and get on the road again to head south until 6:30pm and it had already been dark for 2 hours.  I was exhausted and sore and had zero time to run, as I wouldn't be getting home until 8:30ish.  I stopped at the Irving Station in Wakefield on the way back to initially just grab a snack and coffee, but when I was in there, decided to grab a gas station sandwich.  BIG mistake.  I sat in the parking lot and ate the italian sub that had obviously been sitting there all day if not longer.  Then I made my way back home.  Got back to Salem and had to go drop the truck off and drive home.  Didn't get home until after 9, so I decided to bag the run.

12-27 - Tuesday: 18 miles (trails) - this was a dumb move.  In the midst of moving and coming off of two days of being sick as balls I decide to run for over 2 hours. Not good.  I ran 6 miles (out 3 and back 3) at River trail from hotel.  All was good.  Turned around and ran 3 back to get Matt Pims who was on his way down from his house.  We ran back to hotel to pick up Emery Bickford.  We all turned around and went back for 3 more out and back.  At the turn around on the last out and back, my calf started full blown sucking.  I'm talking as bad as it has ever been.  I had to stop and stretch a bit and it actually lasted the last 2 miles, but it is just super sore.  I am going to start doing some yoga w/ Kristin once we are up at the lake.  Spending the next few days moving, so I'm not sure how much good running I'll get in.  I know right now that my calf is killing me. Icing as we speak (and picked up a new spikey stick roller today to get some deeper massage on the muscles). [2:02:08]

12-26 - Monday: 0.  Sick as a dog on Sat. night/ Sun and didn't get good sleep on Sunday night.  Woke up early to go up to Wakefield, NH w/ my Dad to move stuff up there and go over some last minute things at the house before he leaves for the winter.  I have sold my place in Salem and am moving up to E.Wakefield, NH for the winter to house-sit for my parents while they golf down in Myrtle Beach for the winter.  They go from end of Dec. until April.  Kristin and I will be actively looking for a new house in the Madison/Conway area and should be up there by Spring.  I hope to solve this calf issue so I can start doing some good quality trail and snowshoe runs in the Wakefield/Brookfield/Ossipee/Western Maine area this winter.  On the way back down out of Wakefield, my dad took me over to the Moose Mountains (technically in Brookfield).  I had always wondered what mountains those were right on the border of Wakefield/Brookfield and to the west on Route 16 as you come into Wakefield from the South.  He took me up the road to the old Moose Mountain ski area, which now to our surprise is a new tubing and skating park.  I went in and talked with the owner, who gave me the green light to use the trails all over the mountain and surrounding area, that they groom ( & NH snowmobile corridor 22) this winter for some snowshoe running.  I just hope my calf will hold up.

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