Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Training - 12-05 - 12-11

Weekly Total: 33 miles for the week as I try to climb back up and run on a regular basis with my calf still a problem.  Got up to the Whites for a run on Sunday which made it all worth it.

12-11 - Sunday: 7.5 miles (trails) with Kevin Tilton. Covered Bridge in Albany, NH to Bear Notch Rd. on the Nanamacomuck Ski Trails. Cold and crisp morning along the Kanc. Calf started aching right away almost...but it never got any worse and I finished without any other issue although I didn't push it too much. Just liked getting out there and running some very nice trails [1:06:08].

12-10 - Saturday: 0 miles. Walked 2 miles around Lake Ivanhoe in E.Wakefield, NH w/ my dad and brother.  Calf actually bothered me near the end. Pathetic.  [46:01 ...yes I timed it].

12-09 - Friday: 5.5 miles (roads) w/ Dave Quintal.  Headlamp run in N.Andover.  Calf started to ache a bit on the way back. [45:58]

12-08 - Thursday: 5 miles (roads) solo.  Salem, Methuen. Same old thing...another eventful run over the same out and back I've done all week (and one of the only runs I've done around here in quite some time).  Not motivated to run in this area any more whatsoever.  I'm getting to the point where I want to enjoy every single run I do, regardless of whether it is a race, workout, tempo, or just a regular short, easy day.  And running around the streets of the Merrimack Valley just ain't doin' it for me any more. Hopefully I won't have to deal with it too much longer...because as soon as the snow starts flying and the roads get narrower and the snowbanks get higher and the dumb, inconsiderate drivers in these parts get even dumber and more inconsiderate, I'll be losing my mind.  At this point I'm banking on these last couple weeks before the holidays being my last to worry about around here. The good news is that I pushed it a little today to see where my calf was.  I am re-evaluating yesterday's run a little.  I have some occasional 'sensation' in my calf but not really pain.  It almost feels like my calf is just weak.  If that's it, I can deal with it and just keep doing my calf raises.  But the good news is that I floated today nice and steady, but a little hard in spots.  Maybe Cape Cod pace ;)...  Today was another confidence booster.  I did a great deal of massaging of the calf last night (ok insert jokes and ridiculous comments) and I believe that helped.  Alternating ice and heat is also key.  Starting to feel like I can keep doing 5s and slowly work my way up.  I am very eager to do some longer runs, including an interesting group run this weekend up on the Northshore, but I really need to take it easy and not rush into things... I am thinking big picture stuff here and at this point, I really don't care about anything 'race-wise' until 2012.  With a lot on my mind lately about living situation, I haven't been focusing on racing but I have been focusing on trying to get healthy and that took some downtime.  Ramping back up isn't really fun, but it feels good to just get back out there!  [31:44]

12-07 - Wednesday : 5 miles
(roads) solo.  Salem, Methuen. More of the same, as I just need to get back used to running every day again.  This time it was raining and colder than previous days but I ran w/ my calf sleeves on again and 2 pairs of tights to make sure my legs were warm enough.  Stuck to the same neighborhoods and the headlamp run again but this time my calf started to ache a bit.  ANY sensation in my calf is worse than the first 2 days of this week and today there were a few sensations for most of the way, but no real 'pain' above maybe a 1 or 2 on the scale of 1-10.  Kind of disappointed that I didn't have a third day in a row of calf-free issues, but on the bright side I ran a little faster and only had VERY slight pain in the calf.  More ice, more stretching/massage, and going to keep doing light mileage until I can start building hurtin' bombs once again. [32:51]. Got a nice pair of Roclite 400 GTX boots in the mail today... Gore-Tex boots for the winter weather we're eventually gonna start having (I think)...

12-06 - Tuesday: 5 miles (roads) solo.  Salem, Methuen.  More baby steps.  Very easy running again in Hampstead St. neighborhoods w/ headlamp.  Warm out and again I felt pretty solid calf-wise.  No issues at all.  Very much the same as Monday.  Starting to get a little confidence back, but still very apprehensive about this.  It has been a LONG time since I've been 100% or even close. [33:33]

12-05 - Monday: 5 miles (roads) solo.  Salem, Methuen. Had a massage last week on Monday and then again on Friday.  A 60 min. session on Monday night and a 30 minute session on Friday during lunch.  I only ran a couple days in between and biked.  I took it really easy last week, as my calf was still a big problem and an obvious issue that I needed to address with rest and applicable extra attention.  My run today was the first time in literally a month that I haven't had any real pain in my calf.  I had typically gotten pain only about 6-7 minutes into each run previously.  I took it really easy today and ran at night w/ headlamp around quiet neighborhoods off of Hampstead St.  I paid close attention to it and got through the entire run without any issues!  I had some tightness in most areas, but no pain.  Stretching and ice after.  Taking it really easy. Baby steps. [33:54]


  1. Last time I'll bug you on this.

    I'll relate a little story ... for all of 2009 I couldn't run because of neuromas in my right foot. Maybe you've had them or heard of them - like a burning electric pain like shocks through your foot. At first they only came on certain runs - runs longer than like 10 miles or so, then they started coming on every run, then I started getting them even when I was just walking around. Went to a physio who told me a) they'd only get worse and b) I'd always have them if I didn't get them surgically corrected. I'm not afraid to get a little surgery especially if it'll get me back running the roads, but I wanted to avoid it if I could so I looked around and that's when I found the book I've been telling you about - the triggerpoint therapy book. So I got it and it showed in one diagram of a foot where my pain was. I followed the instructions in the book - it shows you where to press - it's not massage, it's much more brutal than that! - anyways I found the points in my foot that were the source of the pain and I did what the book said - and it was one of the most painful things I've ever experienced. Pressing on this point on my foot - that I didn't even know I had - made tears shoot out my eyes. The only other time I had anything like that was when I had some cancer cells on my face and the surgeon had to give me a numbing injection up inside my nose - hurt like a mother - well, triggerpoint therapy hurts like that. So this isn't about massaging your calves - that won't do it - it's about locating the point or points that are the source of your pain and then digging them out while you scream.

    I got rid of my neuromas in 2 days - that was after suffering with them for all of 2009.

    Jim ... get the freaking book already and fix your damn calves!!!! I'm telling you you'll be glad you did. I use the book all the time when my Achilles acts up or when a calf is out of whack - used it last week on my left hammy when it just decided to seize up for no apparent reason. This book is like a mechanics maintenance book for runners. The shite works.

    That's it. I won't hound you about this any more. Just hate seeing an astonishingly talented runner sidelined by stuff I think you can fix quickly, cheaply and without some doctor who doesn't even run telling you how to do it.

  2. Mike, thanks again for the comments here...I'm looking into this triggerpoint book. I appreciate the insight here. I know it takes this little extra effort and I have to do my due diligence to correct. I am grateful to have the support of friends and teammates and people around me who care about me getting back out there. I really do appreciate it. Thanks for the tips! I'll let you know how it goes.