Monday, December 19, 2011

Training - 12-12 - 12-18

Wrap Up: 48.6 miles running and 1 short spin on the bike.  The key to this week was running MORE miles than last week as I continue to take baby steps and build back up.  The calf is getting better for sure, but it just may take some time.  Happy with the miles this week.  Would have been over 50 had I not taken a day on Friday, but I think it's wise to ease back in and not rush it.  The difference between 48 and 54-56 is negligible in the grand scheme of things.  Good to see all my CMS mates running well recently though.  Winning XC and road stuff as well as some VERY fast track times this past weekend.  Greg H. blasting a 3k and 800 this early in the season (and he's the same age as me) gives me hope and motivation to get my arse back in the game eventually.

12-18 - Sunday: 10 miles (trails) River trail from hotel w/ DQ. Easy run. No real issues w/ calf but it was stiff for the rest of the day.  I think if I run easy, it will behave.  Eventually I have to start trying to test it though...or just never race again and run easy every day... [1:17:19].

12-17 - Saturday: 7.5 miles (roads/trails) w/ Dave Quintal in N.Salem, Windham, Derry. Up Gordon's hill from Aspen St. and across 111 to some roads and trail on the other side.  [58:00].

12-16 - Friday: 30 min spin (bike) + 10 min stepper (to try to strengthen my calf).

12-15 - Thursday: 7 miles (roads) - N. Andover neighborhoods w/ Dave Quintal. Nice and easy headlamp run in a light misty rain.  Calf felt fine the entire time but a little tight afterwards. [53:10]

12-14 - Wednesday: 8.1 miles (roads) - out and back in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill.  Solo.  Calf was weird the entire time.  I think if I dropped it down to race pace for any amount of time it would go on me again.  Running 8 or so miles at normal run pace seems to put it on that line.  Iced it after and lots of stretching.  [52:42].  This is the biggest 3 days I've had in a long time.  Got to get back to regular running schedule as much as possible.  January is right around the corner.

12-13 - Tuesday: 8 miles (trails) - on the River trail from the hotel. Solo.  Another out and back to the power lines.  Upped the tempo just a bit.  Calf has a 'sensation'...that is the only way I can describe it.  It comes and goes and it's not good but it's not too too bad.  Not sure what it is and why it happens, but it happens.  Right now, it's not preventing me from at least doing these medium runs.  Again a 100% 'Off-Leash' day, as we went 3 for 3 with dogs just roaming free to bite my face off if they so choose.  [55:57]. 

12-12 - Monday: 8 miles
(trails) - on the River trail from the hotel. Solo.  Out and back to the power lines.  Some slight discomfort in the calf midway through but never materialized into anything I was nervous about.  Very nice mid-December day out along the river.  Only saw 1 dog and of course, it was off-leash.  That is one thing I am not going to miss about running in the river trail.  Nice and easy [58:28].  Longest run in a while.

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