Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Video Footage

Some video I worked on yesterday and today... First is some footage from last weekend up in Conway/Albany, NH with Kevin Tilton on the Lower Nanamocomuck Ski Trails.  If you haven't seen this on FB already, here you go...

Second is a LONG edit of the Baystate Marathon from back in October of this year.  I downloaded the video clips to my computer and forgot about it until today.  Threw up some clips from the 2.5 mile, 8 mile, 13.5 mile, and 26 mile marks.  Also popped this up on FB today but I also need to cater to the blogosphere.

Third video is from today's easy running around some trails in North Salem, NH w/ Dave Quintal...just having fun and enjoying running (even with a bum calf)...

Lower Nanamocomuck Ski Trails:


2011 Baystate Marathon:


Trail Running in North Salem, NH:

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