Monday, December 19, 2011

Training 12-19 - 12-25

Weekly Wrap Up: 32.7 miles running + one small session on the bike and my calf is still an issue.  I also got super sick on Sat night / Sunday. Running has been pretty awful because of my calf but I've also been super occupied with moving.  I will do a write up in a bit, about the move and my plans / goals for 2012.  Right now, just trying to get the move over with and get healthy.  The super warm weather and lack of precipitation (of the white kind) has probably allowed me some more weeks than usual to try to get back to real training before I have to attempt to do some snowshoe races (whilst injured). Woodford already got cancelled (as supposed to be Monday - 26th) and it is not looking good for Beaver Brook on the 31st (although I don't think anything has officially been announced about BB just yet).

12-25 - Sunday: Off.  Sick as a dog all day and down in Pembroke, MA for xmas at Kristin's parents house.

12-24 - Saturday: 6.2 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen.  Out and back 10k from house (solo). [41:30]

12-23 - Friday: 8 miles (trails) - River trail w/ Dave Dunham and Ken Tripp.  Out and back 6 + out and back to boathouse.  [57:33]

12-22 - Thursday: 30 min (bike)
. Didn't want to aggravate anything so I hammered 30 minutes on the bike.  That is about all I can swing on this thing at this point.  I was a sweating, hurting mess after 30 minutes and that's enough for right now. PF has been bothering me last night and today actually.  Slept with the boots (night splints) last night.  Been busy the past couple days moving and packing.  Spent most of the day up in Wakefield, NH moving stuff into storage... So the runs haven't been long the past week, but the quality was good yesterday and today's bike was a good cross over to make sure I keep somewhat fit and not aggravate anything.

12-21 - Wednesday: 4 miles (roads)  w/ Emery Bickford.  Salem neighborhoods from Emery's house.  Probably my fastest run since my last race.  Since it was a short headlamp run, we decided to work it a bit.  I think it was probably a little further than 4 because we ran pretty damn quick for 14 minutes and turned around...back in 12:20 but we were hammering. [26:20].  Unfortunately my calf and leg were sore before, during, and a bit after.  Not thrilled with how it felt, especially leading up to the actual run.  Did a lot of stretching and massage beforehand.  Thought I was out of the woods after yesterday's run with Chris, but apparently not completely.

12-20 - Tuesday: 8.5 miles (rail trail) w/ Chris Mahoney-Searles.  Salem, Windham, Derry. Don't look now but I had the BEST day 'calf-wise' in what seems like months.  Two days in a row without any calf 'sensation' at all.  I was beaming by the end of this run. Chris and I ran pretty steady.  It was the best run 'tempo-wise' I've done in a long while.  [1:01:51].  Fun talkin' running and racing w/'s been a while.  Got each other pumped up for the 2012 GP.

12-19 - Monday: 6 miles (rail trail) w/ Emery Bickford.  Salem, Windham.  Headlamp run from Cycles Etc. Out 3 and back 3.  [42:11].  Calf felt good.  Hamstring barked a little but it was the best I've felt in a while (leg-wise).

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